Neve® 1073® Preamp & EQ Collection

Neve® 1073® Preamp & EQ Collection



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Neve 1073 Preamp & EQ Collection


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R. van Wegberg

17. Juni 2020

The most musical EQ

This EQ just sounds sweet, never harsh.
If you have a precision EQ and this one, you're ready to go.

D. Yowell

16. Juni 2020

Nailed it!

An absolute must have and UA really nailed it! So happy I have this plugin!

O. Sepulveda

15. Juni 2020

Good for vocals.

Tremendo Pre para lead voices! Bajo ruido y nice high control.

R. van Wegberg

14. Juni 2020


Sweet, musical, warm!!

T. Rice

12. Juni 2020

saturation station. toot toot.

It'll get you in trouble because it sounds so good haha it definitely teaches you the discipline of "less is more" because you'll find yourself turning it up more and more and getting more and more really nice saturation out of it.

a. millar

12. Juni 2020


Feels like I’m in a residential studio working on my album but I’m not im at home and I can do whatever I like

R. Brock

30. Mai 2020


Adds depth and character to anything you add this plugin to. My go to for kick and snare! Sounds amazing on everything though.

M. Del Bene

25. Mai 2020


I had a nice Experience with NEVE mixer in the '90s. This plug is magic, it's a bit expensive but magic. I'm using on acoustic guitars and voices and it change the take at all.

K. Matus

24. Mai 2020

The best plugin preamp I tried so far

With this preamp you may record everything in perfect quality!

I. Pakkala

22. Mai 2020

Great pramp!

I have been fortunate to combine my profession as a doctor with my lifelong hobby and passion in Music. I am now a specialist in my profession and an MD, PhD, but my most fond memories include performing and recording in traditional analog Studios. In my opininion UA HSS totally nailed the sounds, and my personal favorite has to be Neve 1073. No mather whether I am tracking guitar, bass, cello or my feeble voice, this amazing plugin does just the job. It sounds amazing, but it is not any more flattering than its hardware version, which is flattering enough. Big respect to UA!

C. Stylianides

22. Mai 2020

1073 Preamp & EQ

Clarity, Character, Analog feel!!This guy has it all!Love it:D

M. Hunt

20. Mai 2020

Great pre

I was on the fence about buying this or the neve pre. I will say they do sound different. I tried both and compared the 2. Ultimately I went with the 1073eq. It has a bigger sound to me. Plus the added addition of the eq. I compared both with my WA273eq and The 1073eq got me comparable results. They both sounded very similar. Had the same weight to it's sound. I wanted to add the neve 1073 so that I have a similar pre in my x6 as my wa273. Not having any experience with a real neve pre I can't compare but will say this pre is dead on to the sound I get with my wa273. 4 stars because of price. I would wait for it to go on sale.

S. Lewis

14. Mai 2020

I love the instant crispness

This plugin preamp and EQ add such crisp color to a sound. Perfect for vocals and aoustic guitar and I'm sure much more. I especially love using this in unison with the 1176 and LA2A.

M. James

13. Mai 2020

Can't believe the so good.

I decided to demo this thinking it wouldn't really be something I would end up buying 'cause I have other options already. The first thing I did ,just to see that it was working ok , was to drop it on a drum buss and selected one of the drum presets. Boom ! I was sold straight away , it made the drums sound amazing without any effort . Then moved onto vocals and guitars and so easy to get a good tone and quickly. The 1073 & Eq is a no brainer.

T. Hicks

12. Mai 2020

Easy fix

The pre is easy to dial in and control and can be useful when used judiciously - depends what you want.

M. Hurley

10. Mai 2020

Impressively versatile

I got this for my vocal chain and was surprised how great it sounds on everything else. I can see why users with tons of DSP put it on every channel.

B. Ferrar

3. Mai 2020

Good Stuff

Real Good Stuff

D. Lindo

2. Mai 2020


I use it for tracking guitar and bass. Sweet Neve tone and quite a crunch if you crank the gain. Sounds great!

M. Riecks

2. Mai 2020

Best Preamp

Very well emulated. Amazing compared to the real one. I love it more then any other preamp. Thanks for this fun part!

J. Veney

2. Mai 2020

Best Investment Ever!!!!!!

This is the best investment that I ever made! The sound of the saturation it adds to my voice is outstanding. I love this!

21-40 von 1010 Ergebnisse