Neve® 31102 / 31102SE Classic Console EQ

Neve® 31102 / 31102SE Classic Console EQ

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Regulärer Preis: $249.00


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Neve 31102 / 31102SE Classic Console EQs


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l. suntek

12. Januar 2017

Little head great wit

I have vintech's neve 1272 pre as an outboard.
But this device does not have an eq session.
So I bought neve console EQ, The color of NEVE sound is so wonderful and It seems that neve made better than 610 pre’s plug-in made by your company.
I just think sorry for the remarks. But I'm definitely feeling that way.
Anyway, just bringing it to the insert stage gives the excellent texture of NEVE, which is a good active-EQ. 31102

C. Weingarten

10. Januar 2017

Amazing EQ. Push it hard and it just sounds good.

The curves on this are amazing. The filters and bell curve are so musical. Really great for cutting mids in a pleasant way.


3. Januar 2017

Simply beautiful!

Simply beautiful is what describes the sound (color) you hear once you insert the Neve 31102 Claasic Console EQ on your drum & instrument tracks. A true UAD 5 Star plugin. Now if I can just get the 1073 and the 1081, I'll own the complete UAD Neve collection!


25. Dezember 2016


Great sounding eq from UA!!! Neve sound i like!!!!!
Buy it!!!!

j. king

14. Dezember 2016

Excellent plugin

This eq is one of this, Its so good on the vocal, no complaints I am very much happy with it, my next go to eq to purchase soon will be the neve 1073.

M. Diaz Velez

13. Dezember 2016

A classic flavor for your EQing

I bought it recommended by an experimented "old school" Audio Engineer. I was a bit reluctant to buy them... till I heard them and I said: "wwwwooowww" it´s like you have the real gear. It´s very precise and I preffer to use them on Ac Guitars, Vocals and Snares, I get a great sound to on Cellos and Violas. It´s a must on your EQs arsenal.

E. Kurttekin

12. Dezember 2016

31102 ---> Epic Low End

Use it on cinematic drum ensambles and hear the thunder. Awesome.

O. Optide

25. November 2016

Lovely eq !

Great eq for everything, sweet low/low mid and with a brilliance high.. successful eq :) love it

K. de Wit

17. November 2016

Great Sounding EQ

This EQ sounds great. If you aren't used to this style of EQ it will take a little getting use to the interface and the bands can be a bit limited, so you will need one of the other Neve EQs to give you further control. Otherwise this is fantastic.

S. KreisDrei

16. November 2016

very nice and easy to use

great for kicks and a lot more

S. KreisDrei

16. November 2016

the kick designer

great for kicks and a lot more

L. Mendoza

5. August 2016

Sweety and meaty! NEVE 31102

This is another UA Plug in that will be on every mix. Vocals, Bass, Drums, and also guitars. It has the top sheen and low end thump you would expect from a Neve console EQ. This is a great first choice, and all around EQ if you are looking for an introduction to Neve sounds and want something besides the same 1073 that can be applied across you channels - CPU dose is fairly low depending on your card size compared to other plugs so it is possible. Smooth and great sounding EQ to ad to your 1073 and the rest of your arsenal.

E. Halterman

16. Juni 2016


This is a new go to plugin on EQ. I wasn't expecting a lot, I always keep my expectations low, but no matter what I get from UAD I am greatly surprised every time. This EQ is so sweet on everything, I just love it! The Harrison was my go to, but now it's got some serious competition from the Neve 31102/31102SE... the more I use it, the more I love it! Thanks UAD, for making products that blow the competition away... I never buy elsewhere because there is no point!

M. Moretto

12. Juni 2016

Neve 31102 / 31102SE

Very happy with this plugin, a one unmistakable characteristic. Really amazing this eq. I recommend! Thanks UAD.

M. van den Wittenboer

5. Juni 2016

Love it

Definately my new go to EQ! Love the ease of use and how it sounds on just everything! Thx UA

UAD User

31. Mai 2016

Secret Weapon EQ

This might be the nicest sounding EQ I've ever heard. I use it on everything. It's my "go to" EQ now.

J. Kaufman

15. Mai 2016

My go to EQ

This is hands down my favorite software EQ of all time. I use it on everything.. Warm, round, bright, and punchy

P. Larose

9. Februar 2016

One of the best

I really think this plug is one of the best had work. The color are really so Neve like and it's just a pleasure to work on a electric guitar to finally find this great british sound.
The medium is just amazing and so close to the real one. Feel happy

A. Brown

18. Januar 2016

Amazing Sound

I plugged it up on my bass and it's sounds amazing. Nice in the midrange. Sounds great when you add the pultec to it.

E. Zambrano

14. Januar 2016


Legendary sound at the tips of your fingers, three words, SIMPLY A BEAST

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