Lexicon® 224 Digital Reverb

Lexicon® 224 Digital Reverb


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Lexicon 224 Digital Reverb


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J. Vargas III

8. Dezember 2019

I Love It!!!

This is a must have in your collection. Nice and Smooth sounding especially on vocals.
This is my go to Reverb! Worth the $$$

D. Timofeev

8. Dezember 2019


Sounds Perfect!! Obviously on the vocal

G. Chan

3. Dezember 2019

All round reverb plugin!

I use it as a required item. I want to thank uad

P. LaScola

3. Dezember 2019


this is exactly how a reverb should sound...awesome!

S. Alekseev

3. Dezember 2019

Best 224 emulation!!!

Classic for all time! Thanks to Universal Audio that we have the opportunity to work with this legend! Only 5 points!

G. Livingston

28. November 2019

Classic Reverb

Great for a return track. Really classic emulation.

M. Guillen

28. November 2019


There is no wrong setting on this emulation of the Lexicon 224, works every time for me!


15. November 2019

Dense, Thick, and Lush Reverbs

This Plugin is a perfect replication of a Lexicon 224. It's got the grain and grit that Lexicon got reduced with the 224X and even more 224XL. The 480 plugin does quote a bit more with other effects, but did not have the density that I wanted. Also this plugin takes up far less horsepower on the SHARC processors. Great job and thanks to the fabulous UA team....now can I have my hair back that I had in 1982/

H. Fisher

11. Oktober 2019

Great Reverb!

Let me just say I really like the reverb. One thing though is when the "solo" button is turned on, it is adding a constant noise tone. Even if I stop the music. It's like white noise playing. This in turn gets added into the music. Quite annoying. Please take a closer look, then you have 4-5 stars!


24. Juli 2019

The Best Digital Reverb

I only said that the Real Lexicon Reverb Plugins*****

M. Oja

24. Juli 2019


Amazing reverb. Here is "that" middle thing going on that you cannot get any other reverb plugin.

S. May

17. Juli 2019

I use to own a real one.

Im so glad to have this back in my arsenal I regretted selling it the day I did then I was introduced to this plug in and those classic reverbs are back never to be lost again.

C. Wilson

12. Juli 2019



C. Park

12. Juni 2019

My Favorite Reverb

This is the best reverb that i using it.
So incredible!!

E. Anton

1. Juni 2019

The lushest reverb you'll find.

It's hard to overstate just how good this is. The Lexicon 224 is lush, but has a warmth to it that gives virtually anything clarity and feel. The first thing I applied this to was a Roland D-50 and it immediately hit a sweet spot. Of all the plugins I've bought; this is definitely one of the best and certainly the best reverb I own.

G. Livingston

26. Mai 2019

Classic sound

It's so rich. Instant satisfaction.

L. Passarelli

24. Mai 2019

Love it. Fantastic!

Sensational, reverb you can feel.

B. Molbassin

15. Mai 2019

Сәлем Қазақстаннан! Hello from Kazakhstan!

Thanks for this plugin. Өте керемет, ұнады! +77753301121 Бауыржан

A. Bertók

15. Mai 2019

Huge Classic

Very, very, nice. Love this reverb, such a huge classic.

A. Kouvatsis

15. Mai 2019


This plugin gives you anything you want! Absolutely professional! Lexicon is everything you want for your instruments or for your vocals!

21-40 von 659 Ergebnisse