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Galaxy Tape Echo


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D. Klee

3. April 2017


Best emulation i have ever used thanks UAD

L. Franchi

16. März 2017

I love this plugin

I love this plugin, I use it in all my productions, I also owned the real machine but now I prefer the versatility of the product and when I also need a clone pedal

S. Savacool

16. Januar 2017

My favorite UAD Plugin!

I don't have every UAD plugin, but I have a few, and this one is hands down my favorite. Right up there with the API Vision Channel Strip and the SSL G Comp. I use this plugin for so many different things. I like it on the drum bus to give it that reverbed out, slappy sound like you hear on all the hip indy records these days. I like to do some cool echo/reverb stereo panning with it on vocals. I like to make acoustic guitars sound kind of weird. It is a really cool thing to add to just about anything, really. It doesn't hog a bunch of DSP, so you can use it for mild echo and a little bit of saturation on a dry track. The controls are very simple and easy to grasp. Once you dive in, the possibilities are pretty much endless. Thanks, UA for making my favorite flavor of plugin!

I. Lombardo

15. Januar 2017

Great plug

Great plug, I have the hardware too and it's very similar. The only one thing that could be different, is the maximum delay a plug this could easy be more than 1s in time.

C. Konrad

14. Januar 2017

A Useful Tool

A very useful and fun tool to have on hand. I find myself using it a lot on electric guitars to play up certain parts of the song.

Be warned: You can waste hours and hours just toying around with this plug-in. Too much fun

c. imgeun

14. Januar 2017



UAD User

11. Januar 2017

still a go-to

the original Space Echo plugin is one of the reasons I got into soon as I tried it I sold my Boss Space Echo pedal. it has THAT sound, which doesn't work on everything but when it does there is no substitute.

K. Fathi

3. Januar 2017

Galaxy Tape Echo

Best tape echo ever!!!

j. elliott

30. Dezember 2016

even though this is based on a somewhat long in the tooth emu...

i still love it and use it constantly! does something special, that my other space echo plugs don't quite match up with. give it a whirl.

l. crosby

20. Dezember 2016

It Just Works !

tried messing with some other delays by other software manufacturers and this just has a sense of space about it that i couldn't instantly get from some others ,no messing about ,time saver

l. crosby

20. Dezember 2016

It Just Works !

tried messing with some other delays by other software manufacturers and this just has a sense of space about it that i couldn't instantly get from some others ,no messing about ,time saver

s. fridburg

19. Dezember 2016

Galaxy Tape Echo

For many and in many cases I use this plugin

j. trammell

18. Dezember 2016

Exceptional Plugin

I love this plugin. I keep finding new ways to use it. I'm not sure how, but it just makes things have a new depth to them and sound more real.

P. Blevins

18. Dezember 2016

one of my favs.

just as awesome as the roland branded plug. i use this one everywhere.

M. Vilogi

17. Dezember 2016

Great Emulation

Very versatile. So close to the original that it makes it a museum piece. We would all love to have one, but the maintenance free plugin is all that and so much easier!

UAD User

15. Dezember 2016

Great plugin!

I really like how UA has captured the vibe of the the hardware unit. I love the way the feedback sounds and the reverb is great too. Thank you!

UAD User

14. Dezember 2016

My all time favourite echo plugin

It may not be the real thing, but this is as close as I've seen any plugin. Sounds amazing!

UAD User

12. Dezember 2016


i wait this plugin!!! i love this sound very well!!!

D. Myers

11. Dezember 2016

Finally!! (Feeling relieved)

I trialed the Roland Space Echo (the previous iteration) months ago and loved it - tried it on some guitars and was blown away by the vintage sound - then I went to buy it and found out that it had been withdrawn due to the contract between UA and Roland expiring - I was gutted - anyway - fast forward 6 months and this new one was released - the next day I bought it - amazing. Nothing more to say!!! Go get it!

UAD User

10. Dezember 2016

Galaxy Tape Echo Review

This plugin has an amazing sounding spring reverb(and tape delay, of course)
The first time using it, I plugged my guitar in and set it to reverb only, played a chord and BAM! It added instant Dap Tone like vibe to my guitar. Combined with my AKG BX20 and EMT 140 Plate Reverb, I have all of the ambience processing options I will ever need. Again, another fantastic product!

181-200 von 253 Ergebnisse