Massenburg DesignWorks® MDWEQ5 Parametric Equalizer

Massenburg DesignWorks® MDWEQ5 Parametric Equalizer

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Regulärer Preis: $299.00


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Massenburg® MDWEQ5 Parametric EQ


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T. Herman

20. Juni 2017


*** Impressive accuracy! ***

R. Robertson

10. Juni 2017

R Robertson

In my opinion: The Massenburg EQ is at the top of the performance list that UA sells.
It helps me to get that polished sound I've been looking for.

E. Rysa

17. Mai 2017

Nothing comes close to Massenburg EQ

Most of the time, EQing is about cutting unwanted frequencies rather than boosting. The MDWEQ5 is great for both, and is sound transparent event at very high Q values.
Unlike linear-phase EQs, the MDWEQ5 does not introduce latency and is not DSP-hungry.
I purchased it the same day I started the demo. It really blew me away.

w. lee

11. Mai 2017

super surgical eq

It can decrease a unintended frequency and super clean. Not touch unselected frequency band.
if i had a more than 10 core, i will use it all of the channel

m. jackson

2. Mai 2017

Fixes Problems You Didn't Know Existed

So good at scanning and finding painful sounds beneath the mix.....take them out and it really improves things -- transparently.....essential for mastering....

M. Diaz Velez

26. April 2017

George Massenburg... you did it again... awesome!!!

As George said on the video... this EQ is like a knife... a very well sharp knife. You can sculpt the sound in a very delicate way. Great job!!!! A must on your audio toolbox.

M. Smith

18. April 2017

Super Transparent

This is a very useful EQ for when you don't want a the EQ to leave a footprint. It's super clean and transparent. Great for high end boosts and gentle tone shaping.

g. gorevalex

17. April 2017

Amazing EQ!

Very useful and beatiful EQ!

R. Quek

28. März 2017


Wow. Phase coherent EQ, so surgically precise it does not mess interfere with audio but attenuates or accentuate very naturally.

B. Tochilin

23. März 2017

If you have 100 eq's and think you have enough you are wrong

I had a voucher, demoed this then got it. I have the Brainworxs V3. So, I initially thought why do I need this? They are very different and both are very useful. At first I tried this on was vocals and synth type stuff. It was good but I do not know if it was so much better then everything else I have. This thing really shinned when I stuck in on a guitar buss. I did quite a bit of boosting and removing ultra lows and highs. This thing did a fantastic job of brightening up the guitar tracks. It still sounded very smooth unlike the API 550 which I love. The API is great but with extreme boosts it can get a little broken up and jagged sounding. This thing was just so clean. This thing reminds me of moving a mic around a guitar cab vs just grabbing a EQ later.

J. Hunter

7. März 2017


remarkably clean and effective on everything i've tried it on thusfar

d. ingéson

8. Februar 2017




4. Februar 2017


Clean & very useful EQ. I love it!

d. zhang wei

26. Januar 2017

Is my favorite EQ!

Cleanup my track and beautiful sound EQ, best i ever used

M. Antonides

15. Januar 2017

Must-have EQ

This EQ is a classic. The GUI isn't beautiful, but the sound is clear and sweet, and it doesn't use a lot of DSP. I started off using the vintage emulations more, but this EQ is taking over more and more--not for mojo or vibe, this is a high-end, professional tool. Very quickly find problem frequencies and cut. The source starts sounding better, cleaner...great for boosts too.

L. Alin Gabriel

15. Januar 2017


Transparent, compact sound. Excellent before or after a "colored" eq, like Pultec, for surgical corrections without being tonally invasive.

F. Batiste III

5. Januar 2017


Cleanest cutting and boosting in the plugin world Hands down.

R. Wheelock

2. Januar 2017

this one is something special

I own a LOT of EQ plugins, one day I couldn't get the sound I had on my head on the master bus, I tried this on demo and was immediately sold, there is something really special happening here, I have no idea how a plugin so old can sound so great, but it is, so I usually don't review much plugins, but felt this one deserved a great review cause it deserve it!

L. Alin Gabriel

1. Januar 2017


Predictible and coherent sounding eq.

V. van Tiel

11. Dezember 2016

Do you believe in wonders?

If you don't, try out this eq. I think it's it's a little wonder. So clean... I used the pro-q2 from fabfilter for most of my reductive eq-ing. Not any more. I use this plugin on every instrument. No matter what you do with it, it never sounds processed. And that's what we want in most cases. I only use the other EQ's from uad when I want to add some character.

81-100 von 158 Ergebnisse