Lexicon 480L Digital Reverb and Effects

Lexicon 480L Digital Reverb and Effects

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Regulärer Preis: $349.00


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Lexicon 480L Digital Reverb and Effects


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J. Kurtz

23. April 2020

480L UAD Plugin - Best Verb I have

I first heard this reverb (Hardware version) in a Capital Records recording seminar. I already had the UAD EMT 140 and the Lexicon 224 plugins. Both very nice and complimentary tools, but the Lexicon 480L that I heard was sooo natural. Since it was only available in hardware at the time and obscenely expensive, there was no way i would ever be able to afford one. When I saw the announcement from UAD that they had modeled this device, I was excited to Demo the product. It sounded exactly as I remembered.

So, Like everyone else, I waited for a good sale price to come along and made the purchase. This is one of those items where there is absolutely NO buyers remorse. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this reverb. It's os easy to dial in a natural reverb sound that is not over powering but still lush . I've been using it mostly on vocal and acoustic guitars right now, but I know it will shine on just about anything. This is the Best reverb Plugin that I have ever heard. Absolutely Fantastic Plugin UAD!

D. Bourgiotis

19. April 2020

Swiss army knife reverb

Super easy to dial in and applicable to everything from drums to vocals.

A. Johnson

18. April 2020

Great Classic !

Great Job UAD!!! Love having this plugin in tool bag, truly a classic for a reason.

G. Schwab

18. April 2020


An excellent plugin! The reverb sounds very spatial, dense, warm and soft, but the outline of the signal is always preserved. The parameters can be fine tuned and controlled. For me, next to Capitol Chambers or EMT 140, is the most useful and successful Hall plugin from UAD.

I. Bijelic

16. April 2020


I am very happy and perfectly satisfied with this product.
Finally it arrived.
10/10 points

V. Kotljarow

15. April 2020

Great Classic design, quality and control !

Great digital reverb!
Plugin has many fine options!

G. Ronchetti

14. April 2020

Great sounding reverb!

The 480L is an extremely versatile reverb, sounds good in most situations.

k. deuk

14. April 2020


I like it.
This sound

l. dorville

13. April 2020



G. Lachenal

11. April 2020

Great Plug !

It's good to hear the sounds of the legendary Lexicon 480L again. This UAD Plug is really efficient, congratulations !!

A. Reverberi

1. April 2020

Better than the Original

It actually sounds better than what I remember the real 480 to sounding like

p. albert

28. März 2020

Lexicone 480 l

Super Reverb que j'ai pu obtenir avec la promotion proposé dans l'achat d'un satellite DSP

O. Daniel

28. März 2020


Oshe!!! E make sense die! This reverb has its own sweetness. O dun baje!!!

l. ray

26. März 2020


il y a longtemps que je souhaitais rajouter la 480 a ma collection et grâce a votre promotion proposée d'une unité satellite octo vous exaucé mon souhait,un peu de bonheur pendant cette période délicate merci universal audio P.S vivement le daw

K. Didvalis

26. März 2020

Amazing Reverb!

Sounds Amazing!

R. Mummendey

25. März 2020

Studio Standard

Sounds like it should


21. März 2020

Excellent reverb

I've been comparing a few 480L emulation, and I have to admit, the USA one does an amazing job. the 480L is a reverb that anyone using reverb should have.

S. Pagano

19. März 2020

this is really a great unit

I have owned a competing product for several years, so didn't really "need" this one. The other unit is excellent... this is just a little better, and warranted the purchase. You cant go wrong with a lexicon.

B. Horvat

19. März 2020

Effective and reflective!

What to say, really... It's Lexicon and it's UAD, two of the best. If you need a good all around reverb and the effect unit, then look no further (just kidding, uad shop is full of great plugins). Lexicon 480L DR and effects unit is one of my go to reverbs when it comes to production and / or mixing situation. I use it as an insert and also as an aux send. Top quality and easy to use. Thumbs up.

A. Houlli

15. März 2020

As close as you can get to the real thing

This Reverb is absolutely sensational. I mainly use it on sends and buses for Drums, Vocals and Bass, but I have to say it brings the mix to life. Can not recommend it enough. You cannot tell the difference between this and the hardware (I’ve used both).

121-140 von 367 Ergebnisse