Manley® VOXBOX Channel Strip

Manley® VOXBOX Channel Strip



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Manley VOXBOX Channel Strip


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J. Preston

25. August 2017

Great for Vox and everything else!

The Manley VOXBOX Channel Strip is an absolutely game-changer on vocals! It's my go to strip on all my vocal channels.

G. Gamiz

11. August 2017


Great sound!!

J. Reed

29. Juli 2017

Its a Manley

What more can you say?? Except it saves you Thousands . Learn How to use it . Did Da'Vinci or any artist blame their Tools?? NOO Americans seem to have forgotten how to Read and STUDY !! They Expect a Machine to do the work for them . Thats just Plain LAZY!

P. Pasquile

15. Juli 2017


I used only on a vocal track so far and I jumped from the chair because it sound so similar to the real gear. It helped me in having a great sound without creating the chain I usually do...all in!

J. Liu

14. Juli 2017

Smooth like butter on velvet

It's one of those things that I never thought I needed until I heard it and I just had to have it.

A. Bouchard

13. Juli 2017

Bargain of the Century

This is one of those plug ins that you could use on every track, like the Ocean Way plugin. I sounds amazing. Easy to understand, it's not like those other plug-ins what you don't quite know how it's supposed to work. Simple, straightforward and simply wonderful

S. Makarov

13. Juli 2017

Manley VOXBOX Channel Strip

Спасибо, отличный продукт!

S. Makarov

13. Juli 2017

Сергей Макаров

Спасибо огромное за качественный продукт!

S. Makarov

13. Juli 2017

Sergey Makarov

Пользуясь этой возможностью хочу поблагодарить за прекрасные плагины и насчитываю на дальнейшее плодотворное сотрудничество!

o. smith

10. Juli 2017


wow this always on my vocals

I. Turner

3. Juli 2017

Highly detailed unison pre

I've used this with amazing results for vocals, strings and bass. It adds a dimensionality and detail that can lift a vocal. My favorite vocal pre.

D. Dolnick

2. Juli 2017

Vox Box Plugin

Very transparent E.Q. and compression that actually work, plenty of gain and ability to set output to Protools very nice. I typically prefer more color of the 610B with LA-2 or 1176, but this thing does it all. Excellent job from UA as always.

W. Machado

29. Juni 2017


There's nothing else like it. It can get a lot of character or, if you want to, very, very clean and transparent. The De-esser is AMAZING.

T. Hinton

29. Juni 2017

Vox Awesome

This plugin is a fast way to get your vocal or any instrument sounding great and balanced in the mix highly recommend the voxbox

T. Hinton

29. Juni 2017

Vox Awesome

This plugin is a fast way to get your vocal or any instrument sounding great and balanced in the mix highly recommend the voxbox

C. Diener

28. Juni 2017

The best plugin I own

I was a bit skeptical at first buying this one because of the price, but this plugin has been the best investment. Everything I've put it on has been absolutely astounding.

c. crumm

23. Juni 2017

Thank you.

8k is painless for voc presence; comp is pleasantly full and desser effectively subtle: de-es 3k and boost 3k at eq? why not? transformer option is cheating it sounds so good. Eq is painless all around. Just recorded 72 songs in 2 days for a pianist/singer. Mixed vocs thru this piece: ribbons of enchanting bliss haha. Stunning. It's the top end that roars, but not like a tooth pick scraping your ear drum; it roars like a sweet, velvet pillow.
Thank you Manley.

M. Bontemps

22. Juni 2017

Simply the best...

This is a great sounding preamp, perfect for recording vocals, but I used it with drums and bass guitar too, the sound is absolutely gorgeous... I love it!

Z. Orr

19. Juni 2017

The Best Vocal Sound

It is nearly impossible to get a bad sound out of this plug. I used an actual Vox Box on one track on my last record. Big mistake. It made all of the other lead vocals sound weak. Put this on and be amazed at how easy you can dial in the best vocal sound you have ever gotten from your DAW. Plus.... it sounds great on acoustic guitar and bass.


16. Juni 2017


The best

321-340 von 444 Ergebnisse