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Manley® Variable Mu Limiter Compressor


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A. Jones

28. November 2018


I love this thing.

M. Martini

5. Oktober 2018

Like the real physical outboard

This plugin replicate itself in the physical world. I'm appreciate it’s effectiveness in all Daw contest, where the sound control is fundamental. The selector that allow to switch to comp or limit is very useful. So you choose what you need at glance.
A “must have” in your Daw!

M. Martini

4. Oktober 2018

No compromise: 2 in 1

Precise, easy to use, extremely effective. You can choose the limiting or compression function with a simple switch. Adjust the best threshold for your mix or single audio or Vst tracks without any compromise. Fantastic!

C. Kaliampakas

2. August 2018

Really dope!

It works perfectly on slow tracks, i love the sound of tubes on that comp. Secondly i use it a lot on Basslines

R. Alvarez-Torre

22. Juli 2018


I love using this for voice. It’s such a clean tool.

A. Lopes dos Santos

14. Juli 2018

Isn’t there a “6 star” rating?

Well, what can I say? If you have ever used the “real thing”, I really believe you’ll be amazed. Try the “slow hug” preset and... smile! I did it... The beauty of the transients passing through thr Vari-Mu is not comparable to anything else, I believe - and this plugin does that same kind of magic, on this “ITB” I now live in. Delicious!

E. Oooka

13. Juni 2018

Easy mastering work with presets.

Of course the real outboat is wonderful, but even this plugin does enough work. If you add a bass with a little EQ, it probably will bring it closer to the real one. But one day I would like analog equipment, but I can do my work for a while.

s. fatemi

3. Juni 2018

Just Amazing

Just amazing & Just AMAZING...!!!

F. Nunez

31. Mai 2018


Una herramienta necesaria a la hora de producir audio.

B. Vladimir

28. Mai 2018

Musical Glue

I kinda oscillate between this and the Neve 33609 and I use it in conjunction with another compressor. The idea here is that this plug-in gives me something magical: I like to call it musical glue. It doesn't always work (depends on the content material), but when it does, it kinda makes my day. Thank you for yet another wonderful product guys!

J. Cuniberti

4. Mai 2018

Use With Care

A pleasant sounding device for vocals or anything without transients. On the stereo bus, it will suck the life out of any mix even at its gentlest settings.

k. Heileman

22. April 2018

Great Sound, Awesome Glue

Great sounding plugin. Love the way it glues the mix together

k. Heileman

22. April 2018

Great Sound, Awesome Glue

Great sounding plugin. Love the way it glues the mix together

p. pol

21. April 2018

great sound and character

great sound and character

T. Tsubaki

3. April 2018

Manley Variable Mu® Limiter Compressor

上品な感じも Good!!

N. Hemple

29. März 2018

I think the prices need to come down.

Maybe it’s 1/10 of the hardware, but it’s not the hardware. Hardware has real switches and knobs and you can touch it. It’s also magical. This is a digital compressor that is claiming to model the hardware, but if it’s not 100 it’s not it & it’s not gonna have that record sound. However, it’s still useful if you learn how to compensate. But This plugin should be no more than $100.

J. Lesueur

19. März 2018

Nice emulation

I recently bought a Vari Mu hardware so I could compare them a little a bit. And I must say the UAD plugin is very good. The only thing is, as usual, hardware has more definition, more depth, when compressing a mix with it, it sounds more alive and organic. The plugin is very close in term of compression (except when pushed hard), but lacks the sonic mojo of the hardware. But I guess everyone knows that. I still put a 5 star as I think it's a very good emulation at 10% of the hardware price, so it's definitely a no brainer, and a good training before getting the real deal. It's also important to notice that all Vari Mu compressors sound different (different revisions, tube aging, etc..) so of course the plug-in can't sound exactly like the hardware. What I do is I use the plugin on busses, and the hardware on the mix bus, great combo.

W. Georges

9. März 2018

I have My Mu Back

Had a Vari-Mu in my racks for years. Long story short I had to part with it knowing full well I would pick one up again. Well I have with the UAD plug-in. So close to the hardware. Still have my Slam and will never part with it but if UAD comes out with the Plug-in version I will pick that up as well.

A. Thapar

12. Januar 2018

Creamy and transparent

Quite liking this. Often I can't hear it working, which is good! Need to spend a bit more time with it tho. So far so good!
On the mix buss, in mastering, on the guitar buss.!

A. Lee

9. Januar 2018

Vocal Heaven

I didn't think I would buy another compressor until I tried this out - tested it against quite a few others and was really impressed with it's smoothness and ability to bring what you put through it to the front of the mix. This helps my vocals soar into the heavens in dense mixes - 10/10

101-120 von 263 Ergebnisse