Little Labs® Voice Of God Bass Resonance  Tool

Little Labs® Voice Of God
Bass Resonance Tool


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Little Labs® Voice Of God Bass Resonance


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S. Ludwig

14. April 2019


Man kann das Plug In fast überall einsetzen!
Der Unterschied ist enorm!
Alle Instrumente werden viel präsenter!

A. Evtimov

13. April 2019

Great power

It is a powerful tool not only for bass and kick, but for male voice.

A. Evtimov

13. April 2019

Great power

It works great with bass, but also very good with male voice.

A. Lee

12. April 2019

Nothing like it!!

I've tested it it against all the other bass resonance plugins as well as trying all the different EQs that can do something similar - nothing really comes close to the depth & tightness that this little thing can give.

s. harrison

9. April 2019


It does what it does perfectly.

UAD User

8. April 2019

Really useful

Very cool for almost everything needs some punch, not just kick and bass. A lot of producers cut too much with HP filters and VOG can save any sound which has nothing under 100Hz.

L. Lively

6. April 2019


I use VOG in tandem with my Subpac.......Outside of it being the ultimate back massage, I can easily detect the strongest tone of the bass and tweak to my desirability. I have never felt my subpac rumble as much without clipping since owning it. The VOG does something magical that i can't quite put my finger on. My low end has never sat better within my mixes. Definitely worth the money.

C. Knowles

6. April 2019

Big sound, in a Little Lab

Straightforward and intuitive interface, allows you to quickly get the sound and feeling that you need in seconds. Play with the knobs if you want, but you can't go wrong with the stock presets they're a godsend.

T. Paul

4. April 2019

Great for many things

If you want to add body to kick drums and bass, this is an easy and very effective tool. I also love this plugin for enriching the sound of my Talkbox.

J. Woolcott

21. März 2019

Great plugin.

I may not need VOG often, but when I do there’s simply no substitute. It’s incredibly easy to dial in the frequency you need, then adjust the amount of awesome you want!

E. Fehringer

19. März 2019


the name is program!!! I love it

N. Smith

18. März 2019

Great for low end.

I originally went with the bx subsynth for shaping my low end but then I was told to try VOG. This plug is much more natural sounding. Quite easy to use too. Really helps get the low end right in my mixes.

P. Brandt

15. März 2019

Under pressure

I never used the hardware, so I can't compare.
I used the bx bass enhancer and I like this here at least as much as the bx one. If you need more pressure on your bass or bass, or if you want to make some strings crack your walls, this is for you.

M. Goodlitt

14. März 2019

Love it!

I find great use for this on my 808 and vocals so far. Gives a great low end resonance while keeping it tight. Never used the hardware but I love the plugin. Easy to use once you figure out that red is on and green is off.

R. Busch

13. März 2019


Subtiles Fundament für die Stimme. Einmal getestet kann man nicht mehr ohne auskommen. Sehr einfach und effektiv.

F. Nascimento

16. Januar 2019

Low Of God

There are plenty of plugins out there claiming to make your bass sounds bigger, badder and generally better, Voice Of God is my favourite....

J. Burman

14. Januar 2019

Just Great!

Now I can create depth in thin instr recordings, it adds a subkick to the drum sound
and a really nice bottom to my basguitar, and so easy to use!!!!

T. Young

12. Januar 2019

Fast & Nice

So far only used it on an upright bass track.
Fast & Nice

S. Vazquez

8. Januar 2019


great, great tool.

S. Sundin

23. Dezember 2018

Bottom Helper in studio

Works on every sources as bassbooster in an easy way to get it.

161-180 von 566 Ergebnisse