Magnetic Tape Bundle

Magnetic Tape Bundle

Exclusively for UAD and LUNA Recording System


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Magnetic Tape Bundle


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R. Mc

4. Mai 2013

Analogue Emulation at its best

I am now beginning to feel the way i used to about making music thanks to Universal Audio.
They look after their customers like no other company and are my to go to plug inns everytime

D. Elke

29. April 2013

the glue

This is the missing link. When I first used it, I was amazed by how real it sounds. I learned recording on tape/analog, and this brings me back, in a great way. Its a bit tricky to set, but once its set right, it makes the whole mix come together. I really like the ability to change ips and tape, and it works great for a nice vocal slap echo on an aux..

J. Conlon

19. April 2013

Nice indeed - don't over do though!

A very nice plug in for sure...what a luxury recording with this!..but don''t over do it though...can muddy a mix if you recorded with it and them buss it on the master too, that's what I found with the music I had recorded, you might not find the same results though......probably best to used the Studer for that...had to try though!..very excellent much fun!

S. Cox

19. April 2013

Excellent Plug-in!

I've been using this plug-in for a few weeks now and I've been really impressed with its sound and versatility, especially in its ability to control the fundamental texture (harmonic content) of a track. This to me is what sets it apart from any other mixing tool I've used. Being able to change tape formulas, tape speeds, and saturation characteristics gives me endless possibilities for getting the texture of a track to sit just right before I even touch a compressor or EQ.

Another characteristic of this plug-in is its ability to soften the sharp edges of a track's transients, making multiple sources you put this on seem to naturally blend together and not "fight". The ease and consistency at which it achieves this makes this invaluable.

B. Lederer

17. April 2013

!!! Hammerteil !!!

All I can say this thing rocks! I just mixed a new album and I used it on the drumbus and .... it is stunning. It reminds of the old days, when I used tape. You´ll get punch and presence for drums. Also I used the tape delay with slow 7.5ips and it sound absolutely convincing: lush and wonderful. So far the best tape emu I tried - and we´re getting close! Yiiiipiieee!

E. Hedberg

14. April 2013

Makes the daw look like 3D

Just a couple of seconds after you play with just a couple of buttons you just really think that the DAW has become a physical unit.

With the desirable settings, you get a mix you Never could get with any other digital/software thing.

I love it

A. Souza

14. April 2013

Great plugin but....

This is a great plugin, but if you have a uad-2 duo like me forget!! This plugin use many dsp resources of you card. I suggest you buy Ampex 102, great plugin no use dap like A800. Expend my money for nothing. But great plugin if you have system to use.

V. Van

14. April 2013

Quality of my latest Mix have increased due to Studer A800

Hi there,
Since my recent buy of Studer A800, plus a strategic change in my way of mixing. As you can listen from my artist page ( My two latest Remix Submission were done using Studer A800 on every track.

I'm owner of a simple DSP Duo core.. so I hesitate because of the price of the plugin and also because of using it in every track would fast let me without any DSP resource.
But I'm very glad of the result over all on the Drum track and the bass sound they are easyer to fit in my mixes. And I just begin to use it.

For my setup with little DSP ressources, for this plugin I took the decision to use it as an offline process, when I begin a new mix I process all my track with Studer A800.


J. Fowler

5. April 2013

Such a beast!

Throwing this on first in the chain has saved so much tweaking... it just sounds right and fat out of the gate. Be cautious with the presets if using on your master bus, noise / hiss controls are hidden under the additional controls.

Y. Kawahara

1. April 2013

Studer A800 Multichannel Tape Recorder Plug-In

Studer A800 Multichannel Tape Recorder Plug-In is good sounds on all CH.

