Neve® 33609 / 33609SE Compressor

Neve® 33609 / 33609SE Compressor


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Neve 33609 / 33609SE Compressor


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M. Rdz

9. März 2018

Must-have compressor!

Got this after seeing some video of Andrew Scheps using it on the mix buss. Goodbye SSL, HELLO NEVE 33609 !!

M. Myslinski

8. März 2018

Compress to impress

What more can be said? It is a fun compressor to use during tracking or on the 2 bus.
You can't go wrong with a Neve 33609.

S. L'Espérance

22. Februar 2018

On every mix !

This is the 2bus go to. It's on every mix I do. And in fact it's as is the hardware. I just love this thing, it's says precision is !

A. Enger

28. Januar 2018


This really is like glue to my drumtracks. Tightens up like nothing else in an organic kind of way!!

m. stephanson

16. Januar 2018

Nice and gluey

I liked it immediately, but the more I use it, the more I seem to enjoy it. Hit it hard on drums, or gentle on the 2bus, tons of mojo.

R. Deacon

15. Januar 2018


I love it. Not too much more to say, It will make it sound better.
I especially like using it as an aux compressed buss.
You will hear the mix get louder but if you are careful and watch the stereo meters you will hardly see any increase in level. One of my from my favourite software.
Especially for my Drums and Vocals.

A. Karame

15. Januar 2018


I can't imagine using an alternative Bus compressor unless this one wasn't apart of my toolkit or the mix "demanded" an alternative sound. But I feel that instances needing alternatives would be few and far between. Absolute best buy, works on everything; excels on Drums and Mix Bus.

UAD User

12. Januar 2018

Mind blowing!

I have the hardware and this is as good!!! Selling the hardware to buy more plugins! Thank UA!

C. Davis

12. Januar 2018

Neve 33609/33609SE Compressor

All I can truly say is that the Neve 33609/33609SE is working wonders especially for my Drums and Vocals. It’s just an overall Jem. Finally I can say I’m happy with the performance of this compressor WOW!!!!!!!!!

J. Mack

11. Januar 2018


This is not a 'Swiss army knife' compressor and it is not without some drawbacks but after a 8 months of using it Its easily a 5 star tool. when it fits the mix and vibe then its a beautiful tool to use. Thickens and gels Drum busses really really well, nice with stereo guitars too and adds a nice fullness and tightness. I've even used to compress a full mix with impressive results. Adding some separate level monitoring options for the limiter and compressor would have been a welcomed improvement

D. Hinton

7. Januar 2018

Great Sound!!! The Neve Sound!!!

This has instantly become one of my favorite go to compressors for the music that I make and mix on a regular basis. Much like the API units, I love how you can dial in the signal you want and instantly hear the difference in what the plugin is doing. Great Job guys!

P. Taylor

6. Dezember 2017

Not impressed

I wish I hadn't purchased this, but it was on sale and I really love all the UAD Neve EQs. It really doesn't impress me compared to the other UAD compressors I own. Nothing special, especially for the price.

M. Julien

3. Dezember 2017

Superb on Kick and Vocals

I'm not a huge fan of the 33609 on master buss, but on kick drum and vocals, it's a killer.
The bottom end is so tight with kick drum, you can push it very hard. I also use it mostly on Drumbuss, it works wonder sometimes.

D. Pierce

14. November 2017

Neve 33609 / 33609SE Compressor

This compressor has never failed me. Every time I reach for it, the Neve 33609 / 33609SE Compressor grabs the music and glues it together oh so nicely!

B. Vladimir

8. November 2017

Template material

This went directly into my template on the mix buss. I cannot see myself mixing without having this on from the beginning of the mix. It is a more subtle glue then the SSL one. It gives dimension to the sound.

D. Sternecker

1. Oktober 2017


Just got the Neve 33609 / 33609SE and I've been using it on every mix! Great sound weather you want to go for subtle or some more aggressive sounds.
Don--Mix-O-Lydian Recording Studio

D. Keown

25. September 2017

Punchy and smooth.

Pop this on any bus and you will be very pleased. It pretty well sounds good on anything. It's a Neve so it's gotta be good.

F. Longeot

13. September 2017

This makes drums tight and catchy

Maybe not the best for everything but it has its own sound. Really tightens my drumbus.
Clearly one of my favorite comp for drums/percussions bus.

M. Eliot

28. August 2017

One of the best soft compressors I use.

I would not have thought it, but this compressor has ended up in all my mixing. As a master buss compressor it is proving to be a great resource. I have lots of UAD2 compressors. It really is a very good buss compressor for glue and subtle pumping. If I could afford it I would no doubt be a Neve hardware fanatic, but at least I can have the UAD versions; that is within my budget.

E. Sokolowski

27. Juli 2017

My Favourite Bus Compressor Plugin

This plugin seems to work across almost everything I throw at it - the release times are incredibly musical and the ability to hit it with different levels for varying amounts of saturation is fantastic. Its also underrated on individual tracks where it can shine too. Hugely recommended!

61-80 von 341 Ergebnisse