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Korg® SDD-3000 Digital Delay


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S. Fritz

15. Januar 2018

If wanna have that U2 Sound

So far the best delay emulation by UAD. Recommendable!

H. Zwarts

14. Januar 2018

nice coloration

I have many different delays but I like this one of the nice coloration. It's not the easiest one to use but you can get pretty nice results. Love it

M. Kartashev

13. Januar 2018

One of a kind!

I own many delays but this immediately stands out.
Its full of color and character.
some really interesting yet familiar effect can be achieved with extreme modulation.
Love this thank you for developing this!

S. Hemker

13. Januar 2018

Korg® SDD-3000 Digital Delay

Great sounding tool! This became my go to delay for guitar tracks!

純. 上野

11. Januar 2018

good sound


J. Roberts

11. Januar 2018

Cool sounds

Great piece - really interesting sounds. I love it.

a. braband

11. Januar 2018

Delay mit schönem Analogeingang

es klingt fantastisch

G. Donoghue

11. Dezember 2017

Clean, lovely sounding unit

Even if you're just using this as a unison pre-amp then you're in for a treat but if you want beautiful lush delays right out the block then this is the unit for you. I love it! Thanks UA!

P. Allen

6. Dezember 2017

Love it!

Just like the real mccoy

P. Veerman

2. Dezember 2017

Decided in one minute

Just after one minute of trying the demo, i knew I wanted this delay. So beautiful and musical sounding. Could not stop playing. Great addition to my other UA delay's

M. Olsen

30. November 2017

YADD but well worth it!

Yet another digital delay. But alas... after fiddling with it for 20 minutes, most of my other delays sounded quaint by comparison. This thing sounds incredible, and the modulation flexibility is one of a kind. I loved it so much, I cleaned out all other inferior delays from my favorites list and whittled my collection down to a few select stalwarts including this one. What a marvel this thing is and still extremely relevant. It blew away Soundtoys' PrimalTap in my shootout of pitch-modulation delays. SDD-3000 makes a hell of a slap echo just for starters.

J. Schweitzer

29. November 2017

Love this plug!

I’m a huge fan of granular sounding delays. From the pcm42 to the dmx this delay fits right in beautifully. It’s rough and smooth at the same time and really makes you feel like you’re using the original. Just fits in the pocket and lays the groove down.

H. Petersson

29. November 2017

Very musical and easy to use

I was skeptical to this plugin. How could a digital delay from the 80's really compete with the modern wonders we have today? It really just has to be a case of nostalgia, I thought.
Well, spending a few hours with this it made me realize how musical it is. Just twist a few knobs and you instantly have a delay that just works. And even though I could get a similar result with the Precision Delay for example, it would take too much tweaking to get where I want it to go. The input saturation is also a welcome addition! And you get some great pre-sets to start with.

The only thing I would wish for is a more precise output attenuator so that you would not have to rely on setting the level externally. Also, it would have been cool if they included the new delay modes that are present on the guitar pedal. I know that it wouldn't be true to the original, but it would make it much more versatile.

All around a great sounding delay that is fun and inspiring to use. I don't think it's worth the $200 price tag. But make sure to grab it when it's on sale!

S. Deisenberger

29. November 2017

SDD 2000 user

As owner and user of the SDD2000 (which I adore for its modulation mojo and rich sound) I can only guess, what a hardware unit of the SDD3000 would sound like, but the plugin felt immediately familiar. I no longer have to track signals through the hardware in real-time (I'm mixing in the box) which is a big time-saver. The modeling of the pre is fantastic, same goes for the overall sound of the plugin...thank you. Btw, Klemt Echolette E-51 would also be a worthy contestant to survive in the digital domain ;)

V. Vasileiou

28. November 2017

3 You're just fine

Hello, PLUGIN is amazing, it is one of the best Delay I have worked on
and of course I think I was missing this from UAD.bright kids

A. Abernathy

23. November 2017


Can’t believe how quickly I was channeling William Orbit... simple Prophet 5 patch + SDD-3000 = hours of fun. Really sounds beautiful and so vibey. Preamp is rich and awesome.

S. Homefry

21. November 2017

Instant Vibe

Immediately familar and quick to get into a zone. Definitely at the top of my list of go to delays. Had considered purchasing the unit and now feel satisfied with the plug in. Thank you

D. Goulder

20. November 2017

Precision Control

It’s nice to have such precise control over delay times, regeneration and modulation levels. The sonics also have an “old school” familiarity, and sit well in the mix. This plugin warrants serious consideration.

J. Preston

14. November 2017

Great tool!

I am loving this new Korg plugin, and am surprised how often I use it, and am surprised at how clean it makes vocals and bass tracks...yes, I said bass tracks. Not for the actual effect of the delay, but just going through the box, with only a slight delay that is almost not even there.

D. McCoy

14. November 2017

Special delay

Fantastic delay plugin. Does its own unique thing. Works great with synths, but really shines on guitar. Strat and Vox emulation puts you straight into Edge territory.

141-160 von 181 Ergebnisse