Lexicon 480L Digital Reverb and Effects

Lexicon 480L Digital Reverb and Effects


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Lexicon 480L Digital Reverb and Effects


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D. Montoya

6. April 2021

An absolute classic! DSP hungry but totally worth it!

Fantastic verbs and multi effects. It's a treat to scroll through presets and hear these classic sounds once again. Highly recommended!

UAD User

6. April 2021


Excellent reverb.

D. Ashton

28. März 2021

Free 480 L lexicon

Haven't had a lot of time with this thing but so far delivers as promised as all UAD plugs. Always Impressed!

M. Ramos Jiménez

20. März 2021


The most cool vintage reverb.

J. Geary

18. März 2021


Love this guy! Always held off on getting it since it can be a bit DSP heavy. Came as a gift with my octo and I cannot be happier. Thanks UA. Ya'll got me. Big fan of the wide variety of FX. From halls to weird delays the 480L is worth every penny

J. Barton

18. März 2021


This plugin is beyond Reverb and is in its own category of audio engineering! Its more than I expected and worth it! Vocals, guitars and other applications its in its own league with doubling, reverb and modulation effects!


16. März 2021

Classic reverb

It's the sound we all know

D. Long

2. März 2021

Great reverbs

I love the naturalness of those reverbs

j. drake

1. März 2021

Best reverb I’ve used

I’m lucky to own a good number of reverb plugins. The 480L is in a different league.

N. Acrisio

28. Februar 2021


I'm making a lot of amazing use. Very natural. Thanks to the engineers who made this dream happen.

M. Johannes

28. Februar 2021

One Of The Best Reverbs

I am really surprised. This plugin-machine sounds very good. And the best at the end of writing: it´s a free gift by UAD after a registration of my USB Satellite 2 accelerator.
Ganc perfekt audio wercajg= a perfect audio tool.

s. grant

25. Februar 2021

Just like the real thing

Yep, used these before many moons ago, hardware version. This brings back fond memories. Excellent, a bit processor hungry but then that's no problem because I have a UAD Satellite

B. Tari

24. Februar 2021


Legyen ilyened!

D. Willis

9. Februar 2021

A Classic for a Reason

If your vocalist doesn't sound good with this, get a different vocalist.

o. moldenhauer

5. Februar 2021


I have waited a long time for the Lexicon 480 and also have the 224 which I use often and with pleasure.
Unfortunately, the 480 could not meet my expectations.
I had a Nuverb for a long time and in direct comparison the Nuverb sounded much better and smoother.

D. Williams

5. Februar 2021

This plugin is so accurate it gives me chills.

This reverb is very clean. Easily one of the best reverb plugins i’ll ever own. All you have to do is put this thing on some vocals and just listen in awe. Absolutely incredible work UAD!

F. Meng

29. Januar 2021

nice sound!!

One of my favorite UAD plugins.

M. Novak

26. Januar 2021

Great reverb

Best vintage reverb!

UAD User

21. Januar 2021

LA référence...

Sans surprise, ce plug est le clone parfait du hard ware.

A. Paclin

13. Januar 2021

Amazing! 10/10

Nice interface, incredible sound!

21-40 von 382 Ergebnisse