Manley® Complete Bundle

Manley® Complete Bundle


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Manley Complete Bundle


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E. Irarrázabal

17. Mai 2020

Sutil y efectivo

Luego de conocer la unidad en estudio y usar el modo de prueba en casa... 2 equalizadores bien diseñados para master o buses.
A considerar: Al igual que el hardware, no viene con matriz para MS ni valores numéricos de ref... también hay una leve pendiente ascendente desde los 3 kHz hacia los 20 kHz de hasta de un +1 dB que se pronuncia con niveles de entrada alta que no tiene el modelo de master.

S. Studios

16. Mai 2020


They finally released an update(?) for 2020.

After YEARS of people requesting for a larger GUI...they updated what exactly?? What part of MASSIVE passive do you guys not understand? You'd think while modelling the hardware they might think "gee...this is a pretty big unit"

Meanwhile the Shadow Hills Comp is as big as the sun for no freakin reason...smh

P. Jacobsson

15. Mai 2020


I have had the privilege of working with the hardware and this emulation is very realistic.

P. Maiz

15. Mai 2020

Sometimes, all you need is something simple

This isn't like some sort of magic secret sauce that will automatically improve your project. But you probably already know that. I purchased this because I was looking for a mastering EQ that was simple to use. Mastering is new to me, and I'm still learning. But one thing I've learned is that less is more. There are other EQs that are more complex, and can achieve specialized tasks. I already have EQs for that. IME, this is great for making subtle, yet important, changes to your project so that you can wrap things up. I am used to using graphic EQs, but I've done OK with this by using Q3 first as a way to just "illustrate" the changes I'm making. I will go ahead and bypass Q3 though, because the massive passive just sounds better, even if I am making the same exact changes. I don't have a technical explanation for this, and it's hard to describe the difference in sound quality. It just sounds better.

T. Frogner

14. Mai 2020


must have if you want to have a clear mix

R. Koenig

13. Mai 2020

it has a ''sound''

It isn't like the hardware but, definitely has the color.

M. Flögel

12. Mai 2020

I Love it

Vor allen funktioniert der Deesser hervorragend

D. Hill

11. Mai 2020

Get it

So I've been battling with the tone of my mix bus , I really wanted something to put in the chain after the ssl bus compressor and before a brick wall limiter. I tried demoed shadow hill, and none of the artist liked the sound that it brought which was a more forward and mid boost sound added to the mix.
I didnt even demo the Manley, I just researched it and bought it. It is natural and smooth and really makes the mix sit right. I do trap and this is in my mix bus chain leaves nothing to desire. Highly recommended

I. Kornilov

10. Mai 2020

Welcome from Russia, developers and users of APOLLO X and Universal Audio plug-ins!!!

VERY GOOD and HONEST PLUGIN!!! Studying!!!

I. Kornilov

10. Mai 2020

Welcome from Russia, developers and users of APOLLO X and Universal Audio plug-ins!!!

VERY GOOD and HONEST PLUGIN!!! Studying!!!

F. Lockwood

10. Mai 2020


Donne une très bonne couleur !

H. Steffel

6. Mai 2020



A. Hamoui

6. Mai 2020

It was all worth it

This was the reason I picked up a UAD rig in the first place. For a fraction of the cost, what did I have to lose? This thing delivered and delivered well. I'm so happy with it.

T. Watzinger

6. Mai 2020

nice one

I really like the sound of this one. versatile and smooth when used correctly. sizeable UI needed...

S. Matas

4. Mai 2020

I wasn't going to buy this...

I was NOT going to buy another plug-in. Heaven knows, I've got enough, and they sound wonderful. But then I tried it... I was only going to try it out. OMG!! Suddenly I had a whole new recording system. I bought it after the first take on the first track. This is hands down the best EQ for acapella vocals.

H. Gaeckle

4. Mai 2020

Works nicely in combination...

... especially with the Amerhyst Vintage Pro mic. Even on default setting it produces much a warmer sound compared to without ost. Maybe thats a good option for users who want a warm sound and still not to forget about their favoured EQ. But also the presets are a good start for some finetuning.

M. Greiling

2. Mai 2020

Wow on Vocals and Guitars

works well as a unison preamp.
its a legend

m. lonebear

1. Mai 2020


Look out


1. Mai 2020

For the PRO

JESUS ! this is damn precise ! MASTERING with this when you used the hardware is just like having the real thing ! Thank you UA you know how to emulate the gear !

A. Bertók

1. Mai 2020

Best EQ emulation

This is the best sounding EQ emulation, that i have ever heard.

81-100 von 1235 Ergebnisse