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Massenburg® MDWEQ5 Parametric EQ


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A. Nguyen

30. Dezember 2015


A very transparent mastering eq! This thing is amazing, it sounds wonderful on any source and isn't a DSP hog.

S. Markichev

30. November 2015

Excellent EQ

Love it! Mixing or mastering this EQ is the Cleanup and beautiful musical sound

C. Moselle

19. November 2015

Wow : Totally blows my mind

Incredible; On a whole other level than ANY eq I've ever heard except for OLD Massenburg hardware

R. Jason

14. November 2015

Mastering eq from the Master

IMO (and others), George Massenburg ranks up there with Sir George Martin as an innovator, producer, engineer. This plug-in is just another example of the quality and musical function that is Mr Massenburg's trademark.
I love using this eq on mixing, mastering and it can do wonderful things with a piano track that may be a bit "honky", brittle, or muddy.

This eq is on another level, and is a MUST on all my projects. Worth every penny and MORE.

K. Packard

18. Oktober 2015

Minus 1 star.

Really dislike the clunky GUI so it gets a 4 instead of 5.

m. verasani

22. September 2015

THE Parametric Equalizer

The Massenburg is one of the most musical equalizer I have ever used. The Alogorithm used is simply amazing, it is transparent and it can make any track sounds better with the right treatment. I appreciate also the low dsp power request, which makes this eq my go through in every channel strip.
Definitely, a must have!

P. Galaura

11. September 2015

Massenburg with UA!!! Totally awesome

Always have been a fan of the MDWEQ5, I actually have the Avid, and Sonnox versions, listened to UA's and really felt and heard a difference and so the rest is history. Thank you guys!!

A. Caetano

28. August 2015

best eq in the market today

Simply put, the Massenburg EQ project with UAUDIO was a superb hit! best EQ in the market! period!

J. Maiwald

31. Juli 2015

Why this EQ sounds so invisible good?

this EQ is the Cleanup Machine! it does exactly what it should do, and nothing else! my new goto EQ next to all the other nice character EQ's from UA...thanks!

c. niculescu

29. Juli 2015


I own almost all UAD Eqs, but this is slowly but surely becoming my absolute go-to eq.
Thumbs up Mr. Massenburg!

UAD User

21. Juni 2015


Man this eq is a sleeper. It is perfect for subtractive eq'ing virtually anything and is as advertised, a colorless eq. What does that mean? When I first demo'd this plug, I was a little baffled. It didnt sparkle to me at first, but I soon realized it was because there was no saturation or distortion being added to the signal. Like many people say, it just makes it sound better, without altering the source at all. Definitely check out the demos with Massenburg himself, it will open your eyes to how this eq is meant to be used.

I. Papagiannidis

2. Juni 2015

the tool!

surgery eq!best for difficult applications for every instrument !

D. Linus

22. Mai 2015

Best EQ Ever!

Off course it´s a matter of taste and personal preferences - mind you!
But i´ve been looking for an EQ, which is clean, without distortion nor extra flavouring for ages now.
And here it is!
I use it constantely on my master chain, and i did try a lot of other EQs before!
The MDW brings out a lush and supreme sound in every of my mixes.
It´s unbelievable how great this product is, and how easy it is to handle!
It´s my favourite EQ ever!

A. Picciafuochi

9. Mai 2015

Excellent EQ, both surgical and musical

You can use this EQ in any situation, mixing or mastering, to correct imperfections or to give a touch of beautiful sound. Curves are both surgical and musical at the same time, and the DSP power request is very modest.

d. longo

20. April 2015

Clean and clear!

Just a great in the box eq!
Love it!

K. Vrijsen

20. April 2015

The Go-to EQ

Clean and beautiful. Useful for cleaning up any track. Will be used a lot ... defenitely !!

a. pagliai

16. April 2015

great eq

a simply great eq,no more words

P. Broman

13. April 2015


It's a magic quickfix but it's also a very transparent EQ that can be used on just anything!

P. Broman

13. April 2015


It's a magic quickfix but it's also a very transparent EQ that can be used on just anything!

P. Broman

13. April 2015


It's a magic quickfix but it's also a very transparent EQ that can be used on just anything!

141-160 von 176 Ergebnisse