Neve® 33609 / 33609SE Compressor

Neve® 33609 / 33609SE Compressor

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Regulärer Preis: $249.00


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Neve 33609 / 33609SE Compressor


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s. azevedo

4. Januar 2017


We were WOWED how it glued everything together on the Instrument buss...

M. Santiago

3. Januar 2017


Fantastic compressor.

H. Khoury

2. Januar 2017

Very nice mastering compressor

I`m using it to master an album. Tiny bits of compression and it`s doing everything I need.
I`m liking it waaay better than the Shadow Hills plug-in.

J. North

2. Januar 2017


I owned the 33609 for a while and got rid of it because this plugin was pretty much just as good.

Great on mixbus.

V. Magdalenic

30. Dezember 2016

Musical Glue

You have many of compressors and you can do anything with them..but...when you really need glue and especially musical glue..well then you will need Neve 33609..sooner or later..IMHO.

S. Nascimento

29. Dezember 2016

Master piece for my drum and master buss

Smooth and musical, this Neve compressor give me a natural character that I need. Limiter function is amazing to drum's.

R. Greco

26. Dezember 2016

What a Character

Very much enjoying this plug in. Long-in-the-tooth now, the interface could be larger. The SE is appreciated, wish we got those for the newer hungry plugs. Great on drums, no secret there. Buses, of course. Smooth, warm, punchy, looks great in the morning without make-up.

M. Bernardo

25. Dezember 2016

thy glue compressor

All I can say this is may go to master compressor to glue the mix. I'm loving this

M. Abbaticchio

21. Dezember 2016


Absolutely fantastic!!!


20. Dezember 2016


Makes the drum sound resilient!
I love this sound!

S. Markichev

20. Dezember 2016


Excellent! Neve 33609 - Very accurate! The sonic results nice music sound! It helps bring the mix together like. Great for master Buss

S. Solomon

18. Dezember 2016

Smooth like butter

Smooth like butter is all I've got to say about this compressor. I've never used a real one so I don't know how the real one sounds like but this is the best compressor on any buss that I've used so far probably shoulder to shoulder with shadow Hills

C. Soto

15. Dezember 2016

The Best Two-Bus Compressor in Software

This plugin is simply beautiful sounding. It helps bring the mix together like no other plugin I've tried before. Well done, UA.

S. Gough

15. Dezember 2016

Smoothest Buss Compression

You can bury this thing pretty hard compared to most before it starts sounding weird. Great for master Buss and piano. Love it

V. Kozhin

15. Dezember 2016

Real 33609

I have a 2254 clone compressor. But the Neve 33609 is better when my hardware. I like it on the drums, guitars and vocals.

R. Shaw

11. Dezember 2016

Best Mix Bus Compressor

This has become a constant on my mix bus, really glues things together without pumping and clears up the mix amazingly. Highly recommend.

D. Myers

11. Dezember 2016

Master Bus Glue and more!!

I've tried a few different options on the master bus over the years and found that this little bad boy seemed hidden from view until a friend recommended it to me - I haven't used it on individual channels myself but on the master bus - to my ears it really has a unique character all its own. It creates a certain kind of sheen and glue - use with caution especially on the ratio front - buy it - it is an indespensible unit on a mix!! 5 stars!!!

C. Soto

5. Dezember 2016

Mix Bus Magic

Very few dynamic processors add this amount of glue to a mix. Just a light touch of compression, and sit back to smile. I'd been eyeing it since 2014 and now I've finally bought it. My self-given Christmas present.

UAD User

10. Oktober 2016

Eric Castillo

I have a hardware Neve 33609, but I always need to go back to the studio, hook it up and offline bounce with it for obvious reasons. The UAD Neve 33609 sound so reliably close to the hardware, I really don't feel I am missing out on the real thing when I'm mixing outside of the studio. I use it on the Drum Bus, Vocal Bus, and Master Bus.

j. moral

22. September 2016

Genial, fantastico e increible

Suena como uno analógico... muy bueno para un bus

181-200 von 335 Ergebnisse