Lexicon 480L Digital Reverb and Effects

Lexicon 480L Digital Reverb and Effects


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Lexicon 480L Digital Reverb and Effects


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D. Cadoch

17. Januar 2020

David Cadoch

Amazing and accurate control of reverb for any genre of music. Rich sound for Jazz and Blues ! Very user-friendly and the quality is astounding !

M. Keilhauer

17. Januar 2020

Love Reverb

Cool Plugin with super Presets to Start with.

UAD User

14. Januar 2020

Classic Reverb - as many as I want and on any track I want it on

The best feature is of course - and this applies to any plug-in you can have multiple units.
I worked for lexicon in the days when the 960 came out until the 96 and I had a 480 as a reference. First of all the 480 I had needed a lot of love from a tech over the years, but the sound is/was stunning. The 480 simulation/emulation here is to my ears as good or at least almost as good. It is hard to tell if you cannot AB it. But having said this, according to my memory the 480 by UAD is the reverb and FX (I love lexicon delay sounds despite the fact that I have the TC plug-ins and real machines) I love and hwich inspires me to make music. Thats the most important thing to say about this plug-in!

V. Beqo

13. Januar 2020

Awesome Lexicon 480 L

The best Reverb ever

s. gilroy

12. Januar 2020


I have spent thousands of dollars on reverb boxes over the years and all I really needed was this plug-in.

C. Manchester

7. Januar 2020

100% ITB now!

One of the pieces of hardware I knew I would miss when I went 100% ITB. I have a few emulations of the 480. All of them are good. But not great. This emulation is great! It's definitely helped my journey going forth 100% ITB.

J. Chase

7. Januar 2020

Brings Back Good Memories

Very nice...
A reverb you miss when it's muted in the mix.
While it needs a lot of DSP, one SHARC takes up far less room than a few large boards covered in ICs.

M. Nwankoti

4. Januar 2020


just bought this and I'm still exploring it but the sound is amazing.

B. Schultz

28. Dezember 2019

Amazing workflow

Love this reverbs especially I can use it on different channels with low DSP!

Cheers Bart Schultz (DJ/Producer)

R. Tuominen

20. Dezember 2019

Piece of history

This is just simply awesome and simple to use

V. Stilu

20. Dezember 2019

Very good!

I didn’t expect something else from this one to sound real good. It has a deep natural sound and the effects are dope as well. Only downside is that is uses a lot of DSP Power. That’s why I use to open max. 2 of them (Hall/Room) and maybe a native plate in addition to it.

t. taeksu

18. Dezember 2019

내겐 꼭 필요한 플러그인이다.

I liked the texture unique to Lexicon and purchased it
Expensive but I wanted to have it.

B. Gibbons

13. Dezember 2019

Best verb!!

Word can’t explain how amazing this product is, can dial up any verb that I need with this plugin

UAD User

13. Dezember 2019


I can't believe how different it sounds from the UAD 224. Both sounds leagues better than any modern Lexiconn rack I've had. Software finally beating hardware out. Go figure.

C. Clivio

13. Dezember 2019

Beast in the box

Love it! Versatile and sounds great

j. kim

12. Dezember 2019

i love this reverb.

it is really like original and really good sounds.
great reverb tail and reflection

C. Yang

12. Dezember 2019

This is verb.

This made my ears beautiful.

L. Roccatagliati

12. Dezember 2019

Great Reverb

It's sooo easy to use, and gave me great satisfaction. Great great tool

p. hedin

11. Dezember 2019

Great Classic reverb

The 480 has a great character, a rich sound and always has a place in the mix. It was a long tome ago i used the original but this feels the same. Great tool!

J. Huling

10. Dezember 2019

Lexicon 480L VS Modern Reverb

Great Reverb even if it is a reverb from long ago. The "ears" of the day knew what they were doing. I was there with them.
If you want or need "lush dense reverb with long natural sounding tails (add a little chorus modulation form another plugin for an even more syrupy sound) then this one does the trick. Great Reverb for what I do...

101-120 von 304 Ergebnisse