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Gallien-Krueger 800RB Bass Amp


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庄. 利徳

15. März 2019




J. S

22. Februar 2019


Classic tone in a new easy to use format.

J. Deodato

1. Februar 2019

My tone in the box

I've owned the 800RB hardware for almost 20 years and this plugin is bang on. It lets me get the bass tone I've grown accustomed to without having to shake the foundations of my studio.

UAD User

28. Januar 2019

Igor Poltava


W. Gall

21. Januar 2019

My New Bass Chain

This thing is a tone monster. So easy to dial in what you are after just like the real thing. My new goto amp for tracking bass on the apollo.

I. Bandera

14. Januar 2019

Grande suono

Da un po' cercavo una emulazione che desse al suono del mio basso una svolta.
Con questo plugin sono riuscito ad ottenere ciò di cui avevo bisogno.
Non so dire se è fedele all'originale, sicuramente non delude.
Grandissimi i ragazzi dell' universal audio.
Continuate così!

A. Lee

9. Januar 2019


I didn't think that UAD could do any better than the Ampeg collection, but, personally, I think this tops those. I suppose it depends what sound you are looking for though as I do especially love the SVT-VR.

J. Lorentzen

30. Dezember 2018

good amp that sits well in the mix

good amp that sits well in the mix, many opportunities for good sound in different genres.

C. Mortensen

16. Juli 2018

Spot on

So powerful, clean, and really great presets

S. McPherson

16. Juli 2018


Great plugin, it sounds just like the actual hardware. This will be my go 2 for quite some time.

R. Smith

6. Juli 2018

Punchy and clean

Really cuts through. Lots of definition and very much in your face. Very intuitive to use as well. I demoed it and waited for months for it to go on sale. When it did I nabbed it immediately!

K. Hazell

19. Juni 2018

Gallien Krueger Amazing

I have owned an original Gallien Krueger 800RB and have gigged extensively I really know what this sounds like and honestly i reckon this plugin is better.

M. Park

15. Juni 2018

Nice alternative from Ampeg

Sounds like the real thing. Nice solid bass tone when you don't want or need Ampeg attitude. Pretty versatile in it's own right. Recommended.

C. Jolley

15. Juni 2018

Clear, Real, Cuts

Having played with the original unit for years, I have to say I am pretty happy with this plug. Combined with the Eden and the SVT Pro, it fulfills every last bit of bass guitar sound I want to accomplish. It doesn't necessarily sound like the head itself, it has a middle range that I find works well in rock program material with lots of synthesizers. The presets dial in the tight low end these units are known for. I think any bass player would be happy employing this on tracks.

UAD User

1. Juni 2018

Sell your mother-in-law if you have to!

WOW!! these guys do what they preach. Just get it. You will not be disappointed. Even my wife noticed the difference in bass sound.

R. Esposito

21. Mai 2018

Reunited with a tone I used for years.

My first serious bass head was a RB400 then an 800. So getting this tone back in bass recording was exciting to hear again as my old 800 needs to be repaired once I locate in the garage. This is one of my favorite bass amps moreso than ampeg. It’s nice to get that thumpy bright tone with the mid contour down. Throw the empirical lab distressor on it and look out!!!


11. Mai 2018



要. 土居

24. April 2018

The base of software changes completely

The base will insist quite strongly that this base amplifier exists.
Sounds like I want to hand over the leading role seat to the base unexpectedly.
Of course, the sound as a side supporting role can be expressed easily and firmly.
It is a plug-in that seems to me that it was really good to buy it.

UAD User

4. April 2018

I own a Kemper and I prefer this

I own a Kemper and have quite a lot of profiles I bought over the year from top vendors. I love how this simulation lets me dial in a great rock bass tone instantly so I keep coming back to this and ditching the Kemper channel after tracking.

L. Pradeau

29. März 2018

Who needs a compressor on bass after that?

Aside guitar, playing bass is a real treat for me. But very frustrating since I can't (neither do my neighbors) afford an SVT in my comfy home studio. Now, forget it. The 800RB is the perfect processor from dull to bright, classic to modern, shy to over-the-top bass sounds. I'm already re-amping old Jazz-Bass tracks to get a far more convincing presence, body, precision and warmth. And it's a breeze to play thru it. Less efforts, more tone!

61-80 von 88 Ergebnisse