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Maag EQ4® EQ


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E. Takamiya

29. Juni 2021

This EQ is

Very Useful.

R. Gonzalez

25. Juni 2021


The quality and brightness that this plug-in provides to the vocals is incredible. I recommend it.

J. Stewart

23. Juni 2021

Blew me away!!

First and foremost, I cried in real life having to send back the Apollo Solo. It was just a blow you out of your socks awesome. The Unison preamp was a thing of absolute beauty. The zero latency just added the sweet cherry on top.

Sadly, my setup could not handle the hardware. The drivers did not like my PC, and it kept freezing, crashing, to the point I was restarting several times a day. I really, really wanted it to work. The only other thing was to reinstall Windows. Which I did not want to do. UA, I am so sad I cannot use the Maag or the other plugs I purchased. Rest assured, once I get a motherboard with a Thunderbolt 3 header, I am getting a higher end interface. Yep.

As for the Maag. This added the sparkle I was looking for on my SM7B. I heard of the the legend of this EQ, and while it is different from other EQs on the market, that's what makes it stand out. I am really sad I cannot use this any longer. I would strongly recommend this to anybody.

K. Mcclam

18. Mai 2021

Universal audio is great

I also have this plugin on brainworks plugin alliance , after about an hour comparing these side by side I came to the conclusion even though brain works made this plugin emulation Universal audio's version sound a little richer less brassy and more warm like the hardware amazing !!!!

G. Perez

8. Mai 2021


Love the sound 2

C. Turbin

2. Mai 2021

Might be my favorite EQ now.

The frequencies sound broad and very pleasant. I first whipped this out in my stereo buss and boosted 1/2 to 1 db on almost every fixed band and was pleasantly surprised at how much better my mix immediately sounded. Since then I’ve started going to this EQ for bass guitar and drum work. Really does exactly what you want. Somehow they picked the right frequencies that interact with each other so well. Thank you!

j. el mutante

28. April 2021


totalmente impresionado con este plugin, muy bueno, la calidad que ofrece es superior para vocalización, en los aires en especial, y mucho mas claridad para instrumentos acústicos


29. März 2021

Really useful EQ

After trying the demo, I bought this eq for its incredible sweet sound. It brings to live any channel you add it on. Easy to use and really really musical. The higs are amazing !!

A. Grigoriadis

29. Januar 2021

Best eq for high frequencies

It's high frequency knob is magical . I was it on master buss to give a little extra air but i believe it will do an excellent job on vocals too . It gives life to mixes .

T. Delfini

26. Januar 2021


So good!

B. Spence

13. Januar 2021

Great for Acoustic instruments

Love it on Acoustic piano and Guitar.

M. Riecks

11. Januar 2021

Easy and to my taste the best EQ in UAD

I tested a variety of EQ Plugins and found this one as the best for reasons of effect and ease of use. The presets work to 95% and I just need to adapt the volume (input/output) a bit. It was amazing when I put it on the 808 drums with the preset.
Also vocals are profiting by this EQ. Love it!

E. Davies

31. Dezember 2020


Use This On All My Mixxes!!! Vocals, Mixbus. It Just Fucking Works

M. Kipp

23. Dezember 2020

Maag EQ4 plugin

I must say that I am really impressed how clean the EQ works

C. Bruce

22. Dezember 2020


Closest thing to the real thing out there

C. Campagna

21. Dezember 2020

There is NO other EQ like this !!! Air Band ! Air Band ! Air Band !

All you need to do is activate the demo of this EQ.... Insert it on your master buss, turn on the 40kHz air band and listen to your mix come alive ... all above the shrill frequencies!!
It is a must have... Many uses on individual tracks as well... my last mix was with many layers and I used the air band to "pop" out a stereo buss cello section.. worked like magic!
I own the hardware version of this unit and often track with it to capture the higher frequencies, the plug in does the same thing as a insert, same as the hardware!

S. Berson

13. November 2020

So musical

Love this EQ - I did a few blind tests with it against the Pro-Q and even the Pultec series and this won every time. So musical, so natural and also so easy to use. The bands are well defined but not restrictive, and the Air band adds a sense of dimension I could never previously unlock. Thanks!

M. Manana

23. Oktober 2020

Air Drake

For us with microphones that don’t have that crystal top end while recording, this adds it for you in post. Air band is wavy, shout out UA!

n. holtmeier

14. Oktober 2020

Small and powerfull

In Love with this little monster.
Perfect for Air in your production!!!

j. hilton

13. Oktober 2020

Air Band = Crystal Magic Sweetness

I spent some time going through my options before choosing the MAAG 4, specifically for vocals. I'm very happy with the result. I jokingly say, the Air Band should be called Crystal Magic Sweetness cause that's what it adds. A dash of Pristine sheen.

21-40 von 284 Ergebnisse