Marshall® Silver Jubilee 2555

Marshall® Silver Jubilee 2555



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Marshall® Silver Jubilee 2555


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UAD User

14. Dezember 2015

signature sound

Very useful plug-in for guitar players recording music in a home studio. You can achieve a signature sound

T. Feswick

11. Dezember 2015


Sounds very close to the real thing. Bite and dirt when needed, yet tame and clean when ordered.

D. Bires

9. Dezember 2015

Holy Marshall Warm Smooth Transient Tones!

All I can say this is my favorite amp plugin. One big reason is there is no brittle highs in this emulation. Just smooth warm Analog Transients going on all day. Soft tube and UA nailed it just like other people have mentioned here. If you are a Marshall head you will understand. I love to record my Marshall Amp and play through it and I love this emulation just as much. Now I can go portable with my laptop, Apollo duo and my SG and record anywhere. Make sure you purchase the Tube screamer Overdrive plugin. You will get even more versatility than you could ever imagine. I hope that Softube can do a couple more like this maybe and older mesa. All I know is you will not be disappointed. Thank You so much UA for making Bad Ass Plugins...

B. Chapman

25. November 2015

Nailed it.

There is only one amp that delivers that classic 80s heavy rock sound. The Marshall Silver Jubilee. Softube has done it again, with a home run of an emulation. I also really like the addition of the delay option for the room mic. AND, perhaps a lesser known secret, you can actually get an amazing, sparkly clean tone out of this amp!

The Unison integration is awesome. I'd like to see some Unison retrofitting of some of the other amp emulations, too, in coming updates. Also, hopeful that Softube will be able to work with Fender in the future.
As a user of real amps, every amp plugin ever made, Axe FX Ultra, etc., this is the new gold standard in emulation. Buy the bundle. They are all spot on.

Thanks, UA!

j. carmo

24. November 2015

Very good emulation

I Play with Jubille amp for 30 years. My favorite amp. I Have the silver 50w combo and the Slash 100w stack (same jubilee circuit). After demo this emulation, i can say it really sounds like the real amp that i´m used for 30 years. Congratulations SoftTube team...i will buy it for sure

U. Borjesson

21. November 2015

In Unison Slot.

Completely Amazing, I have done a preset of my own called Glam Rock, I just can´t stop play, it is truly amazing, and the dynamics from the guitar volume button, less distortion but same groove... the Unison slot and how it works with the guitar ohm load, WOW!
The only amps that can compete is the 1962 Bluesbreaker:-) which I use as soon as the suits and platform boots gets off!

E. Halterman

21. November 2015

Wow, Just like y ole Jubilee Amp!

I was shocked at how great this sounded. It instantly reminded me of my Jubilee I had purchased back in the late 80s. I cannot believe how great UAD's technology is... just stellar!

R. Dodd

19. November 2015

Diito Rizzo

A Rizzo nailed it, I could add that that the addition of an input gain would make it perfect!

A. Rizzo

12. November 2015

Great all round amp sim.

Lovely clean tones. Great driven tones & the room/mic simulation works extremely well in helping to shape your sound.

Add an H910 straight after this and you have the sound of Rush... If that kind of thing is your bag.. baby.

Great amp sim. Thoroughly and wholeheartedly recommended!

N. Hall

9. November 2015

Love this!

Second only to the Bluesbreaker combo in my opinion, although that's probably got more to do with my personal preference than the (very high) quality of this plug in. It's superb....thanks UA.

D. DiPietro

9. November 2015

Close enough

I started playing guitar in the late 70's and bought my first 2 JCM800 stacks in '82, that led me down a road of Marshall's throughout the 80's. To my ears, this is about as close as you can get without the extreme volume. The downside is you're locked into one speaker cab. I favor the 70 watts speakers that was loaded in my cabs from '82 and that's really what this plug-in lacks to be perfect.
Like most all presets from every company, the presets are useless. A little experimenting and you'll start cataloging your own useable presets that will be convincing enough for just about any Marshallesque guitar tone you need.

D. Baker

7. November 2015

Best Amp Sim I've tried.

Fantastic amp sim, the best I've ever tried at this point.

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