Neve® 33609® / 33609SE® Compressor

Neve® 33609® / 33609SE® Compressor


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Neve 33609 / 33609SE Compressor


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G. Strickland

26. Juni 2018

One compressor to rule them all

I use this all the time. I typically only use it lightly but it absolutely helps both mix busses and mains. I highly recommend it. I can only imagine how bad ass the hardware version is. If I only had to pick one UA compressor plug this would be it.

UAD User

23. Juni 2018

Neve rocks!!

I have heaps of plugin compressors many from another company and a few from UA the UA Neve 33609 compressor has such richness and depth it sounds like the real thing (analog). I have been recording a lot of middle eastern hand drums of late and this has become the go to compressor for me - highly recommend this little beauty

F. Lundgren

16. Juni 2018

Mixbus takeover

And it will never leave again


15. April 2018

Excellent !!!

Excellent plugin, je l'utilises sur mon Bus Master sur tous mes mix. J'adore ce plug, il reste transparent, mais en poussant un peu les réglages on peut obtenir une certaines coloration. Bref à possédez dans votre arsenal. Merci UAD

b. head

9. April 2018

I use it for a drum bus.

Must-have compressor.

R. Gagl

23. März 2018

"Metal Knob" in the box

Very nice "Metal Knob" emulation with an expected distinct character. I wished it had a resizable gui.

H. Kim

19. März 2018

캐릭터가 다소 어두운 믹스에도 어울릴 만한 버스 컴프레서

펀치감 있고 따뜻하지만 다소 답답해지는 경향은 있습니다. 지나치게 과격하게 걸리게 사용하지 않는 것이 포인트.

O. Nissim

15. März 2018

One of the best compressors out there

And such an amazing emulation!

a. clark

15. März 2018

It’s a Neve

This compressor functions and it won’t fail you

y. park

14. März 2018



M. Rdz

9. März 2018

Must-have compressor!

Got this after seeing some video of Andrew Scheps using it on the mix buss. Goodbye SSL, HELLO NEVE 33609 !!

M. Myslinski

8. März 2018

Compress to impress

What more can be said? It is a fun compressor to use during tracking or on the 2 bus.
You can't go wrong with a Neve 33609.

S. L'Espérance

22. Februar 2018

On every mix !

This is the 2bus go to. It's on every mix I do. And in fact it's as is the hardware. I just love this thing, it's says precision is !

A. Enger

28. Januar 2018


This really is like glue to my drumtracks. Tightens up like nothing else in an organic kind of way!!

m. stephanson

16. Januar 2018

Nice and gluey

I liked it immediately, but the more I use it, the more I seem to enjoy it. Hit it hard on drums, or gentle on the 2bus, tons of mojo.

R. Deacon

15. Januar 2018


I love it. Not too much more to say, It will make it sound better.
I especially like using it as an aux compressed buss.
You will hear the mix get louder but if you are careful and watch the stereo meters you will hardly see any increase in level. One of my from my favourite software.
Especially for my Drums and Vocals.

A. Karame

15. Januar 2018


I can't imagine using an alternative Bus compressor unless this one wasn't apart of my toolkit or the mix "demanded" an alternative sound. But I feel that instances needing alternatives would be few and far between. Absolute best buy, works on everything; excels on Drums and Mix Bus.

UAD User

12. Januar 2018

Mind blowing!

I have the hardware and this is as good!!! Selling the hardware to buy more plugins! Thank UA!

C. Davis

12. Januar 2018

Neve 33609/33609SE Compressor

All I can truly say is that the Neve 33609/33609SE is working wonders especially for my Drums and Vocals. It’s just an overall Jem. Finally I can say I’m happy with the performance of this compressor WOW!!!!!!!!!

J. Mack

11. Januar 2018


This is not a 'Swiss army knife' compressor and it is not without some drawbacks but after a 8 months of using it Its easily a 5 star tool. when it fits the mix and vibe then its a beautiful tool to use. Thickens and gels Drum busses really really well, nice with stereo guitars too and adds a nice fullness and tightness. I've even used to compress a full mix with impressive results. Adding some separate level monitoring options for the limiter and compressor would have been a welcomed improvement

61-80 von 351 Ergebnisse