Marshall® Silver Jubilee 2555

Marshall® Silver Jubilee 2555



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Marshall® Silver Jubilee 2555


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M. Salles

8. September 2020

The Jubilee!!

What a great tool! the combination of mics !! once you set knobs where you want them and move on to the mics, you can get pretty much any tone you want for any style ... very very useful plugin for sure!

I. Bandera

11. August 2020

Ottimo amplificatore

Mi piace molto.
Suoni clean, crunch e lead veramente buoni ed utilizzabili in molti contesti musicali.
Secondo me da il 100% con IR di terze parti ed un overdrive davanti.
In questo modo qualsiasi impressione di "finto" sparisce definitivamente.
Ottimo e consigliato.
P.s. tra i Marshall è il mio preferito per versatilità

I. Reisch

13. Juni 2020


Currently a go to for lead tones. Blending in the different mics to get the exact sound you are after is very useful.
Generally im not a big Marshall fan and i wouldn't buy the real thing but i'm loving this plug in. However i do love the Buxom more :) Different beasts...

g. broumault

14. Mai 2020

great and realistic amp

sound great , strat , les paul , PRS all sound great with it. rock on . thanks UAD .


29. April 2020

Epic lead sound!

Wow. Just wow. Turned my Strat into a freight train!

O. Goren

28. Februar 2020

It's just amazing.

That's it, with a Gibson Les Paul the UAD Silver jubilee is sounds and feels like the real thing. I enjoy every second from it and from all the UAD Marshalls I feel like the Silver Jubilee is by far my No. 1.

F. Andersson

8. Februar 2020

The distorsion you are looking for!

This is the first amp emulation that made me feel confident that I have an amp, period. I have a Marshall! This works for good clear distortion that sits well in a mix. If the 80's style, not too overdriven, sound is what you are after...this is it! With a Les Paul you become a member of Lizzy or Whitesnake, I love it! Roll off the volume on the guitar and it's super dynamic. This gave me hope as far as guitar amp emulations! Best yet for me.

g. Kesidis

14. November 2019

Great amp

Great amp.

G. Funes

22. Oktober 2019


Simply amazing, the best valve amp emulation I have, is perfect for all types of music.

p. albert

17. September 2019

Marshall Silver Jubilee 2555

Excellent simulateur d' ampli tout a fait conforme a mes attentes

J. Perez

25. Juli 2019

Money very well spent!!!

I actually purchased the Marshall Bundle with the Super-Plexi, Bluesbreaker and of course; the Silver Jubilee. I actually own a real Jubilee and I swear that the difference in sound is so minimal, I can’t tell the difference. The other awesome thing about owning the plugins is that the presets that they come with are beyond amazing!! I have ALWAYS hated guitar emulator plugins and never in my whole life would I have ever considered spending this kind of money for any of them... that is until now! If you seriously need or want the sound of these classic amps but can’t afford the real thing... this is about as close as you will get! If I could give it 10 stars, I would! Rock on and prosper!


24. Juni 2019

So good

Playing guitar for years in my little home studio, I used lot of different guitar plug-in , more or less good vibes but always with a frustration and then I met this one and truly the clouds in the sky disappeared, something between my guitars and this Marshall happened ! Happiness therapy ! Thank you UAD

A. Keuter

15. Juni 2019

Super !!!

Must have for guitar. Very good sound. Good job UAD

J. Rubio Almanza

17. Mai 2019


I was a bit skeptical when I first saw this pluging. After trying it I have to recognise that the plugin for my favourite amp is reaaly good. It nails perfectly the tone and carachter from the original. I find very useful the mic selection and mix with a bit of delay.

R. Goins

2. März 2019

My favorite Marshall

Really good tone from this one. I've played a real Silver Juilee and I prefer this. 5 stars!

M. Hochberg

2. März 2019

Great Amp

Highly recommend this plug in!

J. Davis

21. Januar 2019

The sound of rock!

You want that true rock and metal sound you hear in your head? This is the plug in you need! Clean to dirty and everywhere in between, with a unique mic system hat allows room ambience. Thick, fat, aggressive...this rocks!!

K. Lima

18. Januar 2019


Amazing amp sim...i've bought all marshalls, everyone has a unique tone, loving it.

f. ceballos

11. Januar 2019

Marshall® Silver Jubilee 2555

I really love this amp plugin, thanks!!!

P. Kinnunen

14. Dezember 2018

Marshall jubilee review

Very nice approach when it comes to the clean channel. I was surprised with the clarity of the channel and overall of the sensitivity of it. But the lead channel is much less what it could be. The gain level and the tone are nicely close to the original but you’d still have give it an extra push and the peak of the first attack of the sound is missing and that’s what you end up missing in the real-deal-feeling. I used to own one just like this back in the day when they were released so I have some reference. Anyhow, I give 8/10. Very worth of buying.

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