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Manley® VOXBOX Channel Strip

Manley® VOXBOX Channel Strip


Regulärer Preis: $299.00


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Regulärer Preis: $299.00


Du sparst 50%

Du hast keine Artikel in deinem Warenkorb.


Manley VOXBOX Channel Strip


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D. Samón

8. Januar 2022


Como dice una canción de Marc Antony. Esto está rico.... Genial como suena este huff

R. Little

8. Januar 2022

Easy to Sound Great

It's hard to make this tool sound bad. It takes care of several tasks at once, and it does them well.

r. rezin

8. Januar 2022

A Diamond in a field of diamonds

I actually forgot i purchased this since I bought the amek 9099 console.
I haven’t even used it yet. Maybe I’ll try it today

M. Crespo

7. Januar 2022


It's a fantastic plugin. The only thing against it is the amount of memory it consumes. For interfaces with little memory, like mine, to use it, I need to use it alone.

N. White

6. Januar 2022


Definitely one of the best plugins that you can use on vocals!!!

b. KIM

5. Januar 2022

I still don't know

I liked it when I used it alone, but I don't know yet because I haven't been able to use it compared to other preamps.

j. hilton

3. Januar 2022

why I didn't purchase it sooner

Perfectly designed for vocals. Sounds great and I actually dig it more than the hardware unit. No fiddling or patching. I open a session and I'm ready to go.

J. Manning

3. Januar 2022

Another must have.

Beautiful on vocals.

M. Grant

31. Dezember 2021

Man - this Voxbox

Manley Voxbox sounds great and warm on vocals!

A. Sviridov

29. Dezember 2021

Manley Voxbox

Voxbox is perfect on vocals and acoustic guitars.

S. Harris

29. Dezember 2021

Smooth as silk

really adds an extra "something" to vocals. there's a smoothness about it that's hard to describe, but definitely adds a touch of class.

J. Gellis

27. Dezember 2021

Box of Vibe.... vocal mojo

This plugin has some magic in it. The kind of magic that when you put a great performance into it, it comes out sounding even better, with attitude!

E. Rickard

26. Dezember 2021


Excellent and go to for every vocal.

C. Pallaoro

20. Dezember 2021

geordert - bezahlt - downgeloaded - can’t find

Ich kann die neue Software „Voxbox“ leider nirgends auf meinem iMac finden… funktioniert sie mit Logic Pro nicht?

R. Stokes

16. Dezember 2021

Love this

Great tool for tracking vocals. Has everything you need to get going

N. Stomeo

16. Dezember 2021


Es ist Perfekt

P. O'Shea

14. Dezember 2021


just completed a major mix and used the Manley VOXBOX for the first time, on the main vocal.... Really like that a lot of the needed manipulations are all together in the one unit. The de esser actually can work as a tone control with a bit of push. And nice that the compressor is first in line.
Sounds fabulous on this rather big song, so looks like being a new favourite. Great!!!!

L. Chacòn

13. Dezember 2021

Same as hardware

Same as hardware, just diferences on gain stages, of curse, another good investment in my gear!

U. Shree

10. Dezember 2021

Very good plugin

amazing texture to the vocals & stable workflow

Z. Bee

10. Dezember 2021

Tool Box

Simply - VoxBox is worth to be the Fan and have it in tool box.

61-80 von 580 Ergebnisse