Moog® Multimode Filter Collection

Moog® Multimode Filter Collection

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Regulärer Preis: $249.00


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Moog Multimode Filter Collection


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J. Winde

4. Juni 2017

Amazing Tool!

That's a tool I was waiting for.... One of my favorite ones!

E. Burnett

3. Juni 2017

Fantastic expansion of an already amazing plugin

If you've tracked music to a grid within your DAW there's a whole world of syncopated fun waiting for you within this plugin. I'm loving this on synth basses and pads.

A. Lee

1. Juni 2017

Smooth & great sounding

I wasn't expecting this to work as smoothly as it does. Incredibly useful once automated

C. Hanson

30. Mai 2017

Moog Multimode Filter DAW friendly

Tempo synced plugs are a must and now UAD has brought Moog's analog filters to the game. Thank you, this is will be a creative tool on many of my productions for years.

N. Anzai

25. Mai 2017


Love the character!

C. Horsethief

22. Mai 2017

Waited for a sequencer...

I use a lot of sample libraries with onboard sequencers, so I eagerly awaited UAD's foray into tempo-synced plugs. The Multimode XL filter was my first experience and I have two initial thoughts. First, its stable and smooth. Second, the draw on my CPU is negligible. It offers that ability to run more tempo sensitive effects using fewer resources. Next step is to use the XL's sequencer on other sample libraries to free up latency and reduce bus speed artifacts.

K. Vrijsen

19. Mai 2017

Moog Multimode


g. nielsen

16. Mai 2017

Getting closer

The feel and especially resonance are far more "real" than the previous version, especially when self oscillating or when the filter is being driven a bit hard.

UAD User

14. Mai 2017


I have a sub-37, and this feels like it - but with so many added features and possibilities. I love it.

J. Fisher

8. Mai 2017

Fun...Just Plain Old Fun

I don't read much when it comes to companies selling products, so I am not sure if they cover that this is NOT a virtual instrument. I was quickly disappointed, but I started playing with it anyways. I recently had a solo artist come in for a quick recording, nothing special. Just a guy singing with his acoustic guitar. I recorded both vox and gtr and the same time getting a lot of bleed. I through this on the gtr track and magic happened! I'm hooked, and I am sold. This is a must have plugin.

C. Blackledge

4. Mai 2017


I was umming and ahhing about whether to get this plugin. I already own the previous 2 moog filters and if it weren't for the added notch filter, I probably wouldn't have been tempted. However the notch filter and the additional step sequencer did tempt me to at least demo it.

What I wasn't prepared for though, was improved sound quality. It just sounds better than the original 2 filters. I could use words like warmer and creamier to describe it but I'd rather just say, demo it, try it out.

In a selfish sort of way I hope you don't like it because it then that means less people using it and the plugin will seem more exclusive to me as an owner of it.

But, I'm not going to lie, it sounds fucking awesome. (Hence the 5 stars)

b. forbes

3. Mai 2017

Glowing Gooey Glitching Glibbery Goodness!

This plugin was like... GOTCHA!
Gotta put it on everything.
Gets me that flowing fountain of filter i need in my life....
Turn that cutoff... automate the frequency....
And the sequencer!!!!!!

S. Skinner

3. Mai 2017

great sound, OK GUI

I love the sound of this, and the sequencer allows for some great post-synth movement. The GUI is a bit clunky in that, to get the sequencer to work, you need to turn on the sequencer on the front page, then adjust the amount on the second page. The sequencer on/off button is unnecessary, because the amount knobs on the sequencer page cover it. All that aside I've used it quite a bit already and am very happy I got it.

S. Lehmann

2. Mai 2017

The Glitch Mob Filter Action

I own a Moog Voyager and I am already a big fan of the Moog filter. The thing here is phenomenal ... I love it

UAD User

28. April 2017


I love all of the UAD moog plugs. They allow you to really mix things up easily. Its all in your hands. Recommend it for sure.

M. 7S

24. April 2017


This collection is a no-brainer. Add the distinct slopes of a Moog to any source. The color is fantastic and I have never heard a software filter of this caliber. Until now! Brilliant!

M. L

17. April 2017


Better in everyway than the original hardware

T. Morgan

17. April 2017

Amazing animation tool

I love the warmth of Moog filters, and this plugin takes it in very creative directions! Great being able to add animation to sounds, as well as the usual filtering and driving options. It's a must-have for me!

H. Zwarts

16. April 2017

Classic Moog sound

Classic Moog filter sound with a lot of features. I personally don't need all that functionality but I like the typical moog sound.

T. F

16. April 2017


One of the plug-in chosen first.

141-160 von 186 Ergebnisse