Magnetic Tape Bundle

Magnetic Tape Bundle

Exclusively for UAD and LUNA Recording System


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Magnetic Tape Bundle


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J. Marshall

22. Juli 2019

Really nice for tracking through.

I have been tracking Kemper profiles through this and have found that they really tame any high end harshness in distorted profiles.
I have been using it on everything. Vocals, acoustic guitars, electric guitars, drums etc. and will continue to do so. Excellent plugin.

m. davey

17. Juli 2019

15ips punch

having used 2” tape in previously the A800 sounds great and big help to beef up the drums on my songs. Well worth the leap thanks UAD

R. Lucchese

17. Juli 2019

Master your sound!

Anyone familiar with effects of tape saturation in a recording knows Ampex is the most sucessfull master tape ever made and UAD simply nails it !! Best quality tape saturation, nonlinear distortion, harmonics, everything is there and your mix will sound better going through this world famous tape machine. This is the best Ampex emulation you will find and your mix will sound bigger and better without over exagerating on the tape impact as some other emulations i've tried. The best UAD plug-in ? I don´t know but definitely a Top 5!

E. Bureau

16. Juli 2019

Wow & Flutter

This plugin is awesome. Obviously great for master, but I also use it to process my tracks if I need a more apparent ‘tape sound’ than what the Studer or Oxide plug-ins deliver. The secret weapon of this plugin is the wow & flutter and stereo crossover blend. You can really melt tracks into warbley lo-fi goodness! The delay also sounds great, and you can use it to create both ADT and real tape flange effects!

E. Bureau

16. Juli 2019

It really sounds like tape!

It really sounds like tape!

B. Gotch

15. Juli 2019

Tape Heaven

This is a great add to my Studer Tape gives my mixes more depth and tone in the mastering stage

J. Dalley

14. Juli 2019

Tape Heaven...except for one thing.

My first time in a recording studio was in the early 80's with a TASCAM 38 8-track machine and continued working with analog tape until the ADAT. I always found the sonics of tape to add that special something, particularly on high-end machines like the Studer. The sonics of this plug are amazingly close to the real deal. In a word....smooth.

I'm re-mixing a few songs that I did on 2 Blackface ADATS in synch with the BRC and a pair of Mackie 1604's -- the originals. Using this plug on every track really gives a nice buttery sound on the top end and in the mids. Going send them to my old drummer for his thoughts. Wonderful on 16-bit tracks and truly stellar on new projects. A must for anyone mixing rock and jazz.

My only complaint is that you cannot do any of the tricks that you could do with a real tape machine like double speed recording and backwards recording by flipping the tape. Sure there are DAW workarounds but it would be nice to do it old school.

Used three other tape sims in the past...those were just OK. UAD really nailed it with this plug.

R. Salay

14. Juli 2019

Absolute best TAPE emulation bundle !

These two plugins really emulate best sound of original tape machines..and has a lot of sound inspirations..Very natural,very deep ..any color of them is fabulous..You can use one of them for every track to put fat tape warm sound,and the other you can use for a stereo master track to final tape sound !...and also they can be a great fx plugins as well!:)..Now everyone can have a TAPE MACHINE in studio !!!:) thnx UAD for great work !:)

B. Cauti

14. Juli 2019


These are both amazing! Everyone needs this.

W. Krol

13. Juli 2019

What it do?

It gives some air. You can give a drive or distort to tracks. Good for BUSes.

C. Wilson

12. Juli 2019



J. Catalan

9. Juli 2019

Perfect Couple

It's simply unbelievable. Color, character, detail, depth, and ease of use. 5 stars no brainer

D. Gonçalves

8. Juli 2019

Studer A800

Simply amazing!

M. Mukendi

7. Juli 2019

very good

very good stuff

T. Lanese

6. Juli 2019

Great tone shaping

It's very useful for giving to the tracks and to the mix the finished glue and tone, typical of a professional sound. I use it a lot also for compressing transients!

N. Jensen Stilborg

3. Juli 2019

Great Tape

Authentic sounding, Highly recommended.

U. Amuli

1. Juli 2019

Ampex pluggins!!!!!!!

OMG!!! That is one of the best pluggins I purchased ...Thanks UAD team !!

J. Wilson

29. Juni 2019

Get the Funk out of my face!

Got a track that’s dope?
Use one of these tape plugins.
Then, it’s super dope!

UAD User

27. Juni 2019

Best Tape Bundle

Best Tape Bundle on the market, what I can say, try them and you will love them. Bravo UA.

V. .

24. Juni 2019

Best Ampex® ATR-102

Welcome to Universal Audio.
Any product of your company is the result of professional work, and this plugin is no exception.
I am very happy with the Ampex® ATR-102.
I strongly recommend to have this plugin to work on the master channel.

401-420 von 1637 Ergebnisse