Magnetic Tape Bundle

Magnetic Tape Bundle

Exclusively for UAD and LUNA Recording System


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Magnetic Tape Bundle


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J. Alexander

4. April 2019

Wow! Best Tape on the market in software form

I use this on every one of my masters since getting it, and also use it on bass, kick, drums, vocals... It is AMAZING!

J. Herbert

1. April 2019

Mix Engineer

Avery good modeling of the original you should have this in your plug-ings kit it is like good blend tea. it makes me feel like nice because it brings that saturating feel to your vocals thanks UAD.

R. Paris

27. März 2019

Cool as!

I love the plugin. Now i want to go and buy a real one as well!


26. März 2019

plus délicat à l'usage

quoi dire ? autres que j'ai testé à l'avance et que très vite, fait l’achat mais par contre l'usage et plus délicat, faut bien doser, mais le travail reste comme tout le reste ...super magnifique !!

T. Glosser

25. März 2019

Love the sound

Another must have for me.

T. Glosser

25. März 2019

Thank you UA

So much fun to use, so many different sounds.

P. Calabria

21. März 2019

Incredible !!

A true magic touch for your Mix !! I must say that I am impressed with how "all" colors your whole mix! We need to study it a bit to make the most of every resource, but at the beginning, you can use the presets as a great starting point! Buy it now !!

J. Dewald

18. März 2019

Great gear to glue the mix

I use it on every channel of several production and it comes to life through a warm and analog attitude. Love it!

D. Formula

16. März 2019

Remarkable Recreation

I’d heard about and read a number of very positive reviews of the Ampex ATR-102.
BUT, until you use it yourself on either the mix buss or on bass, kit, vocals, you can’t and don’t realise just what UAD has achieved here.
I’ve just run a set of jazz, piano trio mixes through the Ampex - the mixes just open out particularly the higher mids, whilst the kit and double bass lock together beautifully.
A Remarkable Recreation

A. Fusini

15. März 2019


Da una bella pasta alle vostre tracce.. un po pesante ma merita!

J. Bergeron

14. März 2019

Can't live without.

& that's true. a wonderful reminder of why the 70's were & 80's were so magical. Much of my work was on the A800.
And as usual UAD nails it. JB

T. Paul

7. März 2019

Best multitrack tape emulator!

period :)

s. kgr

1. Februar 2019

better direction

It solves sound weaknesses and leads to a better direction. A strong ally during the mix. It was good to introduce. I also like Ampex ATR - 102, so I use it properly.

A. Hume

24. Januar 2019

I Thought Tape Emulation Was Crap... Until I Got This Plugin

So detailed and sounds incredibly good on everything. It's no contest compared to other companies' tape plugins, due to the high level of customization offered and sonic capabilities of the ATR-102. To put it further in perspective, I thought tape emulation was a scam until I listened to the demo of this. I bought it within a day of using it.
From high quality tape sizzle to outright tape distortion, this plugin can do it all. The included presets are always my starting point but you can easily adjust the bias, hiss, crosstalk, etc.

J. Barthélémy

20. Januar 2019

Excellent !

Le Studer A800 est parfait pour lier et colorer un mix, mais aussi pour traiter le son d'une piste. Je l'utilise sur tout mes enregistrement, essentiellement sur les guitares électrique et les basses. Je le recommande vivement !

M. Aitken

20. Januar 2019

Yes it totally helps!

Not much to say because there isn't much to this plugin. Throw it on at the very end and it slightly warms and butters your sound. I use it on solo classical guitar recordings. It's the perfect finishing touch. Didn't care for the Studer for my purposes. This is the one. Preset: Soul Dressing!

D. Alexandrov

18. Januar 2019


Great plugin)
I bought this plugin as soon as I bought a DSP satellite card. And I did not regret, my tracks sounded in a new cheers)

J. Lee

17. Januar 2019

Always wanted one

After I used this plug in as a demo last August i guess.
I've Been wanted to have one and waited till year end sale.
And No Clue to worth wait and payment.
I usually use at the drum bus to have certain hi frequency pop up and some kind of more bouncy effects.
One of the best

t. srina

16. Januar 2019


very good

M. Maisonneuve

16. Januar 2019

Just Perfect !

With this plug-in the sound is always very good. I like the final result. I use it for my dums bus, guitar bus, on my vocal too (with the tape delay). Ideal for the mix and the mastering. The preset are also very useful.

381-400 von 1577 Ergebnisse