Magnetic Tape Bundle

Magnetic Tape Bundle

Exclusively for UAD and LUNA Recording System


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Magnetic Tape Bundle


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A. Lindelöf

17. Januar 2021

Really nice!

I really like this plugin. Just dropping this on every audio track instantly makes it sound better. Much more difference in reality vs the reviews on youtube (no big surprise there due to compression). Highly recommended, especially together with Ampex ATR-102 and Neve Summing. Enabling these three, then adding some leveling and panning, and it feels as if I'm almost done.

A. Boyers

16. Januar 2021

Opens up mix.

Really like the way this opens up my mixes. Also tights up low end.

D. Hernandez

15. Januar 2021

Sounds like looks

I like the warm sound, I use it especially on the master bus.

T. Nash

15. Januar 2021

Great analogue tape warmth!

Sounds good on emulation analogue synth plugins. Sounds great on piano, sounds great on all my instrument plugins to give them a great analogue warmth!

S. Muller

12. Januar 2021

Favourite Plugin of All Time

The instant I heard the demos comparing the Ampex ATR-102 with all the leading similar products, I was convinced it was exactly what my final mixes had been missing to make them multi-dimensional, professional, and bring them to life. And it turns out I was 100% right! The Ampex ATR-102 takes me back to my tape-based studio days of the 89s/90s, adding a perfect “sheen”byo every mix - better than any other plug-in of any type as “the ultimate glue” for my mixes. Now nothing I mix doesn’t go thru it - everything sounds not-quite-finished without it. I give it my unreserved and highest recommendation.

C. Yang

11. Januar 2021

Vintage and Good

Good saturation and delay.

C. Velandia

11. Januar 2021


Really a fantastic sounding plugin. I use it while tracking guitars, etc. I also put it on individual tracks in the DAW. My only wish, is, after using the Slate Virtual Tape Machines, I wish they would implement "linked" Input/Output.

P. Räisänen

11. Januar 2021

Incredible plugin

I bought the Studer A800 plugin and I've been using it as an extension in Luna. The sound is incredible! I can put it on all of my tracks, including drums, guitar, bass and synths and it adds character unlike any other plugin. Just bypassing it makes a world of difference. Great plugin and I recommend it fully!

b. zucchetti

9. Januar 2021

Excellent as the original hardware and everything of UAudio !

Must to have ! I Always use for strings or Subrgroup for all !
A great big portable studio in my Mac !
By the time and waiting the right promotion i will buy everything of UAudio!

J. Geary

9. Januar 2021

2 FOR 2

Both the ampex and studer offer so many capabilities in a mix with their own flavor. Theyre a joy to use and the results coming back speak for themselves. From crunching up synth sounds to subtly rounding out a master these crush. Try the ampex for tape delay and other creative / lofi fx. It also seems to push back the midrange a bit more overall. Or save some dsp and use the studer to round out that synth bus or give your drums those nice harmonics

F. Carcone

8. Januar 2021

Real tape in the computer

Yep, this is like having a real machine at home, pure joy.
Try it for special fx, instant vibe and sound. Congrats UA.

D. Metoyer

8. Januar 2021

Had to bite the bullet!! Just Wow!

So i initially bought the Ampex after watching Young Guru praise it on a recent Youtube stream and i loved the sound. After loggin in one day and seeing i had the magnetic tape bundle offer i watched a few videos and wondered whats so different about the studer than the ampex? Boy was i blown away. I can now use studer on my tracks and ampex on my bus tracks and master!! Ive been producing for 15 years and never thought to use tape emulation because i never heard a difference but man was i wrong. I cant open a session or end a session without these two anymore. Thanks UAD!!

J. Bru

8. Januar 2021


Me encanta la profundidad que da a las mezclas, muy recomendable. Me compré la Ampex y ahora la Studer. La integración que tiene con Luna es muy cómoda para trabajar.

M. Filowitz

8. Januar 2021

Magnetic Tape Bundle

This is a cool set of plug-ins with an awesome vibe with a lot of options to choose from. The warmth it brings to the session is top-notch, you can’t go wrong!

A. Parker

6. Januar 2021

Ampex and Studer

Studer on the tracks. Ampex on the Master Bus. Love it.

J. Bru

6. Januar 2021


Me encanta la profundidad que da a las mezclas, Imprescindible.

N. Assolo

6. Januar 2021

Top 20 des Plugs de ce site!

J’adore, j’adore, j’adore ! Je reconnais le son (le retour de bande, comme on disait à mon époque), de mon instrument - en l’occurrence une Jazz-Bass - avec la compression, la (légère ou profonde) saturation, les harmoniques... tout y est! Top!

S. Lord

5. Januar 2021

A must have.

Studer for tracking, Ampex for mastering. Most authentic and warm tape emulation. A must have in the chain.

D. Koenen

3. Januar 2021

The final icing on the cake that is the tape bundle

The fact that luna is now running all of the summing and tape plugins natively so you can spend your valuable dsp on the UADs other luscious plugins just makes this entire platform worth learning. Gone is the sound of digital at this point.

H. Nkosi

1. Januar 2021

Amazing tone

Amazing amazing tone, always first on my chain and I can’t wait to add the ATR next .. great buy, highly recommended

21-40 von 1577 Ergebnisse