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Korg® SDD-3000 Digital Delay


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K. Scott

14. April 2020

A must have for any studio!

This plugin with the Friedman Buxom Betty is the U2 sound all the way. Great for creating ambient tones. Love it!

M. Taylor

13. April 2020

True to form

This is the one. If you want that Lanois/Eno/Edge sound (and a LOT more), this plug fully delivers 100%. A gold mine of a plug in for getting really interesting/cool delays that don't sound like everything else out on the market. Plug in, try out mode 2 and prepare for your mind to be blown.

S. Imre

7. April 2020


Love it!!

S. Imre

7. April 2020


Love it!!

J. Mpakolas

1. März 2020

Fav Delay...

Love this Plugins very much... Cant get enough of this inspiring flexible well sounding Tool! Thanks a lot, USD!!!

G. Cordovez

19. Februar 2020

Colour Delay

I love this Delay!!...has a 3D quality, easy to get wild sounds, never used the hardware but this plugin it’s addictive

J. Westra

11. Februar 2020


1st run very pleased. goes very thick to complete chaos. in the mix a little overwhelming . A touch on .30 seconds seams ok for normal fx aproach. I usually end up removing it before final.

M. Prikryl

16. Januar 2020

Another delay? You bet.

I didnt want to buy it and now I dont regret it. It is absolutely great delay with character and tweakability to impress.

K. Volpe

15. Januar 2020

Love this Delay

So much cool vibe. Way different than any of my other delays. Awesome

s. gilroy

13. Januar 2020


When I first used this plug-in I was expecting a lexicon PCM 42. There was so much more than that, with character.

L. Cohen

28. Dezember 2019

THE Delay

This is the one for me. Clean and crisp. Look no further.

R. Bouma

7. Dezember 2019

Another delay ? Yes but a very useful one

A classic so it stands out and brings that recognizable sound when it comes to delay use. The variations you can make are very useful so I don’t want anything else when it comes to using a delay. Mono single delays, slab-back, Ping Pong and so on! You can make it, even chorus. Try it out!

D. McDonald

29. September 2019


This plug-in can be another great classic delay/mod tool to finding those old sounds in your head. Unison technology is great and easy to use.

A. Marfitsyn

24. September 2019

One of the best

This is one of the best

G. Ruesink

14. August 2019

Close to the real deal...

I own the the real oldie from the 80's, the plugin has the same vibe.
Awesome for ambient guitar sounds!

S. Taule'alo

24. Juli 2019


I love delay plug ins, and the UA sdd-3000 is just so cool, it gives me that clean digital delay with the 13 bit color which just gives it that special something which sits in the mix so well. So far I’ve used on synths and vocals with great results.

A. Parish

21. Juli 2019

It's Fat

It's so fat and juicy...... yummy!

S. Svishchev

20. Juli 2019

amazing delay!!!

I'll say very briefly, great delay, I use it everywhere and always it finds its place on every track!
Thanks UAD!

UAD User

8. Juli 2019


Looking for something different? Have Chambers, Have Reverbs, Have Tape Emulators? This was shockingly good with such a different color. I used in a recent mix on the Lead Vocals and it really made them pop. Highly recommend.

J. Weber

24. Juni 2019


Really good emulation. Well worth the price. If you have used the hardware you won't be disappointed.

61-80 von 178 Ergebnisse