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Massenburg® MDWEQ5 Parametric EQ


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f. ceballos

5. Februar 2018

Simply Perfect!!!

Is my favourite eq, i use it con every session, i love it! Thanks.

b. jung

19. Januar 2018

best surgical eq plugin on the planet.

just incredible. demo it, taste it, and go to press add to cart button on it.

C. Gracia

30. Dezember 2017

Ugly, wonderful

This is the ugly EQ that other plug-ins don't invite to their parties and stays home studying for the next track. Wonderful.

I. AbdurRaheem

25. Dezember 2017

Transparent, Yet Musical

This eq is one of my newest UAD purchases. However, I have used this eq in the past with great success, and decided to pick it up, while advantage of the buy 6 and get a 7th free deal. I did have the Cambridge (which I have reviewed, and is also great), prior to this purchase, and what I can say is, in my opinion, the Massenburg is more musical. Also, I feel better using the Massenburg on a master. However, with such a great sounding eq, I wish there were a mid/side mode, and a separate high and low pass filter section. An output level knob would be nice too. The A/B option is great. I gave this eq a lower rating than the Cambridge, not because the Cambridge in my opinion is better, but because of the lack of features. I would honestly go to the Massenburg over the Cambridge, however the lack of an output level (often use a trim plugin after to adjust the level), and having to use multiple instances of the Massenburg, because there is no separate high pass and low pass filter section makes it a bit tricky at times. As far as sound, the Massenburg is much smoother, and much more musical than the Cambridge, with the same level of transparency. Wish it had the missing features, I feel very bad not giving this beautiful eq 5 stars.

W. Slaughter

17. Dezember 2017

Unbelievable EQ

I own 52 plugins .....And this is in my top three! I can find easily the frequencys I need to get out of my mix !! Thank you Uad for having such badass plugins !!


23. November 2017

Massenburg® MDWEQ5 Parametric EQ ..... SHOULD HAVE BOUGHT THIS FIRST!

Amazing detail , makes everything sound musical and balanced without harshness. The smallest cuts/boosts are audible. The filters and bandpass offer precision. Thanks George Massenburg and UAD!

A. Dempsey

10. Oktober 2017

Musical EQ

Although I've minimal use of it so far, it's clean, sounds "musical" and is capable of nice, broad curves.
Minus one star only for potential GUI improvements eg: In/Out and Power colours, the markers on the virtual knobs (although I usually type in what I'm going for as a starting point), even stepped freq rather than variable (limitations are good!).
Very handy to have the 3 band one included. As with anything at mastering, a little goes a long way.

d. Lee

17. September 2017

end of EQ

clean sound is so good to me

L. Alin Gabriel

11. September 2017

Best quality

I'm thrilled about this eq. Absolutely impecable.

L. Alin Gabriel

11. September 2017

Best quality

I'm thrilled about this eq. Absolutely impecable.

D. Noy

20. August 2017


this one is just special. cleanest cuts I've ever heard. gives new meaning to the word 'transparent.' nothing else even comes close to this. including all the other fancy uad eqs. don't let the interface fool you. bar none the best eq I've ever used. I don't even write reviews, but this one is just so beyond comprehension I thought I'd put it in writing. easily my next purchase. only wish I had the dsp to run 100 instances of it at once.

B. Thompson

30. Juli 2017

It's great, but Latency nowadays

Massenburg plug is fantastic. Very close to real thing as I recall it. Latency Problem persists.

H. baldiviezo

21. Juli 2017


Es mi mejor parametrico..

M. A

14. Juli 2017


Get it , NOW

J. Raper

13. Juli 2017


Mixing and mastering with this EQ is a breeze. Notch EQ'ing and subtle boosting is what this thing excels at.

r. mamsi

12. Juli 2017

best eq ever

it work perfectly, it's not acting like a same algorithm , that you have in other eq,
that one is very unique !

r. roth

9. Juli 2017


A very good sounding go to vocals. Love it

p. larkin

5. Juli 2017

Best clean EQ I've used

For when you already like the source sound, but want to add a filter or cut/boost a little - and not change the initial character of the track - this is incredible. Great for bus work as well. The filters sound natural, too. Love this thing.

T. Herman

20. Juni 2017


*** Impressive accuracy! ***

R. Robertson

10. Juni 2017

R Robertson

In my opinion: The Massenburg EQ is at the top of the performance list that UA sells.
It helps me to get that polished sound I've been looking for.

81-100 von 176 Ergebnisse