Helios® Type 69 Preamp and EQ Collection

Helios® Type 69 Preamp and EQ Collection


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Regulärer Preis: $299.00


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Helios® Type 69 Preamp and EQ Collection


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I. Batista

5. April 2019

Beautiful sound!

I love the bouncy lows and the shine of this preamp, it’s a beautiful and special sound. In a perfect world I would like the 10Khz shelf to be 12 or higher, or even better as selectable, but nonetheless it sounds awesome! UA rocks!

s. bobal

1. April 2019

absolutna jednička

fantasticki sa da naladit vokalovi hlas

T. Glosser

25. März 2019

Just Beautiful

Try the 14 day demo, and you will fall in love with the Helios.

C. Dennis

24. März 2019

Helios Type 69 Preamp & EQ

I love this plugin! I was able to dial in a perfect kick drum and snare with all of the color and character you would ever want for a mix. I am uber-impressed and so very glad I bought it. My new go to for drums for sure! I/m looking forward to trying it out on other elements and maybe tracking with it!

P. Radivojevic

23. März 2019

Authentic rock punch and grit

One of my favourites for "in-your-face" screaming rock vocals. Helios 69 Unison makes it possible without breaking a sweat. A true classic.

A. McCrink

22. März 2019


The ability to get pro results with under a 5K spend draws ever closer. Loved the Legacy original, though these plugs are easily left off when getting ideas down & pondered if I really needed this on my original Apollo as of course this model doesn't configure unison on Hi-z inputs but, prefer my original to updated Apollo so there you go. That said was looking at a good review on how to achieve great results on recording acoustic guitar https://youtu.be/emAxUzcihP0 (he uses original Apollo too) so began taking note, trial/tried/tested the latest SSL plug & tips then a/b'd them with my recent Helios upgrade, added a little UAD LA-2A or was it 1176 compression to boot, as Helios doesn't have this option & SSL has but, got a great result & better sound than with SSL in my set up & with my SM58 & yes, SM stands for studio microphone, having sold my Soundelux U47 copy. Also DI'd too at same time which on its own always makes acoustic un-pro sounding. Both blended is good. Have always wanted to get the 'Only Living Boy In New York' intro sound by Paul Simon & Arty or George's 'My Sweet Lord' intro, okay it's tracked a bit... so yes, that day is now coming closer with the Helios on Unison, some UAD Comp' on channel insert committed to the recording & bingo & yes... a little nudge reminder that acoustic needs a mic rather than DI always, even when rushing, don't rush. My rule of thumb is get the acoustic sounding good then the vocal will flow too. Mmmm nice one UAD x

R. Persson

22. März 2019



UAD User

22. März 2019

Great Unison Pre

The Helios has a very smooth mid forward character to it on every source that I have recorded so far. This is my new 'goto' unison preamp, Great work UA Team

R. Benjamin

21. März 2019

Sublime eq!

La distorsion est magnifique et l'eq est tout simplement parfait sur les batteries, instruments et voix!

M. Biniaz

21. März 2019

Love This thing !

Love it!

It sounds great on everything! Don’t hesitate, just buy, Rich warm sound !!

D. Gray

17. März 2019

My new go to Unison Pre

For a long time the 1073 has been my go to. Slowly but surely that’s been changing to the Helios. Great warm character. Very subtle yet rich

J. Davy

16. März 2019

Instant Magic!

This plugin shines on everything. Never heard that kind of mojo in a plugin before, it's a must have!

L. Brown

15. März 2019



A. Joseph

15. März 2019

Love it.

I love the classic character this gives when tracking.

S. Bakas

13. März 2019

Character Eq!!

Lot's of character and bite on this Eq!Definitely a great tool to have!

B. Sullivan

2. März 2019

I just bought it!!!

Having missed this plugin when it was on sale in December, I didn't blink when I saw that it was on sale again in March! The eq that comes with your Apollo when you first purchase it, was so nice, warm, punchy, gritty, that it just made sense for me to get the preamp! And always having coupons in your cart is a bonus! Great job UAD and Helios!

T. Byrnes

13. Februar 2019


I am thrilled with the Helios Type 69! There is a "weight" to the sound, especially with the bass band engaged. It's meaty and articulate overall, with the ability to quickly dial in a nice clarity with the mid-band. I have a session coming up in a few weeks that I can't wait to use this on.
My only minor complaint is I would have liked to see a trim knob for final output, like on the SSL4000. Other than that, I love this plugin!

I. Ambrazhevich

7. Februar 2019

Helios Type 69

Perfect sound!!!

P. Barry

7. Februar 2019

Helios yeh

Very versatile tool. Use it on guitars and vocals a lot

P. Santarelli

22. Januar 2019


This plugin is the number one. His Eq it’s the top of the top!!! Recommended!!!

161-180 von 333 Ergebnisse