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Gallien-Krueger 800RB Bass Amp


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L. Pradeau

29. März 2018

Who needs a compressor on bass after that?

Aside guitar, playing bass is a real treat for me. But very frustrating since I can't (neither do my neighbors) afford an SVT in my comfy home studio. Now, forget it. The 800RB is the perfect processor from dull to bright, classic to modern, shy to over-the-top bass sounds. I'm already re-amping old Jazz-Bass tracks to get a far more convincing presence, body, precision and warmth. And it's a breeze to play thru it. Less efforts, more tone!

M. Feemster

11. März 2018

Am I Really Hearing This?

Any tone, easy to dial in, simply an outstanding sound. I mean just like i have the amp here in the room with me. There is no other plugin that even comes close to sounding this good. Hats off UAD.

M. Rdz

9. März 2018


Great sounding amp sim! And really easy to get your desired tone!

T. Tsubaki

19. Februar 2018

Gallien-Krueger 800RB Bass Amp


B. Rico

16. Februar 2018

Killer Bass Amp!

I played and toured with several bass players who used Gallien-Krueger amps. I'm blown away by this plugin. I'm finding it really easy to quickly dial in the desired tone I'm looking for.

A. Tyustin

1. Februar 2018

Очень правильное звучание

Играл на много на «железных» приборах. Этот звучит даже лучше-сочнее и собраннее. Можно накрутить хороший звук. От игры получаешь удовольствие и записывать станови ся проще.

J. Davis

17. Januar 2018

UA nailed it

Impressed with the amount of different tones you can get out of this amp, best bass amp sim I have used

Y. Roth

16. Januar 2018


This amp absolutely rocks!! Super versatile, Badass sounding bass.
F***ing amazing.

n. hollo

9. Dezember 2017

what a sound

i can’t stop playing my bass with this sound!! it’s amazing!!! a real badass bass sound. i used before the ampeg svt3 pro that i loved it but this is the ROCK BASS SOUND

81-89 von 89 Ergebnisse

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