Magnetic Tape Bundle

Magnetic Tape Bundle

Exclusively for UAD and LUNA Recording System


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Magnetic Tape Bundle


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S. Soffiatti

10. November 2020

Add some trueness tape efect

For who have allready worked with a real tape machine, this plugin adds real flavor to mix or master

S. Torma

9. November 2020

Great stuff!

It's a fantastic plugin. A miracle or something happening undet the hood. I like what i hear. I can spiceing the vibe of the track with many controls. The best feature the whole thing is the luna extension. I think this works native becouse my dsp level never increse when i use as extension.

M. Kerlin

7. November 2020

Great plugin

Nice saturation.

b. richardson

5. November 2020


Great product love it

S. May

5. November 2020

Gob smacking

I tried this for the first time yesterday wow what a plug-in seductive, breathtaking, sublime, fairy dust and so exciting I nearly had a accident in my trousers.

P. Jensen

4. November 2020

Damn close to the real deal

From the Early Days i worked with the Studer 2 inch tape...... This plugin is so close. I use it mostly on the mastermix. Mix in a box, has never been so close to the real deal consol Sound...

M. Surprenant

3. November 2020

This Plug-In Stands Out

Of all the plugins I have ever bought, this is definitely among the most impressive in terms of my immediate impression. It is amazing how much horsepower this thing has. Definitely DEMO it - it doesn't take long to get a feel for what it can do.

R. Mahjoub

2. November 2020

Nothing but distortion and noise

All universal audio plugins are nothing but creating noise!

優. 白谷

1. November 2020


マスターに刺して使っているが出る音がテープコンプぽくなり流石uad 2 だと思います。

L. Florin

1. November 2020


Top plugin

J. Pilot

31. Oktober 2020

Love it!

defintely love it... I gives teh warmth im looking for

A. Neto

28. Oktober 2020

Great tool!

I don't have much experience with tape machines simulator to compare, but I'm pretty happy with the Studer.

UAD User

26. Oktober 2020

My DAW is an automatic tone machine.

With unison plugins to track with and this extension combined with the Studer and Neve Summing Luna has become an automatic tone and mix gluing machine.

S. Trivelpiece

24. Oktober 2020

Magic Luna Glue

Thrown on a sum buss, just with the default settings, the affect is immediate and magical. I look forward to really digging in to it’s possible applications


23. Oktober 2020

Ajoute une coloration et la dynamique a un mix ou une piste

Il fait partie maintenant des incontournables pour sur le master et prend régulièrement sa place sur les pistes pour apporter une certaine coloration!

J. Poole

22. Oktober 2020

Best emulation out there...

It is not for all situations, but when it works, bingo. Adds depth with variable L/R delays, warmth, adjustable wow and flutter, rolls off digital harshness, I usually stay with the 30 ips on the 2 buss to smooth things out with a slight image absorptive glue.

E. segura

21. Oktober 2020

Mix and mastering.

This powerful plug-in makes me feel like the old days of that analog tape recorder. The truth is that you universally achieved a good color, a very similar emulation, even without the noise that this type of machine had in those years.

j. brooks

20. Oktober 2020

Just wow.

In my opinion.... this makes everything.... sound better.

E. segura

20. Oktober 2020

excellent product

I tried this plug-in and I feel the analog as close as if it were physical tape but without noise or what analog tapes had from before. I like it to the extreme. universal thanks for making emulations so real.

C. Jérôme

20. Oktober 2020

Excellent !!

Ce plug in est juste extra , simple et intuitif , il sublime la prise de son simplement en l'activant . Je recommande !!

101-120 von 1577 Ergebnisse