Manley® Complete Plug‑In Bundle

Manley® Complete Plug‑In Bundle

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Regulärer Preis: $499.00


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Manley Complete Bundle


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S. Berujanyan

31. Januar 2015

Manley Variable Mu Limiter Compressor


F. H

29. Januar 2015

In love

This Passive EQ is so so helpful during the mastering process in order to make pretty frequency in you mix, there are already several preset which give you the right path to start your treatment, and so you only need to adjust a little in order to give you a great final result. I use this one too on drum bus, sounds simply great !
Expensive but really make simple your life !

G. Piazza

28. Januar 2015

Excellent & Worth the Wait!

I've been asking for this one for a long time, and it was worth the wait. I demoed this extensively and listened closely to the hardware - software comparisons.
The plugin is beautiful - sweet, smooth & magical, with great attack curve & nice harmonic sweetening. One of the best UA has ever done.

Some have called it 'flat'; I think the reason they say this is due to the accuracy of the L - R (or M - S): no phase or level inaccuracy that hardware provides. That is what the hardware sounded like to me - different tube responses, etc. adding 'dimension' to the sound (one side sounded louder). Maybe UA can add an 'un-align' button. Until then, creative types will find other ways to unbalance the channels.

UAD User

25. Januar 2015

I wanted to buy the hardware

I wanted to buy the hardware and someone told me to use UAD software.
I don't regret it, It's easier to use. And it do the Job. It's a transparent Eq but it can shape the sound to give him a character really unique. And you got the mastering version with it.

N. Capelle

24. Januar 2015

Manley Massive Passive Not So Passive

This EQ has changed my world. Just now. I used the real thing about 10 years ago and i love it then. Now my ears are better trained I loose my shit hearing this EQ. This is truly a paintbrush Eq. Colors the sound in a beautiful, intuitive way. Warm and chubby. SO close to the real thing, in fact I can't tell the difference, except the price range. I just bought a set of Neve 1073 preamps, a Telefunken AK27 and some royer ribbons and I got no cash left. But one thing I WILL get , tomorrow, even if the Mrs kicks my ass, it is the Manley Passive, i can't believe I lived without it!!


C. Michaux

23. Januar 2015


Ce plug est tout simplement fabuleux.
C'est un EQ de caractère avec une précision étonnante. Un must sur le master.
Un vrai bonheur à utiliser.

R. Greco

21. Januar 2015

A favorite

If you're looking for plugins that sound good, you should own this. Period.

R. Greco

21. Januar 2015

Very nice

Using this on mixes I like what it does. It's not for everything but it's great choice to have. Like to throw bus comp on drums, the this across the mix pulls it together with gutsy drums tucked inside an outer core of everything else - open and vibey.

A. Adedwuon

16. Januar 2015

It's going somewhere, but....

I ran my mixes through it with the HP Filter on and the mix comes out clearer/brighter, punchy and forward. However, with the HP filter the overall sound, to my ears, becomes a bit thinner/smaller sounstatge. This becomes a catch 22 because it is important to me to have a punchy master that also has a big/full sound stage. What I end up doing is running my mix to a clean outboard compressor at ratio 1:5 with slowest attack and HP filter at 400hz, this gives a big and wide sound stage but no character..just I send it back in the DAW and run it through this plug and making sure the GR is bearly moving...then through appropriate EQ..then through a good limiter...with this setup, the plug becomes useful. Basically u compensate...

A. Yamashita

15. Januar 2015

Good Job!

Very close to HW about 80%. Originally this has beautiful fullness and natural attack.
Hoping extra development! Energy beyond sound is important.

M. Brawer

13. Januar 2015

really great hardware reference

the MP is probably my favorite hardware unit ever, and i'm fortunate to have periodic access to one (periodic being the operative word). does this plug replace it? no, but it's close. if you take it just as an eq plug without direct comparison to the hardware it's wonderful, if a bit cpu hungry, but given that UA did a great job modeling the way the units curves behave and interact i use it to set up busses in my mixes intending to later be bounced through the hardware without having to go back, tweak, and re-render so many times when things build in a band. still, even when i never get around to that (it happens) the emulation still sounds fab in a final mix

T. Heavener

13. Januar 2015

Thanks to Eva and the UA team!

I had my eyes/ears out for a stereo hardware 2 buss compressor, for mix down and tracking. Then I demoed the Variable Mu, and after about a minute my search was over, it sounds great and glues as good as I could ask for! Quick and easy to use, just like super glue! Another win for the Team!

B. Olke

13. Januar 2015

Wonderful EQ Sound

The Sound of the Manley EQ is wonderful but unfortunately it takes about 70% of my UAD Solo card and therefore need a long time to render.

E. Mayfield

13. Januar 2015

Beautiful emulation

This EQ is one of the best investments that i've made. I've purchased a few plugins from UAD and this is perfect it allows tweating on a scale that powerful yet easy and well planned.

B. Abdou

12. Januar 2015

Why this choice

The brand awareness led me to buy this product. Neutrality , efficiency in frequency and assessments on various sites forced me to take this product .

M. Pilz

12. Januar 2015

Echt eine sache

Habe auch die Hardware Verion vom MST. Muss chon sagen unglaublich nah dran

V. Kuzeva

12. Januar 2015

Still a very nice eq!

Well it might be not exactly like the real massive passive but its really good eq and still can give some nice colour to your mixes!Its very easy to dial what u need!
Its a bit resource hog but good quality comes to certain price.
Also we will use it more like an mastering broad eq its very easy sometimes do overdo it!
Its great tonal box its more what is it!
Great job Uad !

J. Zangrilli

12. Januar 2015


i love the manley massive passive. amazing clarity and head room.
i use it pretty much exclusively on the master fader, and it subtlety livens up the mix.
i'm still new to it, as well as mixing, but i'm in love with this plug. now if i could only get 5k together to A and B it with the hardware, then i could comment on its big brother.
that might take a while....

W. Bolton

10. Januar 2015

manley vari mu

sounds lovely across the mix bus, glues everything together nicely and sounds lush even without compression.

L. Fernández

9. Januar 2015

Manley massive passive

Muy contento con el sonido, nunca habia usado ninguno en hardware pero lo que es este plugins me parece supremo.
Merece la pena invertir en uad dsp y en estos plugins.

1321-1340 von 1626 Ergebnisse