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M. Smith

3. April 2015

My new buss comp!

I love this thing! I was using the UA Neve comp for buss compression mostly till I tried this. I've done a few mixes and this is my new go to buss compressor! The reviews about how much DSP it used had me a little worried, but I've had no issues at all!

B. Schulz

3. April 2015

Your music seems to be breathing

I use this plugin on the two bus only is has a suble unique effect I would de describe as : Your Music seems to be breathing, it humanizes. All mixes sound more natural and less technical when you are mixing in the box.

For this purpose the compressor is unique. For compression on single instruments I would not use it.

T. You

31. März 2015

This is the best equalizer

This is the best equalizer

J. Liston

24. März 2015

Nice glue and warmth

This plugin sounds so good. I already have the LA2A, 1176, and Fairchild collections so I was on the fence about buying another compressor. But after demoing it and doing some mastering work with it I was floored. Well, the first time I used it I wasn't, but after reading the manual and going back to it I was! Definitely buying this

M. Vila Nova

21. März 2015

Glue and character

Amazing recreation of the original with added benefits. I might take the HW out of my wish list... Once again, UAD at its best!

D. Fore

20. März 2015

Decent Alternative to the Hardware

After using the plugin for awhile now, I agree that it does a nice job of compressing cleanly and is a useful tool. But I still find that the hardware has the mojo that isn't fully realized in the plugin. I'm not sure why the meters are different between the two either. On the hardware, a lot of time is spent in the .5 to 2dB range so I kind of miss that on the plugin. Overall, a worthy purchase but I'm not parting with the hardware just yet.

B. Miranda

19. März 2015

Great for everything

Anyone who says this plugin doesn't work is an inexperienced audio engineer. It took some time for me to get used to. It sounds so good. It changes the frequencies without making it obvious. I have used this on my master fader and for mastering. Worth the money. Love it. Great work UA!

B. Miranda

19. März 2015

Clean compressing!!!

This took a while for me to get comfortable with. This compressor can crush without sounding like it is compressing. It's so clean. I never used the hardware version, but who cares. It sounds great and does the job. I use this on my drum bus and it sounds great!!

P. Roumeliotis

16. März 2015

Like a Ghost. You can see through it but you know its there!

Whoa. Never bothered to write a review before, in my life. Blown away. Own a lot of plug ins. Several manufacturers. When they indicate that it is transparent, they should mean it. This one delivers the goods. So subtle but you hear the difference. I use the outboard one. But man, the cost difference and what it delivers? I have learnt in time, to try out the products and be my own judge. And this one, man! Don't take my word for it, for now. But try it. Then respond, if I'm wrong. I still have not purchased it as of yet. I will soon. Good work UAD.

L. Franchi

26. Februar 2015

smooth and beautiful

Tried and immediately bought, smooth and beautiful as stroking the skin of a beautiful woman, I have the hardware in my studio to make comparisons, but I used it in other studies and mastering the plugin like

P. Geiser

14. Februar 2015

favorite 2mix compressor

ive tied the ssl buss and the neve bus and the shadow hills, this was by far my favorite 2mix compressor to use in the box. very versatile and very powerful and musical

F. Mejia

11. Februar 2015


It is what we have been missing on UAD! I am amazed with the sounds i've been getting from it! Highly recomended!

O. Hartmann

6. Februar 2015


looking for some color on the master or drum bus? the mp is perfect for this! Especially in combination with the neve bus compressor it gives a great touch for techno that reminds me on some earlier detroit techno productions from famous artists.

J. Roger

4. Februar 2015

Sounds Great

I think it sounds great. Glues a mix nicely, and seems to create a fatter bottom on whatever you put it on.

S. Berujanyan

31. Januar 2015

Manley Variable Mu Limiter Compressor


F. H

29. Januar 2015

In love

This Passive EQ is so so helpful during the mastering process in order to make pretty frequency in you mix, there are already several preset which give you the right path to start your treatment, and so you only need to adjust a little in order to give you a great final result. I use this one too on drum bus, sounds simply great !
Expensive but really make simple your life !

G. Piazza

28. Januar 2015

Excellent & Worth the Wait!

I've been asking for this one for a long time, and it was worth the wait. I demoed this extensively and listened closely to the hardware - software comparisons.
The plugin is beautiful - sweet, smooth & magical, with great attack curve & nice harmonic sweetening. One of the best UA has ever done.

Some have called it 'flat'; I think the reason they say this is due to the accuracy of the L - R (or M - S): no phase or level inaccuracy that hardware provides. That is what the hardware sounded like to me - different tube responses, etc. adding 'dimension' to the sound (one side sounded louder). Maybe UA can add an 'un-align' button. Until then, creative types will find other ways to unbalance the channels.

UAD User

25. Januar 2015

I wanted to buy the hardware

I wanted to buy the hardware and someone told me to use UAD software.
I don't regret it, It's easier to use. And it do the Job. It's a transparent Eq but it can shape the sound to give him a character really unique. And you got the mastering version with it.

N. Capelle

24. Januar 2015

Manley Massive Passive Not So Passive

This EQ has changed my world. Just now. I used the real thing about 10 years ago and i love it then. Now my ears are better trained I loose my shit hearing this EQ. This is truly a paintbrush Eq. Colors the sound in a beautiful, intuitive way. Warm and chubby. SO close to the real thing, in fact I can't tell the difference, except the price range. I just bought a set of Neve 1073 preamps, a Telefunken AK27 and some royer ribbons and I got no cash left. But one thing I WILL get , tomorrow, even if the Mrs kicks my ass, it is the Manley Passive, i can't believe I lived without it!!


C. Michaux

23. Januar 2015


Ce plug est tout simplement fabuleux.
C'est un EQ de caractère avec une précision étonnante. Un must sur le master.
Un vrai bonheur à utiliser.

1361-1380 von 1680 Ergebnisse