Neve® 33609 / 33609SE Compressor

Neve® 33609 / 33609SE Compressor


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Neve 33609 / 33609SE Compressor


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K. Andersen

8. Mai 2009

It took a while before I invested in this plugin. What a waiste of time. It's absolutely stunning.
The great thing about the UA plugs is that you tweak on a virtual unit, so if you stumble across a studio that has the actual hardware, you know your way around. Having them as plugs looking like the real thing makes you master the hardware babies blindfolded.

T. Liljegren

31. März 2008

FOLKS! This monster from UA just struck me. Put this one in your final mix. Let it compress up to 3-4 db = PURE MAGIC! Everything opens up, glows and got so much air and warmth all over. This one makes me throw the precision limiter out the window.
Definately a MUST BUY!

S. San

25. März 2008

In my subjective A/B comparison of the Neve 33609 and the Fairchild plug-ins, the Fairchild has a ton of features that allow you to add dimensionality (sense of space) and all the harmonic warmth you could hope for. While it allows for some psychedelic coloration of your sounds, it can never tone down the palette enough (for my taste) to invisibly bind a mix together.

The Neve 33609 is a near-perfect stereo mix compressor plug-in. It allows me to finally relax and achieve the sonic results I hear in my head. Warmth, air, cohesion, sculpting, all subtly and artfully splayed into a unified whole - the Neve makes it happen. The Pultec-Pro, Neve 1081, and the 33609 on the Master channel bring the solid shore to light through the audio fog.

R. Saxby

25. März 2008

the best thing to happen to my drums (other than km-84's on the over heads and an earthworks kick pad on the bass drum) . Also awsome when you use it on the whole mix going into a pultic pro than a precision limiter. Never even heard of universal audio 2 months ago (living in my own little bedroom engineer world for the past 8 years). Read Bob Katz book mastering audio, then get the neve mkII bundle, you'll become a better engineer.

R. Masters

2. März 2008

All there is to say is you cant go with out this compressor..................

D. Danzi

1. November 2007

Compression is probably the most important effect used in recording. Most bedroom engineers aren't really sure how it works and what it is used for. For the novice user, this may intimidate you at first. Once you get the hang of this though, you'll wonder how you did without it. For the advanced user, this is definitely one of the best compressors money can buy, hands down! It's a bit sensitive, but that's a good thing. Most of the compressors I own spoiled me with having to really turn the dials to notice them working. Not the case with this one. I've always used the Sonitus compressor because it really works and sounds great. You'd see Sonitus comps on nearly every channel of my mixes. I still use them, but not until I've maxxed out my UAD cards with the 33609se's!

S. Selfridge

29. Oktober 2007

Best sounding Plug-in compressor ever! Period!
I wouldn't start a mix with out this on the Master bus.
Awhhhh... The sweet sound of ANALOG distortion at it's finest.

T. Rybka

21. Oktober 2007

Well, when i started to play with this plug-in i was astonished about the sound. i did some experiments and put this plug-in as an mastering compressor before a multiband comp to finalize. I had several releases and i must say that it is a secret weapon for mastering things!! it sounds so unique and in the low end smooth and precise!!! By the way - put vocals on this comp and you will hear a very smooth and well coloured result! Amazing!! Thanks UA for this 1:1 Emulation! It sounds sooooo analogue!!

N. Mclellan

19. September 2007

This shit ROCKS !!! UNREAL sounds like the real thing !! I used one for over ten years and this baby took me back !!! NICE ONE !!!!

D. Ralph

23. August 2007

This was the very first plugin from the UAD system that i used. To cut a long story short the quality and feel of the unit left me stunned.
I find on average i'm able to take about 20db off any given track with almost no degradation, most of the time it isn;t even apparent that the dynamics have been so brutally reduced because everything sounds so rich and wonderful.
What i like most though is the God mode, which for me means A2 setting on the release, this really is an incredible setting, on a test i ran through the lord of the rings: the two towers soundtrack with about 20db gain reduction, the results were stunning! It sounded brilliant, dynamically rich (even with 20db GR) it just sounded Neve.
I then ran through bananarama's walk like an eqyptian with the exact same settings, it too was perfect!
So i bought it there and then, i didn't bother waiting for my demo period to end, i figured why bother?

Totally 100% recommended, perhaps the best compressor ever (software or hardware) except perhaps to a Neve 33609jd hardware, even then i would like to know how it competes.

M. Faia

1. Januar 2007


I thought the Waves SSL 4000 Bus compressor was impressive. After I strapped this to the latest Holy Hip Hop joint I just mixed.... al I can say is that I'm not regretting dropping the dough for this and I love the smoothness of it. Definately a step in the right direction, very upfront, punchy yet smooth lows. It just brings it all together and gives my mixes that commercial radio ready sound. Don't sleep on this y'all!!! Thanks UA!!!

With much love & respect,

mr. faia

B. Ejarque

9. Dezember 2006

Serieusement je suis triste parce qu'il coute trés cher !!

Par contre je peux vous assurez que ayant essayé la demo pendant 14 jours je me suis eclaté les pressets de bases sont vraiment geniaux ca pour centrer ses sons c'est le top ! :)

P. Lehman

9. Oktober 2006

This is hands down the best software compressor I have ever used. It is absolutely FABULOUS on a mix, and works excellent on bass and acoustic guitar tracks as well. It really has a magic analog sound that kind of glues everything together and brings it all a little more up front. I own a Manley Vari Mu tube compressor, and this plug-in can actually compete with that $4,000 hardware compressor in many ways. I highly recommend checking out the demo on this. If you do.... I'm pretty confident you'll have to have it.

S. Erik

28. September 2006

Sing Halleluuuuja! It's the best bus compressor! peride

K. Marrett

27. September 2006

I am blown away. This is the very best plug-in UAD Have. Can they top this??? Excelente'

A. Fade

21. September 2006

Je viens d'essayer le NEVE 33209, je l'ai trouvé exellent. Il reste à ma connaissance l'un des meilleurs compresseurs en matière de plugins. J'utilise beaucoup de plug ins de diiférentes marque, mais je peux vous assurer que celui-ci vient en tête de mes préférences pour l'instant.

J. Brooks

20. September 2006


N. Hollis

18. September 2006

how do you guys keep on doing this what a great comp, works so well on voxs bus groups really glues them into the track, also on drums this comp is the best dam thing ive heard apart from the real hardware version, great work guys your plugs just get better and better cheers.

big chaz

T. Senghore

17. September 2006

I really don't know what to say. It is the best software compressor i have ever used. It is the one and only software masterbuss compressor worth its name. It blows everything else out of the water. Very very well done!

T. Lyons

17. September 2006

I've been waiting for this like a kid waiting for Christmas Morning. UAD quite simply makes the best plug-ins available. I purchased the 33609 about the exact moment it went up on the website, ran out to my studio and loaded her in. Ahhh. Merry Xmas.
It's unlike any other comp plug on the market that I can tell. Its got that "sound" heard on 9 buhzillion records, and it seems to have endless headroom, between the ability to
get those sounds up front and accounted for, or just to properly paste them into their proper place.
This plug is not transparent. That's obviously not the idea. Its not so much an effect as it is another instrument to add to the band... But don't get me wrong, it can caress your tracks with an ever-so-light touch as well. Oh, yeah, the cpu usage wasn't as bad as I had heard it would be. YMMV, though.
Fantastic Job, UAD guys. Thanks.

321-340 von 341 Ergebnisse