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Neve Complete Bundle


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A. Geraldo

9. Januar 2023

Very useful, a great color

Me gusta mucho lo que Neve ofrece, da un color que es agradable y poco hay que añadir después de la grabación.

M. Jarzebski

9. Januar 2023

Very natural feel

It is nice and full on my acoustic and electric guitars. Bass guitar sounds so powerful. I should have bought it a long time ago.

S. Andres

8. Januar 2023

Must have

Nice sounding . A must have for vocals

M. Ramos Jiménez

8. Januar 2023

Neve Analog Sound.

If you want a warm sound this is your preamp. Also with the equalizer you can get a very nice air in your recordings.

S. Lenka

7. Januar 2023

Scheps You Genius

I Would Like To Thanks Andrew Scheps For Suggesting This Beautiful Preamp.

T. Taivalaho

7. Januar 2023


Great with tube mic. Gonna use it a lot! Demoed few times and now I bought it.

E. Peterson

6. Januar 2023

Love that NEVE sound

I got this one to complete my Neve collection and it does not disappoint. I like to track in with the 1084 or 1073 and then use the 81 on the busses for that extra little flavor. Little goes a long way.

s. farella

6. Januar 2023

warm and cuddly

My latest acquisition of the NEVE Dynamics collection is nothing short of superb. Smooth , rich and deep sounding is what i was looking for... NAILED IT !! thank you

D. Faggiolino

6. Januar 2023


Just Perfect!

D. Faggiolino

6. Januar 2023


Clean, punchy, musical.

L. Szarka

6. Januar 2023

Elégedett vagyok

Azt kaptam amire vártam tökéletes <3

F. Massidda

6. Januar 2023



I. Townsend

6. Januar 2023

Neve Dynamics Collection Smooth Sailing

The Neve Dynamics Collection produces a very smooth detailed mix when add on to your project. I really love the warm colors it brings to my music…I’m batting a 100%

C. Troncoso

5. Januar 2023

One of my favorites

One of my favorites, a great plug-in, could be great to get manual control of the oversampling, auto gain, and custom size of the GUI.

R. Poulter

5. Januar 2023

Best 1073 you'll find

This Neve 1073 emulation is absolutely amazing! It is my go to preamp and the best digital version of it you will find!

J. Tofte

5. Januar 2023

Excellent, low DSP footprint

I love this plugin for the low DSP usage and that wonderful Neve color. Simply great!

V. German

4. Januar 2023

My favorite Neve!

This line of preamplifiers sounds great! Like the 1074, I use it everywhere. From voice recording, to channel and group inserts. It rocks and enriches the material. Thanks UAD and Neve!

D. Gower

3. Januar 2023

My favourite unison plugin!

Love this plugin! You can put this in the unison slot and track with it, or just add it to any existing track/bus and you’ll instantly get some of that lovely vintage Neve magic happening. Even without adding any EQ, the preamp section makes everything sound more rich and lively. Top end still cuts but never sounds brittle or thin. The EQ is super musical too, in my experience it’s very easy to add extra body to guitar tracks even with just very subtle use.
Highly recommend this plugin!

J. Rincón Pérez

2. Januar 2023


My guitars just leveled up with this plugin.

s. johnson

2. Januar 2023

Just wow. An essential.

I’m new to the UAD ecosystem and just took advantage of the buy 3 get 3 offer. This was at the top of my list. Demoed on synth pads and staggered by the instant 3 dimensionality that the plug-in gave.

So pleased I took the plunge into UAD and Apollo!

81-100 von 3113 Ergebnisse