Golden Reverberator

Golden Reverberator

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Golden Reverberator


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S. Alcorn Lobato

13. Juni 2021

I so much want to like this, but . . .

This pedal has some really nice sounding reverbs, but I have two problems with it, one a possible deal breaker. The first thing I noticed was the controls. I have not yet downloaded the Lexicon plate, but I hear very little difference in decay. It would be nice if, like other plugins, the Lexicon 200, PCN and MPX series, we can control the decay independent of the one of the three chosen reverbs.

The second issue I'm having with it, and the probable deal breaker is that it changes the tone of my instrument (the pedal steel guitar). The sound loses much of its warmth when the pedal is in the signal chain (mine consisting of only the reverb and an analog delay). I give it two stars instead of one because the reverbs themselves are luscious .

D. Jackson

6. Mai 2021

Top Reverb pedal

I have used many reverbs and owned some of the best..... This is the BEST!

B. Spinks

27. April 2021


Best reverb I’ve ever used. Sonically it’s perfect, really perfect. Lack of midi is a downside and I really don’t understand that omission, but regardless of that it’s a wonderful pedal.

C. Macarone

13. April 2021

224 on the floor

Very happy with this purchase.
I always wished the UA 224 plug in could be a part of my live rig and now here it is, my own 224 on the floor!
I would’ve been happy with just one simple 224 hall choice but the plate reverb is just delicious. To have these two at my command is worth every penny. Well done UA!

G. Twydell

6. April 2021

Simple, beautiful.

I have had mine for a week or so now and absolutely love it. Im not usually a reverb sorta guy when it comes to my live rig but this had me very interested straight away as the quality of what I heard was superb. No midi no problem, never cared for it. I like a more simple approach. With quality reverb like this you don't need a space station interface.
Cracking job chaps!

5 Artikel