Lexicon 480L Digital Reverb and Effects

Lexicon 480L Digital Reverb and Effects

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Regulärer Preis: $349.00


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Lexicon 480L Digital Reverb and Effects


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D. Louisin

12. Juli 2020

A classic present in all studios of the world !!!!

the UAD team has done miracles again!
if you are looking for a plugin capable of reproducing so much richness, depth and much more !! the Lexicon 480L is just a must !!
well done team !!
Donat.L from produce in the box-fr

B. Lewis

12. Juli 2020

Best Reverb Ever

Probably the best reverb plug-in I’ve ever heard. Worth the money!

N. Vincelette

10. Juli 2020

The plugin that brought me back to the UAD

I purchased a UAD-1 back in 2004ish. I really liked it and I went to the PCI-e version when it was released but when it because unsupported I left the platform for a while. Sadly, I also lost all of my UAD licenses when that happened along with the money I spent on them.

I tried the 480L at a studio I work in from time to time and was absolutely blown away by the depth and richness of the sound. I can't say enough about it and it's become my goto reverb. I've sold my PCM-81 and PCM-91 since buying this.

I would love to demo the other Lexicon reverb UA is selling but haven't because I don't want to buy another one!

T. Agnas

9. Juli 2020


Remember the first time i used this hardware, ages ago and this plugin gives me the same feeling.

M. Blasquez

3. Juli 2020

It's "the" reverb

Turns out that when I think of reverb, I'm thinking of the 480L. If it's not a spring, or a generic non-linear / gated sound, this is the reverb I've been trying to duplicate with all the other plugs I've used. Problem solved. No more wasted time trying to put lipstick on a pig. 480L FTW. Best plugin purchase in years

D. Carter

1. Juli 2020

I dig it!!

It sounds great. Love it!!

C. Schwitzke

1. Juli 2020

Wirklich gute Umsetzung des Klassikers

Wir haben Ende der 80er mit dem 480L in diversen Studios gearbeitet und es seitdem immer wieder schmerzlich vermisst. Diese digitale Umsetzung hat es geschafft, den einzigartigen Klang und das Bedienkonzept des 480L nachzubauen. Für Stimmen und Drums perfekt! Auch sehr gute und unproblematische Integration in Logic Pro X.
Bei der Integration sollte allerdings auf den RAM geachtet werden. Bei 32 GB aber, auch mit vollem SetUp, kein Problem.

E. Ananda

29. Juni 2020

Absolute perfection!

My absolute favourite reverb plugin I've ever used. I found a huge difference when using this reverb on interments to vocals to percussion. It sounds so smooth and thick! Uses a lot if DSP but is defiantly worth it.

M. Bellin

28. Juni 2020

What a joy on guitar!

I am a sound engineer but also a hobby guitarist. Playing with the "thin plate" program is incredible! The sound always stays distinct, even with a high level of reverb and doesn't touch the attack of the original signal. Reverb tail is lush and not dominant. My inserts for my clean chain look as follows: Fender Deluxe Amp -> 1176LN -> Studio D -> Galaxy Tape Echo -> EQP-1A and then via Aux send the Lexicon 480L. This sounds very clean, almost fragile (Galaxy!) and lets you forget time while playing... No comparison to Guitar Rig 5 Pro!

L. Duy

27. Juni 2020

Longing for Lexicon 960L Reverb

I owned Lexicon 480L Reverb. It's a high quality reverb plugin but I like the smooth sound of Lexicon 960L Reverb also. When will you introduce it?

V. Kujala

25. Juni 2020

So wonderful!!!

Really incredible reverb!!!

M. Stacy

22. Juni 2020

Beautiful emulation but...

Be prepared to watch your processing power swallowed alive! This thing made me have to switch off countless plug ins. With 4 UAD2 cards in the mix. This was Incredibly frustrating! And then there’s the tech support that completely disappears when you try to contact them! Universal Audio used to be so much better than this! 3 stars not because of the plug in. But for what I just wrote about

J. Winkel

21. Juni 2020

A unique Reverb

Since some weeks I use the Lexicon 480L and yes it is worth any penny :-) This FX processor adds for subtle coloring till sound changing effects. Easy to use and a perfect match with the Lexicon 224.

The Lexicon 480L in action:
- Use it while recording certain stems (although recording with a revert is not always the best option since you can't undo the fx, for sounddesign it is perfect.
- While mixing to give tracks some present or glue the mix together (tip: I put a EQ behind the Lexicon 480L (on an aux) and use a HO filter setting so the low frequencies get less effect).
- Mastering: spicy op the track after processing: as mostly in the mastering stage "just a bit".

Summarizing "a go to tool" that does the trick in an awesome way.

l. batterbury

21. Juni 2020

Georgeous space

Love this... clean and full control of eq within the plugin ... the only verb I use now

Z. Valentin

20. Juni 2020

Love my Lexicon 480L

Really work amazing... good job guys

m. schnitzler

19. Juni 2020


This Plugin is one of the Best reverbs I ever heard.

N. Borgen

19. Juni 2020

Lexicon is best ...

Lexicon products is, and have always been, my favourites. The 480 plugin sounds like I remember the original did ... I love the warmth, the deepness and the great atmosphere sound that surrounds this product. Easy to use and cheap to buy.

D. Buehler

18. Juni 2020

Great reverb

Perfect for soundscapes

J. Dryden

17. Juni 2020

Lexicon 480L is amazing!!!

I’ve been saving for a while to get this Reverb plug as I absolutely love the original. What a pleasure this is to work with, I can create lush dreamlike reverberant fields or get a very realistic ambient space for anything from drums to guitars and voices, without the low frequency buildup.
Great Job UA

W. Keskey

16. Juni 2020

I have the Lexicon 224 (HAD) since Day One of my entrance into ”Apollo World”
(again ”Day One Waitlist Apollo Firewire” guy)
The Lexicon 448 is AMAZING.... ”Clean” I can’t even BEGIN to explain.
Am I a Lexicon Fan?...I’ve been a Pat Metheny fanatic, since when ”American Garage” came out.
(Not to mention ”IT’S” the INDUSTRY STANDARD)
again, I’ve HAD the 224....

the ambient textures that come as PRE SETS!!!! CRAZY!!!! The WARMTH that comes with those Algorithms of Lexicon 448?.....UNBELIEVABLE.... well, LEXICON.... just CLEANER

Now WHEN’S THE LEXICON PCM70 plugin coming?

21-40 von 307 Ergebnisse