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Neve® 88RSTM Channel Strip Collection

Neve® 88RSTM Channel Strip Collection


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Regulärer Preis: $299.00


Du sparst 50%

Du hast keine Artikel in deinem Warenkorb.


Neve 88RS Channel Strip Collection


81-100 von 473 Ergebnisse

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F. Goes

24. Juni 2019

Great sound

Great sound! Lacks a bit os more presets.

K. Kessler

22. Juni 2019


Amazing, big, clear and very open sound! Can't recommend enough!

N. Antonio

14. Juni 2019



R. Gun

12. Mai 2019

Alternative to usual Cannelstips

I own the legacy RS88, but i will not update because of the known issues:
DSP load. Although not as high as the SSL 4k one, and under 50% so a chip can run two of the new one´s al least - the lagacy can run 30 times. And limited bandwith.
The sound or better the behaviour of the strip is fine.

R. Darabosh

19. April 2019

Neve or never

I will start by saying this plugin sounds great. What I don't like about is I use softube console 1 and the mapping is really odd. I also find the graphics on the computer screen hard to read and not being overly familiar with the Neve layout it it's hard for me to use. The sound is awesome though..

D. Binnall

5. April 2019


This thing tames the beast, massages the music, and thickens the thump. Very happy. I run a bunch of analog synths and drum machines through it mostly and couldn't be happier with the results. Sounds fantastic. Fattens basses, pushes leads forward, whatever you want to do.

R. Paris

27. März 2019

This is the channel strip you want!

Best ever channel strip. Very authentic. Love that Neve magick


26. März 2019


quoi dire ? autres que j'ai testé à l'avance et que très vite fait l’achat car la qualité sonore des rendus bounce étaient tel qu'il était hors de question que je ne l'ai pas

G. Nikolay

13. März 2019

I love Neve 88RS

I like to hang it on the master when I start working on a new track. Very cool, collects the instruments in the mix. But I do not stop there and continue to study it in my work in creating music.

N. Outhuijse

22. Februar 2019

Best sounding plug in ever!

This plug in totally surprised me, its very close to the real Neve console !

T. Reaves

6. Februar 2019


I've always heard such great things about Neve... Now I know why! And no one does plugins better than UA w/ their unison enabled, licensed Neve console strip. This channel strip sounds absolutely awesome. It's refined, sweet, elegant, and detailed. lOVE it!

A. Bretillard

31. Januar 2019

Neve 88RS, super musical

J'utilise ce plug sur tous mes bus lors du mixage de musique.
Ce plug est superbe, le son est bonifié, la compression est top.
J'ai le SSL 4000 aussi mais je suis plus à l'aise avec le Neve, je sculte le son plus rapidement, plus facilement.
Bravo à Neve et à UAD, superbe produit.

V. van Tiel

25. Januar 2019

I'm in love with the EQ!

Finally... after weeks of struggling with other EQ's I have found an EQ that can brighten up the Keyscape Yamaha piano without sounding wrong. All other EQ's failed. This one is amazing!

R. Fairbairn

19. Januar 2019

Neve 88RS Channel Strip Collection

Great piece of sofware!
It has been recommended to me because he heard that I was missing that last piece of equipment (software) to finish my mix.
After the demo I was sold and have been using it on every track almost since that moment.

J. Rubio

19. Januar 2019

Bebe 88 RS

Aunque lo tengo poco tiempo se ha convertido en uno de los indispensables , solo utilizando los presets que ofrece , ya da sobre todo en el master una calidad y dimensión por encima de la media . Cumple mis expectativas .

E. Kvarnström

9. Januar 2019


A new favorite! adds something to my mixes that I can't describe.. but don't take my words for it, try the demo and find out for yourself!

UAD User

3. Januar 2019

Great for every instrument

This is just great:
the whole channel strip sounds like the real Neve.
this sounds so good, great job!

J. Lozano

1. Januar 2019

Estupendo chanel strip!

Perfecto para utilizarlo con cualquier cosa, pero sobre todo con baterias. Previo, eq, compresor y puerta de ruido en un unico plugin, y todo de muy alta calidad. Sabiendo ajustarlo bien se convierte en una herramienta fundamental. Lo peor... que requiere mucho procesador....

P. Kelly

28. Dezember 2018

I am Impressed

This channel mix is amazing. Definitely improved The sound quality of my tunes. I use it on everytrack

P. Kelly

28. Dezember 2018

I am Impressed

This channel mix is amazing. Definitely improved The sound quality of my tunes. I use it on everytrack

81-100 von 473 Ergebnisse