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Neve 88RS Channel Strip Collection


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D. Kongos

19. Januar 2017

The eq and filters

I get carried away because boosts sound so good on this thing.

K. Young han

13. Januar 2017


It is a dream that you can listen to the sound of the famous name. It is a small amateur musician, but it produces the best sound.

E. Toews

9. Januar 2017

Sound Good, But...

This Plugin sounds really excellent, after buying this one and the API I am asking me if I really need other EQ`s like pultec and co.

Minus one star for misleading manual, I f****d my brains for half of a hour until I realized that those Gate and Compressor diagrams are not quite right. For example the "range" is put in the wrong space. The explanations of Hysterisis is not clear enough...
It makes a little bit suspect, all the hype about the analog sound and how amazing it is, makes me thing those manuals are about selling and not the technical correctness.

p.s. - UA go with time and offer the possibility of external Sidechaining for you compressors and dry/wet Mixknob.

UAD User

4. Januar 2017

Beautiful Channel Strip

Very nice channel strip. You'll find similar application and features to the SSL Channel, but with a little more clarity and warmth. I would say the 88 is a great combo of smooth velvet sound but with a modern, clean, hi-fi function. Not as punchy as the SSL, but a powerful addition to your mix tool box.

Try on bass, kick and piano.

The Unison Pre is fantastic too. Similar vibe, clean, clear and hi-fi with a nice touch of warmth.

Fairly easy on resources, all things considered.

C. Laster

2. Januar 2017


During my career I've had the opportunity to work on both Neve and SSL consoles. I fell in love with the Neve VR 36. I've been eyeing this plugin for a while and finally got a chance to check it out. It feels and sounds like the console with the pull knobs.I wanted to get something that provides all the tools needed Dynamic and EQ processing wise and there was a tug a war battle between the API and the 88rs and I went with my gut and Im satisfied with what I chose.

J. North

2. Januar 2017

Fantastic Sound

Warm, vibey and gritty - this thing sound fabulous on drums and vocals and just about everything in between.

A real must have for working with digital recordings.

H. Hsieh

30. Dezember 2016

sounds amazing!

it's a great plugin to have. Love it's EQ, and the coloration!

L. Geldenhuis

30. Dezember 2016

My best plug-in purchase

Magic, pure magic.

My recommendation if you looking for your first channel strip plugin or Unison pre-amp (it will be your favourite channel strip next to the API and SSL)

The pre-amp is an improved 1073 (if you consider a 1073 with a little less colour as an improvement).

The eq is smooth clean and rich. The compressor is smooth and clean. The gate is excellent.

(Smooth and clean does not mean stock DAW it means what great analog equipment was working towards, doing its job and not getting in the way but being present)

To me Neve was always just the 1073. Judging by my experience with this plug-in. I love the Neve 88RS console and the company has definitely built on Mr Rupert's work.

My recommendation if you want to have an analog mixing experience ITB.


21. Dezember 2016


This is such a fantastic plugin. Everything gels so well within the 88RS. It has definitely become my favorite plugin and I've only owned it for a couple of weeks. Everything I use it on instantly thickens up and finds its clarity. Beautiful emulation. THIS is what Universal Audio is about.


20. Dezember 2016

The sweet spot.

One off the best emulations out no need,cant do without it.

M. Fubler

16. Dezember 2016

This Channel Strip is great! I use it on almost every channel

Rather neutral workhorse channel strip. Just placing on the channel warms up that track's sound. The Mic level gain input can be used to add cool analog style distortion.

Drums, synth bass, bass, guitar, pads...whatever! Thorough this on the channel and even with 0 modification, it will improve the sound.

D. Huang

14. Dezember 2016

Awesome Ch Strip.

I've been demo this for fewtime. When this Black Friday comes. I decide to purchase this for permanently. Yes, I really love to use it on every track.

A. Marlowe

14. Dezember 2016

Great Tones at Your Fingertips!

Loving the Neve 88RS Channel Strip plug-in, well worth investing in this one, love the EQ, the Compression, everything really, finding it quite useful on drums. Another winner from UAD!

S. Bakas

13. Dezember 2016

Absolutely a beast!!

No matter what you send through this channel sounds truly musical and amazing!Thank you UAD such a great job on this one!!

D. Myers

11. Dezember 2016

A great addition to the UA arsenal!!

A really great plugin - adds real glue to a mix - transforms a track and gives it real cohesion - five stars!! Well done UA!!

A. Park

11. Dezember 2016

Very Good

It's awesome!

C. Osborne

9. Dezember 2016


Honestly, I've been waiting years to hear a plugin do what the Neve 88RS Mkii does. Stick it on any source, hit the mic button, turn the gain up 3db, eq to taste and be prepared to enter audio paradise. Honestly if it gets any better than this its definitely time to ditch the hardware. This and the API2500 are so close to the real deal its hardly worth mentioning the difference. I had faith in the AUD platform 10 years ago and I am so glad I perservered, with the 88 mkii UAD has truly come of age. Superb, exquisite, wunderbah!

A. Mendoza

8. Dezember 2016

Great combination with my Shure sm7b!

Took advantage of the Black Friday sale & got this. I'm still getting to know it, but it's been great so far

A. Mendoza

8. Dezember 2016

Great combination with my Shure sm7b!

Took advantage of the Black Friday sale & got this. I'm still getting to know it, but it's been great so far

A. Mendoza

8. Dezember 2016

Great combination with my Shure sm7b!

Took advantage of the Black Friday sale & got this. I'm still getting to know it, but it's been great so far

261-280 von 487 Ergebnisse