Neve® 33609TM / 33609SE Compressor

Neve® 33609TM / 33609SE Compressor

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Regulärer Preis: $249.00


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Neve 33609 / 33609SE Compressor


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R. Calegari

14. Mai 2017


Neve....estupido y sensual NEVE!!! Genial en baterias! redondo y con cuerpo, da explosion a los tambores como nadie. Con la calidez de todo Neve y la interesante doble funcion de limitador y compresion simultanea.

J. Ivarsson Björklund

3. Mai 2017

New favorite?

Kicked out the SSL Bus comp in favor for this one. Hard to describe but it adds a very nice presence to the sound. Never leaving my 2bus?

D. Kreutzberg

25. April 2017

Thank you for making this plugin!!!

I bought this one without any big expectations, was just looking for a good buss compressor. But it turns out as a tool i used on a lot more! It does an awesome job on vocals as well. Worth every €. Thank you

N. Arouca

24. März 2017

Great emulation of a classic

This thing has now found a home on my Mix Bus. I love it! Really glues things together in a beautiful way. Also great on the drum bus. UA does it again!

P. Perfetto

20. März 2017

My new favorite on the mix bus

I really like this plugin, on the mix bus. I put this before anything else. It sounds cleaner than the SSL G Bus, and is louder. Its like the maximum 2 bus compressor for EDM etc. Really great! Mix bus!!!!

R. Quek

17. März 2017

My drum comps

My go-to default drum compressor, having used everything else!! Snares pop, bass drums thud like I want it too. Excellent.

UAD User

14. März 2017

The "Good" button

I'm mixing my new album "Fathers and Sons" with Bay Area engineer Michael Rosen (Santana, Green Day, and yes, Huey Lewis). We recorded in the studio and are mixing in-the-box and recently made sure we have the same UAD plug-ins. The Neve 33609 / 33609SE was in his arsenal, so I got one too. We're using it on the master buss of some of the more dense songs and also the drum buss for some. It really glues everything together nicely. We're just bumping it a bit and every time we insert it, things just sound better. It sounds and feels like an analogue compressor. It's liking hitting the "good" button!

M. Cullen

21. Februar 2017


I always loved to use a 33609 when mixing on API and SSL consoles, the added low mid " weight" seemed to compliment those consoles ( it was too much when mixing on older 80 series Neves, which already had a similar sound ) and I'm loving this plugin for mixes " in the box ".

D. Bravo Gonzalez

27. Januar 2017

Good color compressor

This plugin not only compress the signal. It has limiter and also nice warm and colour to the signal.

N. Dayan

23. Januar 2017

My go-to stereo compressor

The 33609 works really well on many stereo sources, especially on piano and stereo acoustic guitars. It also helps to glue things together on sub mixes and the mix bus.

s. azevedo

22. Januar 2017

Adds subtle depth

Putting this on an aux stereo buss like Andrew Schepps demonstraed with his rear buss trick gave our song a huge presence boost without increasing volume. Very very impressed and is now our go to!

UAD User

20. Januar 2017

Very good!!!

Very good compressor! Neve 33609 buss compressor makes it possible to do better mixing.

D. Jang

18. Januar 2017

33609 is 33609


R. Tsuji

16. Januar 2017


I envy this plug-in. It is so exciting.

J. Dockerty

16. Januar 2017

Just like the Hardware

I was lucky enough to get this for €49, and it has turned out to be my most used compressor now, and I have nearly all compressors from UAD, it sits on all my mixbusses, it's exact like the hardware well done UAD.

H. Toapanta

15. Januar 2017

Leo Neve

Excelente sonido analogico, muy bueno.....!!!!!

K. Gilroy

14. Januar 2017


If you spend a little time A/B ing The Neve 33609 Compressor with the Top 10 compressors you'll find it in the top three. It's Stereo! in... has a mono/ stereo switch. It's a tick tight in the stereo field but will take a lot with out any noticeable change...more than anything except the UAD SSL G. These 2 are my favorite Master Bus Compressors. The 33609 has a pinch of warm character which you'll love. If you ever use the Real Deal there's a sweet spot with how it behaves with 100 engaged at 1.5 : 1. If you need your mix to sound like a real analog device was in-line .....This is THE ONE! Get to know this puppy, you'll be glad you did. I love it on the Group Bus for Drums too. It's GOOD TO GO! - GILROY

K. Babic

14. Januar 2017

the perfect glue

This is my default for acoustic guitars. Two of them, stereo on a Bus, then put the 33609 over it, and listen the magic...

R. Hartley

13. Januar 2017


This is like no other compressor. I have found that the 33609 reveals and otherwise unobtainable energy in my tracks, and because of that I can't live without this plug-in now. I'm struck by how amazing it is that UA has delivered so much capability into my studio; that allows me to finally realize the sound I’ve always dreamed about.

Seriously, thank you and WELL DONE!


11. Januar 2017

Warmth and thickness

It just sounds so good !

181-200 von 357 Ergebnisse