Neve® 1081TM Classic Console EQ

Neve® 1081TM Classic Console EQ


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Neve 1081 / 1081SE Classic Console EQ


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M. Cernansky

8. Juni 2017

Very useful and powerful EQ

After recording and mixing on real analogue console we made some remixes later without having access to analogue. UAD Neve 1081 EQ just made our digital remixes fat and colorful again! I put them on almost every track since that mixing. Absolutely amazed by this plugin!

S. O'Banner

6. Juni 2017


This plugin lets me tap into what I hear in my head and has become my go to for every session!

A. McDaniel

3. Juni 2017


My new weapon of choice! I've been a longtime user of the Neve 1073, but I'm happy I started working with the 1081 because it is very musical and dependable. The Neve 1081/1081 SE is my ally!

R. Somerville

30. Mai 2017

Neve 1081

Modern incarnation of a hi end classic console EQ.My go to not so much for surgical precision but musicality and gentle brush strokes.

R. Garcia

30. Mai 2017

Gran Suavidad

He estado usando el 1081 en mis mezclas, con las voces es lo mas!! se podria decir que es una extencion del 1073.. muy buen trabajo!!!

A. Hollman

29. Mai 2017

Outstanding on every track

Since I've purchased Neve 1081 / 1081SE EQ, I have used it on almost every track. The color and separation I've needed between instrument tracks is now do able with this EQ.

Great Work Universal Audio

L. Freisig

28. Mai 2017

Love the EQ

We at Freisig Media Studios absolutely love the 1081 EQ. This has become a standard when mixing. Would absolutely recomend it.

P. ferrell

28. Mai 2017


ok plug,not like the original

P. ferrell

28. Mai 2017

mr ferrell

useful but seams like the tone comes and go's,unlike the hardware,the hardware is more consistant

UAD User

27. Mai 2017

BEST EQ for vocal

has Neve's own color but can control more detail

t. takamasa

27. Mai 2017

Sounds great

Great EQ!

P. Perfetto

26. Mai 2017

Super clean

This eq is similar to the 1073, but has another band. It sounds really clean, I absolutely love it on kicks, and it brings a lot of presence.

M. Daley

22. Mai 2017


Sounds great on my drum buss, vocal, bass etc! So glad I own it!!

T. Spaniel

22. Mai 2017

Neve 1081

Great EQ!

r. cavaye

19. Mai 2017

Silk n Honey

All great things are easily obtained through this simple yet colourful EQ. I can't help but want a real one after demoing, everyone has a need for some Neve...

J. Dale

18. Mai 2017

Works like magic

I'm by no means a professional sound engineer, but Neve seemed to be the end all be all in the studio. These plug ins seem to verify all the talk, and are simple for a novice like me.

UAD User

18. Mai 2017


Hi Boost is very nice.
Only one My Best EQ.

A. Truta

17. Mai 2017

My goto EQ

I've never imagined that an eq can do such a fantastic job in shaping the sound just like I want, until I discovered this great 1081 emulation. You have to hear it and you'll love what it does. Fantastic!

J. Giddings

16. Mai 2017

Very smooth eq

Smooth tops, powerful bottoms and very fun mids. Love this thing on drums and guitars. Makes me not miss the real thing

D. pin

1. Mai 2017


Used this on vocals and guitars before .. Had to get

81-100 von 268 Ergebnisse