Neve® 1073® Preamp & EQ Collection

Neve® 1073® Preamp & EQ Collection



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Neve 1073 Preamp & EQ Collection


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K. Vrijsen

3. Juni 2014


If you have drums or guitars in your mix .. an absolute must have .. use it in every mix ... to bad it consumes a lot of horse power ...

C. Medina

2. Juni 2014



P. Mccosh

1. Juni 2014

Warm, lush, distorts in all the right places

Been hanging a while to have this plugin come into a it's here I'm not disappointed....I bought this & the API, which I use when I really want the warm clean sound, but the Neve is used about 70% of the it!

J. Roger

31. Mai 2014

New 1073!

Amazing little piece for anybody ITB!! I've never used the hardware so can't comment on the similarities, but regardless, it sounds fantastic, and adds lots of lovely bits to whatever track you put it on!

As a nice bonus, it can work as a really awesome distortion unit when pushed hard.

Lots of DSP, but i'd rather it sound the way it does and use lots of DSP, than sound worse and use less. Plus it forces you to commit to a sound and print it if you want your DSP back.


S. Howard

31. Mai 2014

Generally likeable

I have real world experience with the 1073. I worked at United Sound Systems studios in Detroit from 1987 - 1993. In 1988, we switched out the studio Flickinger console with a Neve 1073 purchased from NBC in Burbank. My hopes was to capture the sound (somewhat) of the combination of the Studer A-880 we had in that room and a the Neve 1073 console. I like its effect on signals. I haven't gotten the hang of simpler things, such as switching the pad and/or impedance switches. the cursor has no effect on them. If there is a trick to it, I apparently haven't learned it. [I might have gone for 5 stars otherwise]. am optimistic on what the future hold for me with this emulated USS emulation (including the LA-2A's, 1176's, dBX 160's, EMT PR's, etc

A. Ferguson

30. Mai 2014

Beautifully Smooth

Brings out the smoothness. Great on bass & vocals.

S. Renius

30. Mai 2014

That's it !

That's it !
A new Base for UAD Sound!
A great Step for the digital Soundworld.
It needs a lot of recources....but the Sound is very very great!
Thank you very Much!

R. Sandor

29. Mai 2014

NEVE 1073 - Great plugin and great presets

I had to try the demo version immediately buy is unbelievable what the UA can do. Great plugin and great presets. Best on drums and bass guitar. Great job guys ... what's next?? Bricasti Reverb ..... or API 2500?

S. Berujanyan

29. Mai 2014

Neve 1073 Preamp & EQ Plug-In Collection

I love this plugin.My digital tracks sound warm, fat and analog! UAD Thank you! Really great

J. Piccione

27. Mai 2014

Vocal is just perfect!

I use the 1073/1073SE all the time and love it, when I decided to give this a go to take advantage of the Preamp I was a little skeptical.
After I downloaded the New Neve 1073 with preamp I immediately brought it into a session that I'm working on to "give it a go" against my chosen processing on the track.
Once I have a few minutes to work with it on the vocal it was apparent that the preamp plus Eq gave me this wonderful "gritty" Edge to the vocal that really helped it with it's character and allowed it to occupy it's own space in the mix.

I cannot wait to use this more and I will very soon. Probably in the next 15 minutes!!

Thanks UA

S. Kim

27. Mai 2014


It's deeper than old 1073 plug-in and has more open sound.

But it takes 9% of dsp power in my uad octo card.

Except dsp issue, it will be my go to eq.

K. Jones

26. Mai 2014

Another Winner

Great addition to my plug in collection! I have been working with the hardware for years and now that I have to be mobile it's great to be able to have this familiar sound recreated in such detail in my tool box ...Thanks to all at Universal Audio.....Keith Jones...CGS Productions

D. Anstey

26. Mai 2014


Bast plugin hands down! Nothing comes close to making my digital tracks sound warm, fat and analog! I'm having fun again!!! THANK YOU!

D. Wilson

26. Mai 2014

Not sure you could ask for more

This sounds incredible. The fatness and depth of just smacking it on a drum bus is unbelievable. I watched the demos and still couldn't believe how good it sounded on my own stuff. I own the Waves version as well, but I'm not sure it will ever be used much again (unless my octo runs out of dap!).

M. Brawer

25. Mai 2014

great plug - dodgy pricing

picked this one up on release for 299 usd, price dropped to 150 less than 2 weeks later. come on UAD, show a little consistency here - this has happened before! don't penalize your most loyal customers... otherwise, it's a lovely sounding plug in

R. Donnells

25. Mai 2014

Almost Like the Real Thing

Hello ladies and gents!

What is cool to me about owning a UAD-2 is that I get access to a lot of the great gear a mix artist would use to mix a record, and with the Apollo series I get some very nice emulations of gear a recordist would use to record a record.

With the 1073 Preamp and EQ--I find it interesting that people are using this to MIX, as this piece of gear is a workhorse for recording; knowing the power load of the gear in the real world (Neves take the more power than most gear--hence why Neve 500 series are not as beefy) it cracks me up that it is killing the DSP.

Suggestion: Print the sound of the 1073. That is how recordists do it in the real world. Use SSL to SSL is the big record MIX sound.


S. Lim

25. Mai 2014

Just brilliant!

I have been a huge fan of the original 1073 UAD1....

When this came out it was a no brianer for me., I got it right away, and I was not disappointed!

Well done UA! This is a must have for all UA users!

S. Lim

25. Mai 2014

Just brilliant!

I have been a huge fan of the original 1073 UAD1....

When this came out it was a no brianer for me., I got it right away, and I was not disappointed!

Well done UA! This is a must have for all UA users!

R. Mc

24. Mai 2014

Pre amp heaven

I am loving this pre amp to bits what can i say.
Already owned the 1073 legacy and was a little peeved at buying it again but the pre amp addition is worth the money in my opinion.
R Mc Hard

S. Gilroy

23. Mai 2014

Second Place

Ik multimedia did this emulation first, it's just as good. Another sign to sell your UAD cards.

1101-1120 von 1136 Ergebnisse