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Manley Complete Bundle


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s. philippe

15. Januar 2022


Very nice

M. Johannes

15. Januar 2022

VOXBOX for the people fom Iron Curtan

For many, many people from the past Iron Curtain ain't possible to own hardware version of Manley VoxBox but with the UAD plugin can we gain similar result.

D. Lee

14. Januar 2022


Best unison option available right now for me. I use it on voice over, and it pairs really well with the Distressor and a pultec.

T. Gangemi

14. Januar 2022

Excellent Piece of Kit

Loving the voxbox so far. Very musical, and hard to mess up with. Can be transparent or driven harder to push the tone out, which I can appreciate. My only gripe is the amount of DSP necessary to run it, but beyond that, I love it.

J. Socia

14. Januar 2022

It worked

First night using it and dialed in a great vocal. Looking forward to what's to come.

D. Marshall

14. Januar 2022

The Manley sauce

The Voxbox is a classic unit the ultra hifi channel. The compressor is so round sounding just like the Elop that modern La2a sound, a usable desser/ limiter and the Manley sound on the pultec if these are sounds you’re after it’s here. I’ve a/b a few hardware units I have to UAD2 software and I’m just amazed how freaking close. If there was a word that meant close and almost identical I’d say that. Great job love it.

D. Marshall

14. Januar 2022

Very unique vibe

I tried the demo of this thing about a year ago and normally I’m like oh god here we go another compressor just what I need but when I used it , I was very impressed how much of a vibe it gave the mix. So when Christmas deal rolled around I had to get it. I really missed it.
Cheat code

The Phil Tan mix buss preset is pretty much set it and for get it. Just tweak the threshold and bam it’s the vibe. If you’re are getting serious about your mix work this thing is amazing.

M. Filowitz

14. Januar 2022

Manley tube preamp

I’m using an older OS that’s not supported by UA so I can’t upgrade the UA software or use the plugin.

d. delolmo

14. Januar 2022

Me encanta

Es único

A. Cabrera

14. Januar 2022

Manley man

This unit is as iconic as they come, makes for a very clean sound for voice.

P. Nortey

14. Januar 2022

Nice to have

This plugins is very nice to work with

T. Nagy

13. Januar 2022


Adds a nice warm, sweet tone to your tracks...

Y. Chistyakov

13. Januar 2022

Manley Tube Preamp

Bringt eine schöne Färbung in den Klang, klingt warm und breit. Die Simulation der Eingangssignalempfindlichkeit und des Overdrives gut gemacht, bringt die "richtige" harmonische Verzerrung . Obwohl ich bereits alle Manley-Plugins habe, bin ich froh, dass ich diesen Preamp gekauft habe.

K. Wu

12. Januar 2022

Nice Sound

Very good top end.


11. Januar 2022

one of the best booster eq I ever seen.

Brilliant, but heavy for DSP.

o. martinez lopez

11. Januar 2022

Manley Massive Passive

Grrat Eq for mix bus, I like so much!!

E. Irarrázabal

10. Januar 2022

Bajo consumo de DSP

Con mayor coloración que Maley Reference Mic Preap. Bajo consumo de DSP

E. Irarrázabal

10. Januar 2022

Permite colorear de forma más limpia

Menos armónicos y respuesta de freq más lineal comparado con el Neve preamp

A. Ureña

10. Januar 2022


me encanta el color que aporta el pream y su eq

t. an

9. Januar 2022


It's very pefect

201-220 von 1739 Ergebnisse