Lexicon® 224 Digital Reverb

Lexicon® 224 Digital Reverb


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Lexicon 224 Digital Reverb


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M. Szynkowski

16. März 2019

has its own sound

this reverb has its own unique sound, not like others sounding similar, thx.

A. Schwartz

9. März 2019

The only reverb I’ll ever need...

I love the EMT140, but this idoes it ALL! Short, long, everything...Total control

N. Outhuijse

22. Februar 2019

Best reverb plug in I ever heard so far!

I purchased the 224 and 480 and both are a must have for every producer! I worked with the real reverbs at different studios but never heard a plug in come that close!

T. Reaves

6. Februar 2019

Killer reverb!

Lexicon professional reverbs have their reputation for a very good reason and this plugin recreation by UA doesn't disappoint in any way! It sounds amazing and it just a killer recording tool. This plugin has fast become a go to verb for me. Great job UA!

G. May

31. Januar 2019

Smooth and Real

The best reverb plugin that I used, the sound is smooth as real, it can work for what you want, drums, vocals, etc, it will sound amazing always!

d. platipodis

22. Januar 2019


Instant gold. Easy to use. Good lush sounding verb

k. abadie

12. Januar 2019

Great sounding reverb !

Such a great addition to my toolbox

P. Dalakouras

12. Januar 2019

Great Verb.

i have never experienced the real one(Hardware),but i beleive that the plug in is very close to Hardware.

J. Tristán

11. Januar 2019


Como digo en el título, este plugin es puramente fiel al original. Están cuidados todos los detalles sonoros. Una reverb que le viene bien a todo tipo de música.

S. Margasov

11. Januar 2019

Classic of Lexicon

More deep and very "tailed" rever

B. D'Andrea

5. Januar 2019

lexicon 224

the best reverb no question

B. D'Andrea

5. Januar 2019

lexicon 224

the best reverb no question

d. favuzza

4. Januar 2019


It is useful for many situations.
Good on DRUM, deep for KEYs, brilliant for guitars and much more ...
I had the opportunity to listen to the original and this plugin is perfect.

M. Korovenko

4. Januar 2019

Great reverb plugin

I tried a lot of reverbs but this one is a gem, the coloration it gives is simply beautiful and has some great oldish analog flavor.

R. Deacon

4. Januar 2019

Must Have! Lexicon 224

absolutely HOT, perfect for sound experience, perfect for modelling
its like the hardware product ...so a true dope fx

J. Rodriguez

3. Januar 2019

This is the most musical angelic sounding reverb I have ever heard

I needed a reverb that would bring character to a trumpets track and that would help me positioned them in their right place. I was mesmerized with the sound, I was able to dial the right amount easily with the levers and it added such an immersive sound and space. I absolutely love this reverb

A. Lee

1. Januar 2019


Amazing sound quality. I love the RMX16 too, but this is my preference for mix reverb

a. li

23. Dezember 2018


I have used Altiverb and other plugins but UA offer a fatness which the others don't.
This plugin is closed than the original device,The Lexicon 224 immediately creates likeable spaces and environments that can be tailored to any mix.

M. Torre

23. Dezember 2018

Worth every cent

This is an amazing plugin, for many years I could only access IRs taken from an original unit but finally decided to get the UA plugin for the added flexibility and because I started to miss the hardware. This plugin captures the sound and feel of the classic unit perfectly, and in fact there is nothing else to add to this review! If you are in doubt (and you shouldn’t!), check out the demo. I can guarantee you will feel in love.

O. Rojas

17. Dezember 2018

The sound of space

After looking for a while to a solution for reverberation in my workflow, I tested Lexicon 224 and I had to buy it. It sounds amazing and the interface is increasing ready to go. Great job UAD!

41-60 von 651 Ergebnisse