Neve® 88RSTM Channel Strip Collection

Neve® 88RSTM Channel Strip Collection


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Regulärer Preis: $299.00


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Neve 88RS Channel Strip Collection


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D. van Haarlem

2. Juni 2017

The 'Other' Neve you must have!

Everybody is praising the Neve 1073, but this strip is way more versatile and has it's own destinct Neve color. More slick, less bold maybe, but so great on everything. Vocals start to fit in the mix, drums punch, piano's sparkle and background vocals shine. You record on the Neve 1073, but you mix on the Neve 88RS or the SSL 4000 E. So many nice options, thank you UA.

J. Johnson II

31. Mai 2017

Gotta Have It In Your Toolbox

I love this thing on Vocals. Absolutely lovely. I love all the UAD Neve plugins.


29. Mai 2017

Neve 88RS Channel : l'autre monde

Alors là! Je mets le plug in sur toutes mes tranches de protools et tu baignes dans le bonheur!!! Du son, du son rien que du son. C'est un vrai plaisirs à mixer, et sa sonne vraiment bien... J'aime la Neve 88RS

P. Perfetto

26. Mai 2017

Easy to use and great sounding

so easy to use, and sounds good on anything, it brings an entire other element to your mix bus, and is great for getting an analog sound inside the box. I have been using this a lot recently. So epic

D. Baker

24. Mai 2017

Dope AF

That's right, I said it out loud. My new Go To - This is soooooo real. It's scary.
You can't go wrong every time you use this channel.

A. Lee

24. Mai 2017

Crystal clear

A very lovely sound to this one, very sweet EQ section. With my apollo & satellite, I'll be able to have about 8 in each session (which also convinced me to make it my goto for channelstrip).

b. berkovic

23. Mai 2017

Neve 88RS,nothing more than excellent

I am a long time Uad user with about 50 plugins in my arsenal,I have many time dilemma buying or not Neve channel strip,I don't know why maybe cause I am a little more SSL fun, but after such a long time I have decide buy this channel strip, yes SSL is great but no doubt Neve is also excellent emulation from great consoles warmth and transparent sound, ok maybe to much processor hungry, but with some organisations is very usable on mostly everything, thank you Uad

圭. 久藤

22. Mai 2017

Awesome channel strip

I use it as UNISON plug-in.
NEVE 1073 is also good, but because the load is high, we use the 88RS plug-in also as a compressor when recording.
It is easy to use with familiar operations.

S. Debontridder

18. Mai 2017

Just like the real thing.

This plugin is top notch. Of all the channel strips / Unison preamps this one probably hits the closest to home (which is saying a lot because they're all great). It's a tad DSP-hungry but well worth the money. I use it during tracking, which frees up processing power for other plugins later down the line. Great stuff!

A. Hylander

18. Mai 2017

Simply the best

One of the best if not the best channel strip out there. Does everything and for all sort of material so far my fav channel strip.

b. forbes

4. Mai 2017

i have a dozen real 1073s and Woah Nellie!

i have a dozen real 1073s at my studio so I know what a real Neve sounds like in practice and... and Woah Nellie! This plugin does the damn thing... love the vibe for my Apollo with the unison and this guy can also really be a channel strip workhorse...

S. Lehmann

2. Mai 2017

Gives your voice the right touch

This update has it in itself, finally as unison it was still missing in my collection.
This soundful completion of a legend, thank you very much.

t. takamasa

2. Mai 2017

Excellent plugin!!

Sounds Great....This plug-in allows me to experience the Neve sound.

M. L

1. Mai 2017


Life changing ,

my mixes are better faster, so is my life

M. L

1. Mai 2017


Life changing

R. Panossian

24. April 2017

The best warm preamp to my ears

This strip is the best after comparing all of them it offers a nice warm sound while keeping its 3d quality, the eq is just delicious if i may say so, I remember using eq and always frustrated that you boost a little and the sound turns painful, not with this, every touch of eq you do just sounds great and depending on the frequency it brings part of your sound to the front while keeping everything glued and organic, it just fantastic! I love it!

H. Zwarts

16. April 2017

fantastische Neve sound

Heerlijke Neve sound, de nieuwe versie van UAD is echt een verbetering. Aanrader!

P. Aitchison

11. April 2017

Ahhh Neve...

I used to own an 8801 rack mount unit that was my go to for guitar tracking. A musical compressor and that magic something in the high end EQ - the Neve 88RS plugin has that same magic.

C. Martin

5. April 2017

Neve 88RS is my go too Plugin

Provides an amazing Airy sound. I use the 88RS a lot because it sounds amazing and it provides a gate and a compressor all in one EQ. It has a very natural sound that is a lot more forgiving than the SSL. The full version sounds a lot better than the Legacy version, but it takes up a lot of DSP. You will need an Octo if you want to use it a lot.

N. Vinall

4. April 2017


Great channel strip a must have in the tool box. These new Unison plug ins are sounding awesome!! I love to run things out of the box and hit the Unison plug ins on the return, I find that sound even better when hitting the input hot. Keep em coming like this please!

201-220 von 473 Ergebnisse