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Neve Complete Bundle


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y. kawaguchi

9. November 2017



m. erkelens

7. November 2017

It’s a classic

Using it, hearing it, you realize it’s a classic for all the right reasons

G. Fricke

7. November 2017

Great Sound Quickly Dialed In

Impressively clean sound recording acoustic instruments. On the other side, rolling through the presets on previously recorded tracks makes getting close to a final edit a breeze.

E. Vee

6. November 2017

My go to

On everything!

P. Backman

5. November 2017


Sounds really really great. A little bit DSP hungry.

J. Harris

4. November 2017

Neve 1073 Preamp

Yes...This fits in well with my 1073DPX unit at the studio. I can have Neve flavor on the road with the Apollo Twin and my Macbook Pro.

K. Christensen

31. Oktober 2017

Neve at your finger tips

I love everything about this plug in it makes anything you add it too just sound better
I pretty much use it on my tracks to tighten things up
Kudos UA you’ve done it agin

T. Høirup

31. Oktober 2017


So far, I have used it on acoustic and electrics guitars, vocals and drums. This things is so musical and adds analog niceness to everything I throw at it. Try cranking the preamp on an 000-sized finger picked Martin – absolutely stunning.

H. Razack

30. Oktober 2017

Just wonderful

I've just spent half an hour with the plugin in my cart, hesitating about buying it or not - what with all the native plugins becoming so good these days.

Then I decided to go for it. I opened a session, put the 88RS on an acoustic guitar track as well as some vocals, and holy molly, this thing sounds fantastic!

I'm more of a producer than a mixing engineer, but even I could hear the difference - all the often over-hyped terms applied: warmth, character, vibe - you name it.

I'm delighted with the product - well done UAD! (and I haven't even tried the unison yet)

T. Fabri

29. Oktober 2017

Absolut eigenständiger Sound

Wer einen warmen und trotzdem klaren Sound sucht, liegt hier genau richtig. Tolles Plugin, ein Musst-Have für Apollo Nutzer. Bin begeistert.

J. Long

24. Oktober 2017

Ahhh! The Neve 88. At last...

The Neve is very smooth and has great channel-oriented dynamics and two EQ options. I tend to drive the output bus with this one when I track, and I keep the compression ratio low, just shaving off a few dB with a slow attack. This is another great one for recording guitars direct, so this is another of the Unison where I “print” the recording channel. I just go easy on the compression and the EQ to give me some room later if I need it.

F. St-Gelais

23. Oktober 2017

Another winner...

Never thought this would be as close to the real thing as it turned out to be. It almost feels like cheating! Love it!

o. smith

23. Oktober 2017


I own the SSL 4000 and the API for a wild now love them but because i didn't like the look of the 88RS and i didn't see anyone do much talking about it so i just jump over it time and time again. So i just pick up an Apollo 8 get a discount deal for 3 plugins and pick it up because or the price man am happy i did drums and vocals buss with a little drive from the mic pre WOW thank you UAD

F. Mangano

22. Oktober 2017

Amazing preamp

Best preamp ever in the history, ore you must have to get best results in audio production

S. Jarvie-Kohn

21. Oktober 2017

Excellent Strip!

I have just finished my 15 day demo and I am moments away from the purchase. I tested this alongside the other available unison plugins and this one definitely sounded the best to me. Really genuine Neve sound. The compressor is great and just having it on the channel makes a world of a difference. Highly recommended.

UAD User

21. Oktober 2017



R. Cote

18. Oktober 2017

Excellent peace of software!

This preamp is like the hardware. Get it and you won't regret it!

UAD User

18. Oktober 2017

The truest representation of the classic Neve sound ever

The 1073 plugin represents the very best of the Neve heritage. It's punchy, present in the mid range, yet open and sits instantly in the mix used on almost any material such as drums, vocals or horns. I love it.

j. revels

17. Oktober 2017

1973 in 2017

This is a no brainer for any producer, engineer or artist. True neve sound and musicality. My go to preamp

j. revels

17. Oktober 2017

1973 in 2017

This is a no brainer for any producer, engineer or artist. True neve sound and musicality. My go to preamp

1821-1840 von 3075 Ergebnisse