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Neve® 88RSTM Channel Strip Collection

Neve® 88RSTM Channel Strip Collection


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Regulärer Preis: $299.00


Du sparst 50%

Du hast keine Artikel in deinem Warenkorb.


Neve 88RS Channel Strip Collection


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o. smith

23. Oktober 2017


I own the SSL 4000 and the API for a wild now love them but because i didn't like the look of the 88RS and i didn't see anyone do much talking about it so i just jump over it time and time again. So i just pick up an Apollo 8 get a discount deal for 3 plugins and pick it up because or the price man am happy i did drums and vocals buss with a little drive from the mic pre WOW thank you UAD

S. Jarvie-Kohn

21. Oktober 2017

Excellent Strip!

I have just finished my 15 day demo and I am moments away from the purchase. I tested this alongside the other available unison plugins and this one definitely sounded the best to me. Really genuine Neve sound. The compressor is great and just having it on the channel makes a world of a difference. Highly recommended.

W. Gilbert

17. Oktober 2017

This strip is a Beast!

Before buying this plug-in I had the pleasure of using AMS Neve 8801 channel strips for over a year in a studio. So I know what the analog strips can do and what they sound like. This plug is dead on when it comes to being a Neve 88R channel strip. I recently had to punch in some vocal parts that were recorded with the Neve 8801 analog channel strip and I can tell you that this plug did not sound any different from the original. You can not tell a difference between what I recorded with the strip and what I recorded later with the plug. This is a must have! Plus it's very affordable when you consider buying several analog 8801 channel strips.

v. alagappan

17. Oktober 2017

Brilliant and faithful recreation

This revamped unison version of the old neve 88RS emulation sound fantastic. I use it on all my sessions and track with it as well. highly recommended.

S. Cavazzoni

16. Oktober 2017


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F. Aurel

16. Oktober 2017

Very nice !

So happy with this purchase. The vocals now sound bigger and warmer. I recommend to activate the demo and see if it fits you

F. Aurel

16. Oktober 2017

Very nice !

So happy with this purchase. The vocals now sound bigger and warmer. I recommend to activate the demo and see if it fits you

j. revels

8. Oktober 2017

Authentic Neve

Makes everything sound good, just turn the knobs and listen

UAD User

30. September 2017


This Plugin is amazing very accurate

UAD User

17. September 2017

This made my eyes pop open wide when I first used it

This channel strip is VERY special. I adore it on busses and especially the master buss. It widens, opens up, deepens, sheens, and polishes every track I use it on. The eq is magic. The mic pre transformer modeling is awesome. The dynamics section is VERY good and flexible. Desert island stuff....

K. Gilroy

26. August 2017

Finally a NEVE Of My Own The NEVE 88RS Channel Strip

I know the Neve. I worked w/ Bruce at Record One on Dangerous for 2 years. Now I have one at home, in my car, on a plane...Wow, My Own Neve. It really sounds just like the hardware. You'd have to A/B them next to each other to tell and hey, All the boards sound different...mainly because of the rooms. You have to buy this channel strip along with the SSL and your set! I'm very happy. Love, Love, Love my 88RS. Enjoy. - GILROY

M. Haraldsen

15. August 2017


This thing is so good! And to my surprise the legacy version was included! I'd buy it again!

G. Westhead

14. August 2017

Sweet, but...

A few more presets wouldn't go a miss...

R. Tiburcio

4. August 2017


Iam not familiar with the the Neve 88 but to be honest this is the best addiction to my audio set up.. is a Cpu hunger and I wish I can used on at least 16 channel ..

M. Cartwright

3. August 2017

great vibe. best plugin for me.

I tend to think this one is a little darker on tone compared to the ssl channel. both are useful. this is smooth and dark. I thought the ssl was tight and bright. both have a place in my mixes. I like this for guitars, synths, bass and use the ssl for mostly percussive stuff. At least how I like it at the moment. been getting some nice tones.

J. Reed

29. Juli 2017

Just like the REAL Channel Strip

In My 26 years of Audio Engineering Work I had the PLEASURE to use a Neve 88RS. And This Strip by UA is SPOT on !! I Use it almost Daily . Rupert Like Al Schmitt Agrees as do I if you can Not afford a 88RS This Fits like a glove !!

E. Sokolowski

27. Juli 2017

Fantastic sounding plugin!

This is one of the only plugins that almost sounds TOO good - you can do almost anything with the EQ and it sounds pleasant. I admittedly don't use this plugin too often as its on the clean side but it can be a workhorse if you learn it properly and on the right tracks it can be amazing.

B. Bentiba

15. Juli 2017

Another flavor

If I'm not using SSL, It is this 88 that I will be using. That being said, it doesn't mean it is better than SSL or something. It is all about feeling. If Neve works better on the project that I'm working on I chose Neve if not SSL. in conclusion, I recommend anyone to see this plugin. It is smooth sound comparing to the SSL which is a bit aggressive to me. So another flavor to my collection. I really have one wish though. UAD to give us improved DSP card. Thanks.

P. Radu

12. Juli 2017

Great piece of software :)

You get what you pay for: the perfect strip for everything. Works great on vocals, acoustic instruments and even synths. I don't have the original BEAST to compare this plugin with but after hearing what it can do I will sure use it on every project from now on. I have wished this plugin for a long time now and I finally got it. Long live NEVE sound! Great job UA! Thank you!

j. whelan

9. Juli 2017

solid channel strip

Had the legacy 88rs for years but wanted the unison option now that I have the apollo interface as well as the uad cards. Love this 88rs. Sounds great and very useful comp/gate and eq. Only issue- in sonar sometimes the plugin's metering for comp stops responding- the comp is still active but you can't see gain reduction etc. Thats the only issue I have, other than that it was great on every mix and now for a tracking option with the unison pres.

161-180 von 473 Ergebnisse