Neve® 1081TM Classic Console EQ

Neve® 1081TM Classic Console EQ

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Regulärer Preis: $249.00


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Neve 1081 / 1081SE Classic Console EQ


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S. Gough

16. Januar 2016

Great for Subtle Shaping

I mainly use this EQ for tone shaping rather than surgical corrections. It has a great smooth tone that is great for the wide, sweeping motions. However, the Hi Q setting can also help pinpoint the attack/body of source material for more precise shaping. Overall a great EQ to have in your back pocket.

R. Gun

16. Januar 2016

I like it

Sounds good on drums but works on any signal.
It sounds similar to Harrison c32 witch is a little better in the lowpass+highpass filters and the ultra high band.
Interesting is, the Neve 1081 black one (the dsp safer) is sounding much the same as the blue one. The harrison does not, it´s dsp safer version does sound much duller in the ultra high bands.
I prefere the Neve over the Harrison because of the stepped frequencies.

A. Casadio

16. Januar 2016

Simply perfect!!!

Really useful on any instrument. Especially on vocals, bass and drums. I highly recommend it to everyone ... !!!
Play good notes.


A. Marlowe

15. Januar 2016

Multi Use Musical EQ

It's really a pleasure to use this very musical EQ plug-in, it's punch and presence, and also the tonal effects of the gain, nice work, thanks UAD!

V. Uhov

14. Januar 2016

Neve 1081 / 1081SE Classic Console EQ Plug-Ins

1073 have Eq, I decided to buy another 1081 in my collection.
enjoyed a very flexible range of frequencies. It turns out I can regulate any band.
I tried to work just fine, and very musical! most importantly it consumes less resources compared to 1073.


14. Januar 2016

Oh my.....

I've never owned an EQ of this caliber. Since taking the plunge cash- wise, I know understand the need for decent EQs. I work in an untreated basement and I can achieve much better off to acoustically treat my basement. F&%#.

A. Belt

13. Januar 2016

Good for Guitars !!!!

Good for Acoustic Guitar !!! (mic recording)
Good for Electric Guitar !!! (i use POD 2)

Отлично работает для Акустической гитары !
Отлично работает для Электрической гитары !

Great sounding !!!
Отличный звук !!!

UAD User

13. Januar 2016

Quick and easy

Im loving it
Super quick to get to where you want to sound much easier on the dsp compared to the 1073

O. Johannessen

12. Januar 2016

Can I do without it on drums?

Yes, probably. But nothing comes close to the sound of my kickdrum with this one it. It has a character and punch that is really loveable! Filters are good to.

t. soares

12. Januar 2016

1081 review

great plug in.. will be using it a lot

K. Grandillo

11. Januar 2016

Before I got the 1073

Before i bought the 1073, i bought this! and i really enjoy it! the distortion is comparable to the 73, but i wish it had an output know like the 73. I usually have to put a gain knob on after it to keep my levels in check.

F. Homeier

10. Januar 2016

What else is needed? Nothing!

This very handy friend will give your tracks not only a analog Finnish it also allows you to create a trademark sound on your personal tracks. You will be able to sound "expensive" as well as outstanding. Usable on doors and of course on every single tracks doesn't matter what style or sound you are creating. On of the best EQ ever! Let's do music this fellow will guide you through it trust me!

m. asara

10. Januar 2016

Simple, sweet, useful.

Since I got it, there's a Neve 1081 in every single track of my daw while mixing, as first or second insert. And I'd never do without anymore.

M. Kimmick

8. Januar 2016


These Neve plug-ins can really sculpt the sound. I like them.

S. Pappinen Hillert

30. Dezember 2015

Great EQ

Fantastic EQ that does exactly what I want it to do!

R. Österlund

29. Dezember 2015

Use it...

and be happy! I've tried a lot of eq emulations and got stuck with this one + of course Trident.

M. Diaz Velez

29. Dezember 2015

Keep it simple

Just few knobs, just few parameters, just the right sound and just a well emulated you need more????? Just enjoy it.

d. morgan

28. Dezember 2015

the search is over

when used as a secondary and final eq i find this unit do the job perfectly. with negledgeable couloring and ultimate fine tuning i can get to the frequencies i need to whilst still keeping the core harmonics intact...highly recomended

E. Toews

28. Dezember 2015

Nice EQ

Nice Eq, in my opinion more versatile and better sounding than 1073 model. I think volume compensation for high gain settings would be helpful...

F. Cabanillas

28. Dezember 2015


Bought it because,I had a discount coupon,and its one one the best purchases i got this year end sales ...very musical,it brightens whatever you put it on,guitars,Fender Rhodes,pianos,hammond......It really came as a surprise,tried it on one track and can seem to stop using it!!

141-160 von 269 Ergebnisse