Little Labs® IBP Phase Alignment Tool

Little Labs® IBP Phase Alignment Tool

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Little Labs® IBP Phase Alignment Tool


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p. meeks

10. April 2015

Excellent Phase correction plug-in

Phase coherency and alignment, is absolutely critical for any recording! Be it stereo tracks, front back guitar cabinet miking, snare drum top and bottom micing, overhead to snare, toms, phase, acoustic guitar recording with 2 Mic's, or more, piano recording, the list goes on. Flipping a phase switch 180 degrees, most of the time, does not cut it for me. Sometimes it's in between 180 and zero degrees between two Mic's or more. The little labs IBP, can solve this issue. I usually go to this tool first, which can change the overall sound and EQ obviously when things are timed and phase aligned. Where normally you would be going to a phase button to flip 180 the phase and then use EQ to try to fix things the rest of the way. This tool does it for me before going to EQ.

A. Gamez

10. März 2015


I always take my time to adjust phase in my recordings, it is such an obvious and simple step and yet, so indispensable. Having this tools allows me to adjust phase, not only in 180 degree inversions, but dial in just the amount of phase reversal I need It is a tool I ALWAYS use now to record drums and guitars when I multi mic my amps. A must for people looking for the perfect phase tool. It will definitely change the tone of your drums and guitars if you use it right, Awesome UA!

J. Clement

9. Februar 2015

A Must-Have Utility

You need this one, even if you don't know it yet.

I had purchased IBP for one track that didn't really get better or worse flipping phase, just kind of neutral either way. But when I got curious and started playing with IBP on other tracks, the real usefulness of this bit of software became apparent. IBP has brought punch and character to tracks I believed to be phase synced and has brought back depth to tracks I would have otherwise started hacking away at with EQ. You really want this one in your UAD toolbox.

K. Belanger

17. Januar 2015

Little Labs IBP. One of the best tools in the tool shed

It's the only too I use to fix phase problems. A really easy to use, and efficient tool that every serious studio engineer should keep in their plug-in arsenal

R. Cross

12. Januar 2015

Love the control for Phase Correction.

This plug saves me so much time and effort. I use it on every other tom track and opposing overhead mics, snare mics and internal and external kick mics. It uses very little processing power and allows me to keep the channel strips completely free of other, more complex plugs that I like not having to use.

Another great problem solver.

Thanks, UA

J. H

5. Januar 2015

Does exactly what its suppose to

I got this on sale when I had a coupon one time. Its been very helpful when trying to fix phase issues on drums and guitars recorded with multiple mics. sweet stuff.

C. Vonsneidern

31. Dezember 2014

depth and focus

The IBP Phase Alignment Tool Plug-In is nearly always needed anytime I use more than one mic on a source. I fix comb filtering problems- fatten up a guitar, snare drum, or bring into focus an overhead drum mic vs the rest of the close-miked drums. I've used other similar plug ins for this job but the IBP has more features like delaying the signal, and the GUI is intuitive.

G. Goldberg

25. Dezember 2014


I've wanted to do what this plugin does for years.

Technical and creative possibilities abound on any multi mic'd or DI'd/mic'd sounds. Can superceed the need for EQ in many cases.

Great for drum multis, multi mic'd guitars and Di/Mic basses.

J. Trentes

16. November 2014

Yes, you need this plugin.

If you've ever placed multiple microphones on a guitar cabinet or a vocalist on the theory that you will build a big beautiful sound by doing that, then scratched your head because in practice the playback sounds like it was recorded in a sewer pipe, this plugin is the secret ingredient you need to make it work.

Multiple microphones/signal chains will deliver the sound to your DAW with a few milliseconds difference in time. This is due to varying distances between the mike and the sound source, among other factors.

This ingenious plugin is the tool you need to line the waveforms back up and correct any other phase issues. I use it in every recording I make. Useful A+

C. Driver

11. November 2014


This is awesome - I thought I was pretty good at micing up stereo pairs... and then I used this... unbelieveably powerful in adjusting tone... Phenomenal

R. Mckean

12. Oktober 2014


Since buying this I acquired a rather persistent yeast infection.

Might be to do with the idiotic installer than rather unhelpfully crippled the ability to set your own install path!

A. Boltini

17. September 2014

Great for perfecting drums!


Mono overhead, closemics in perfect phase. Low end for days.

D. Smolenaers

8. September 2014

swiss army knife

Perfect swiss army knife for any stereo recording that has phase issues. I use it a lot on acoustic guitars. Just fiddle with the phase or delay adjust parameters until you get it just right. Tip for people just starting out: invert the phase, make it as bad sounding as you can and invert the phase again.

E. Ramazanoiglu

3. September 2014

The problem solver!

Nice - my hardware is now retired - Sorry Mr Little!!! Works a treat.

C. Visser

4. August 2014

Phase doctor

A very nice multi-tool for phase problems, but also a cool tool to manipulate sounds in general

B. Brito

14. Juli 2014


Ainda não usei muito, mas acredito ter muito mais recurso que imagino. parece cumprir o que promete.

W. Plummer

23. Juni 2014

very effective

The IBP is excelled for its intended purpose. I get best result by monitoring in mono when adjusting the IBP and referencing the stereo mix output's phase correlation meter.

The IBP is a very handy tool and by far the best of the plugins designed for fixing phase problems.

S. Durand

14. Mai 2014

L'outil Little Labs® IBP

Bravo à Universal Audio, pour ce très bon plug- in!!!
Little Labs® IBP Phase Alignment Tool Plug-In !
Indispensable pour règler la phase et le delai pour obtenir le meilleur son!!!

Stéphane DURAND.

R. Kirk

12. Mai 2014

Perfect for resolving low end phase issues!

When I recorded my band's recent demos there generally wasn't too much isolation between the mics. I really liked having the drums bleed into other mics a bit, as the leakage enhanced the room tone and the drums (recorded in mono) expanded into a very natural-sounding stereo image.

One one song, though, the kick leaked into the bass amp mic a bit much. When soloed, each instrument sounded great, but when mixed the kick lost all it's punch. Flipping the bass waveform phase didn't help, as the leaking kick signal apparently wasn't *precisely* out of phase with the source. The Little Labs IBP easily and quickly solved this 'partially out of phase' issue without the need to nudge the waveforms back and forth in Logic. I LOVE this thing!

M. Brucek

10. Mai 2014


Plugin funguje zcela dle mých p?edstav. Jsem spokojen.

121-140 von 221 Ergebnisse