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Manley Complete Bundle


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L. Puschmann

7. Dezember 2013


Schön einzusetzen, universal auf alle Instrumente oder der Stimme. Als Resultat erhält der User eine dezente Seligkeit auf dem Signal. Allerdings sehr Ressourcenhungrig!

C. Allrich

22. November 2013

If Only We Had a "Lite" Version!

I'd rate this 5 stars if I could use more than a few instances of it. Everything you want from a Manley, but it will suck the DSP life right out of you.

You gave us a "Mastering" addition, why not a "Lite" addition next?

M. Whent

20. November 2013

sounds better than its usages.

Sound wise its very good but on the downside it uses so much dsp which makes it hard to put in a chain many times.

A. Hussain

30. Oktober 2013

First hated, Now I LOVE

When I first started this plug, I will be honest and didn't really understand how to use it properly. I would first start messing with the presets to see all the techniques they used and then fiddle around with it. Once you understand what each knob's function and how it effects the sonic sound, you will then see the beauty of this plug in. IT emphasize without coloring the sound. It could be from a small boost/cut to a huge boost/cut and almost always sound very natural, unless you over use it. Used this on Vocals, acoustic guitar, and master buss and was very satsified with it.

A. Garcia

20. Oktober 2013


Im in love with this plugin, is much better than other Manley passive EQ emulations in the market. This Eq have a sweet and musical sounding feeling, its amazing, i recommend totally.

J. Martin

14. Oktober 2013

Manley Magic

This plugin truly adds magic to your tracks. It has become my go to bus "sweetener". Thanks to UA for giving us this amazing tool !!!

G. Rezendes

14. Oktober 2013

massive passive - sounds great!

Just started to use it on mastering tracks. Love it. It's subtle and easy to use.
Thanks for the great gear!

S. Holness

2. Oktober 2013

Don't hesitate! Get it.

This is an AMAZING EQ. Easily in my top 3. I use this on every mix. There are 2 versions, the regular and the master buss version. Beware, both versions are fairly intensive on the DSP so use with very deliberate about using it. There really is no downside to this plugin, when used correctly it makes things sound AMAZING. Just get it!

M. Freyer

2. Oktober 2013


This is a phenomenal emulation of the hardware unit.

Nothing touches this thing.

What ever the gnomes in the UAD factory were smoking when they came up this I can only wish they have more of out back!

Very cool. You will not be disappointed.

F. Lituma

15. September 2013

Sonido sorprendente

No he tenido la oportunidad de poder comparar con el Hardware pero su sonido esta lejos en calidad de cualquier otro plugin que haya probado de este tipo
uno graves profundos y uno agudos cálidos, simplemente suena increíble, deberían probarlo.

D. Englisch

14. September 2013

Lush and lovely

Sits permanently in my mastering chain adding great depth and powerful bass.

S. Suarez

13. September 2013


I used to work in a tracking room who had two mono Manley 'pultec type' eqs and also two Pultec eqp-1a3s. Have to say I wasn't that keen on them (Manleys) but totally fell in love with the Pultecs. The Manleys just didn't do the trick with bass, vox, 2 buss in a way the Pultec really excelled. I got some nice results with the Manleys though: great mid-frequency boost for electric gtrs, nice to add some top (quite harsh) to percussion tracks to really cut through...

D. Solomon

12. September 2013

The most beautiful sounding EQ I've ever heard

I never thought I would consider an EQ beautiful sounding. Most EQs are just functional. The Neve EQs add a sheen that is very useful. The SSL adds strength. The Manley Massive Passive is very smooth in it's equalization, but also adds a quality to the sound that I just have to describe as "beautiful". Cambridge EQ was always my goto tool for eq. It is now the Manley Passive.

M. Åkesson

9. September 2013


This plugin is so close to the original that I had too sell my unit, no point in keeping it.

Buy it!

A. Tarasenko

26. August 2013


Using it for mastering. Working. Thank you, UAD. Feels like from Musicians to Musicians.
You're awesome.

E. Bode

18. August 2013

magic eq

just doing some magic on sub busses and main buss. combining it with a tape plugin and limiter and compressor makes the mix smooth and not to loud

M. Gutarra

6. August 2013

Great EQ for vocals

This thing is good. I mainly use it for vocals or for master eq. Be warned, it uses a lot of DSP when in master mode, they also have a mono mode that is less draining.

R. Gallow

3. August 2013

Beautiful sounding Eq

The Massive Pasive and the Pultec eq's are worth the price of admission... just playing now.. we're still tracking but this has a wonderful smooth sound can wait to really put it to work.

C. Avdelas

20. Juli 2013

MANLEY EQ...............


R. Brown

15. Juli 2013

The DSP Project video review

I tested this against the hardware and it did very well, full video review here:

1581-1600 von 1730 Ergebnisse