Lexicon® 224 Digital Reverb

Lexicon® 224 Digital Reverb


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Lexicon 224 Digital Reverb


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D. Sofra

25. Mai 2017

Amazing Plugin

Good Sound and High Quality


16. Mai 2017

Lexicon 224

I think EMT140 and Lexicon224 are must have UA reverb!

B. Hastings

14. Mai 2017

Oof! Sexy!

I have used the hardware Lexicon in the studio...this sounds as good if not better. Smooth as silk and beautiful!

S. Albert

13. Mai 2017

Ghost from the past

I knew the real 224 from 2 studios where I used to work. I liked their reverb effect, but always hated the noise they were adding to the mix. This emulation of UAD simply works better than the original. Same reverb quality, WITHOUT that crappy noise !

T. Spaniel

2. Mai 2017

Lexicon 224

One of my favorite Reverbs on Vocals Tracks.

R. Panossian

24. April 2017

Give everything another dimension!

Its fantastic it gives everything another luxurious dimension. If you don't have it its like a chef without his pallet of fine herbs.

g. Pascual

19. April 2017

Total control of your chambers:

I've been working on studios for a while and I remember one of those favorite reverbs: Lexicon 224 is more than a virtual plugin. Thanks again for this great work bringing to the new generation the sound of the past in to the future. G.P.

T. Spaniel

17. April 2017

Lexicon 224

One of my favorite Reverbs

A. Pfiffner

14. April 2017

Spectacular Reverb

I have a mostly digital recording set up for progressive metal music. For example, I use an Axe FX to record guitars direct, which a lot of people probably cringe when they hear, but it works for me. While fractal has some great reverbs, this box just blew my mind a little bit for clean guitars.

Both direct and miked guitars sound insanely good through the lexicon 224. There is an immense amount of flexibility, a ton of variety, and some great presets for starting points if you're new to plug-ins like this one. Vocals, guitars, drums, a lot of stuff sound really cool through this guy. You won't be disappointed!

R. Quek

11. April 2017

excellent reverberation

It works, nothing else to say, except perhaps that it works brilliantly!

P. Aitchison

11. April 2017

The Lexicon 224 Legend

Lush reverb tails with soooooo much tone. Wasn't sure about the fader and button interface at first but it's surprisingly intuitive and retro cool looking.

M. L

9. April 2017



W. .

5. April 2017

Lexicon 224 Reverb PlugIn

Classic.Amazing sound!!!!

a. estlein

5. April 2017

Hreat sound

Very musical and easy to creat wide and ambient sounds

K. Johannessen

28. März 2017

I finally found you!!!!!!

Thank you for providing the best reverb I ever heard - Seriously...

C. Albright

21. März 2017

Never sounds bad often sounds great

This is probably one of the best all around must have plugins available. I'm both grateful and scared that there are so few modern day equivalent pieces for reverb. I'm glad it's character was preserved so well. I'm sad/scared there won't be a reverb with as much character for our generation.

J. Thompson

14. März 2017

Excellent Verb!

UAD's Lexi 224 is a superb itb reverb. I also use the hardware 480L, and still find myself using the UAD verb for specific tasks. Great plugin!

J. Järvelä

13. März 2017

224 Digital Reverb rocks!

Really great to have this as a plugin!
This is a legend!

J. Engler

8. März 2017

Very good verb!

I was uncertain at first which reverb to buy, so I just went with the classic 224, I believe I made the right choice. It's a wonderful and easy to use reverb with a beautiful interface. I'm not a huge reverb fan, I go really really easy with it normally, just to add a little dimension... However this reverb has some of the better sounding tails I've ever heard.

Highly recommend for anybody looking to add space to some instruments.

D. Sidley

3. März 2017

Best reverb ever

This Lexicon reverb has such an old school interface and is simple to use, yet the sound is magnificent. Reverb tails that last for days and sound pure quality! Worth every penny

181-200 von 659 Ergebnisse