Magnetic Tape Bundle

Magnetic Tape Bundle


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Magnetic Tape Bundle


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K. Valeri

1. Januar 2020

Studer 800

D. Bochantsev

31. Dezember 2019


Мой мастер канал теперь не обходится без этого плагина!

L. Cohen

28. Dezember 2019

Sounds good but...

It adds tape hiss and a ton of latency. Sucks up quite a bit of DSP as well. Nice saturation effect. I recommend using this on final mix down and not live performance.

R. Invernizzi

28. Dezember 2019

A must have!

One of my "everyday plugin". I use it always in my master bus. On every work I do i use it. It gives great sound and character to the song. A top one!

UAD User

27. Dezember 2019

Amazing Plugin

This is a night and day sounding plugin. On the master bus this takes a dull sounding recording and puts a finished record sheen over the entire mix. Nothing like I’ve ever used. A must every go round.

J. Manness

24. Dezember 2019

So money you don't even know

Actually, most people do know. The Studer and Ampex are must-haves for every session. It's the easiest way to remove that digital, in-the-box sound.

P. Bonney

24. Dezember 2019

Nice plugin!

This is a great plugin. I'm not familiar with the actual hardware, but having toyed around with this, it is clearly designed to bring some shimmer and punch to your final mixes. It's sensitive, and so I'm still tweaking around under the hood. But I like the results, and find myself comparing different settings with bounced mixes.

S. Spillmann

23. Dezember 2019

Good tool on your mixing chain

Very Happy with it. It give body to many Channels. In my case bass and voice mostly and also calm the sibilantes of the voice. One step on the re-conquest of analog warmness in the numérique coldness environement. Very useful.

J. Long

21. Dezember 2019

The Studer A800

I use this plug here a lot. I find myself reaching for this on Vocals & the Mix Bus.. more presence, more warmth. I can definitely tell a difference in records with it & records without it. Good investment here.

J. Hickey

21. Dezember 2019


Do people actually get by without at least one of these? I think the Ampex is the most essential, others may disagree. The Studer and the Oxide are also incredible. There's some overlap, but they all have their specific uses that the other ones don't quite cover.

G. Kakuk

20. Dezember 2019

Just amazing!

During the sales I bought these and I’ll never regret! Just amazing!

D. Yudin

17. Dezember 2019


Very cool plugin! I work with him on many channels. Studer makes the sound more interesting and magical.

J. Henriksen

17. Dezember 2019


Run this on each input, round it off with an Ampex ATR-102 and experience the magic.

b. boyd

16. Dezember 2019

Analog goodness with digital ease

Makes all the difference in the world! We’re talking going from cold and lifeless to classic “finished” record sound just by putting this thing on the master bus......incredible!!!

A. Lobo de Azevedo Mello Neto

16. Dezember 2019


Studer is perhaps the best uad plugin


16. Dezember 2019


Awesome plugin for midrange warmth !!

J. Davies

14. Dezember 2019

Ampex is a mastering must!

I wasn’t sure this was going to be worth the expense for mastering recordings. On a new release I used this plugin on every single track’s master fader. You can really notice the difference, whereas the Studer on individual tracks is more subtle. The Ampex is now something I (always) use to master recordings just like the SSL G-Buss compressor is a staple. Highly recommended.

J. Kim

14. Dezember 2019

I cant imagine master a track without this.

move to next level

L. Turner

13. Dezember 2019

Tape Saturation In The Box

Love the mojo that this Studer tape plugin adds a track. You can get that tape saturation in the box!!!

P. Nichols

13. Dezember 2019

Exceeds Expectations

I presently use the Oxide Tape as well as Waves plug-ins for tape emulation and am most satisfied with the Ampex ATR-102 software. The depth and versatility of the plug-in enables further sonic adjustment but I have found that the default settings with minimal to zero fuss ticks all the boxes for me.

In concert with other tape plug-ins like Oxide, which I use on individual channels, the ATR-102 exhibits an accretive quality that you would expect to find in an analog environment. It is now the first plug-in I use in a mix (master bus first insert-point) and am using it 90% of the time on drum busses as well

I have experimented with using an instance of the plug-in on all sub groups (drums, bass, guitars, vocals) and really liked the result, however I also like Oxide for this as well - considering the trade-off regarding DSP, I'll probably reserve those times for when I have plenty of DSP headroom

I made the purchase as part of a bundle but would pay for the individual plug-in at full-price - the plug-in has improved my time-to-final mix and is likely a permanent aspect of my workflow at the first insert point on my master bus (or subgroup) with the Neve 33609 in the following insert

21-40 von 1314 Ergebnisse