J. Hammer

27. März 2013

Worth the plunge

Bought the Apollo and these were the bulk of UAs March Promo. Put my 2 UAD2 cards on Ebay to help defray the cost. Went back to a recent mix and put the Studer on every channel, removed all existing plugs, my (usual arsenal), placed the Ampex on the Master buss. Besides verb and delay it was just the tape decks. OMG, it was that sound (esp bass & drums) that I've been trying to get for my entire digital life. Low end, REALLY low end, and punch, with a warmth that's been missing all these years. I'm amazed it took just 2 plugs to do what 6 or more couldn't. Bad news is,the Studer ate up most of my Quad. More bad news, now that I've heard it, I can't go back...took my UAD cards off Ebay. Gonna need a lot more horsepower! Thanks a lot UA.

S. Constance

27. März 2013

Better tape than never

Great for that overall tape sound, some super presets. Ability to go from very subtle to really messy with the wow & flutter, tape delay and eq etc. So useful for track or bus fx as well as mixing / mastering.

J. Gonzalez

25. März 2013

La mejor compra de equipo que compro en el 2013---

Lo primero que les puedo decir es MUCHAS GRACIAS Universal Audio Por crear estos plugins que suenan super chingones.
Mis mesclas suenan mucho mejor que con mis ante-pasadas,Todos mis colegas me dice (que chingaos estas haciendo en tus mesclas) solo les digo que Universal Audio es lo que uso y dicen que como puedo tener ese color analogo tan original.
Unos de mis grandes Amigo y productor me felicito por el color an la cinta Ampex-ATR102 dice que el no distinge que fue hecha en la computadora y que todas las carateristicas de la cinta estan presentes como la real...

Mil Gracias a todos los trabajadores de Universal Audio que trabajan tan duro para que todos los musicos,productores y ingenieros estemos tan contentos los queremos mucho..

R. Edwards

25. März 2013

Adds so much punch

You never know how much this plug-in will add to a mixdown until you try it. I didn't think a tape simulator would do much but add noise, but boy, was I wrong. It just seems to take it from 'decent mix,' to WOW!

The two week trial is all you'll need to figure out that you're going to buy it, so don't start the demo until you can afford to shell out the bucks.

G. Starr

21. März 2013

biggest reason to go UAD

Nothing glues busses or the master buss like this gem. It just makes everything sound so natural, familiar and in the same room.

M. Biffer

20. März 2013


Not it only is it great for mastering it's great for a quick doubling effect on vocals and I use it a lot on guitars thickens them up

R. Hartley

18. März 2013

A Must Have...

Both these plug-ins bring a roundness and depth to instruments and mixes that I'm unable to achieve with EQ and/or compression. The Ampex alone is worth the price of admission, together these are a must-have toolset for any digital engineer.

S. Watkins

15. März 2013

It just sounds great

I have placed this plugin on the master buss of many different sessions now and every single one sounds better. As a buss processor, there is an added depth and width to the sound that is hard to describe. The plugin can also be pushed a little harder to get a really nice distortion to add to a guitar or a vocal track. I highly recommend this plugin to anyone who wants to add that extra something to their recordings.

J. Hawkins

14. März 2013

Awesome Trembling Revelations -102


Playing anything you have recorded through this plugin and be prepared to have your hair stand on end as your ears enter the halls of godly sound. I owned an Ampex 24 track machine for a short while and honestly this plugin has got it down.

I was ready to regret spending the cash on this software.... that is until I heard it.... now I wish I had jumped on it sooner. There is NOTHING out there to compare this to, this is more than a plugin it is essential recording equipment !! I'd give it 11 stars if I could.

S. Hyland

4. März 2013

What Box?

To my mind, there are two things that resolve the 'in the box / outside of the box' argument. The first one is production and mixing experience i.e. really knowing and understanding what you are doing, and the second is getting the Studer on every first insert (or every first insert of your most prominent elements if you are having to budget your DSP accordingly).

When the Studer's start working their magic, your mixes will have so much more sonic appeal, that you will soon put in the hours required to gain the experience, so it's the best starting point you'll ever define.

1301-1320 von 1558 Ergebnisse